By Brian Hackney

Host Brian Hackney visits a spot in the East Bay that  brought the Trans-Continental Railroad to a screeching halt. He then checks into the San Francisco hotel room where a sitting U.S. President “checked-out…” for good. He died there. But, was Warren G. Harding murdered?! Brian also stands on the (six-inch diameter) spot in Berkeley that is not owned by ANYONE or ANYTHING. And… Correspondent Dave Stoelk visits the spot where a mysterious man helped Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak launch the “Apple Computer Company.” Who is this mysterious man? And where is he now?

How can YOU visit “Dead Cow Curve?” (But, better leave “Bessie” at home.)
Contact the Niles Canyon Railway for train schedules:

Sunol Depot
6 Kilkare Road
Sunol, CA 94586
(925) 862-9063

Want to book a stay in the Presidential Suite at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco? (But, please, don’t “check out” the way President Warren G. Harding did!)
The Palace Hotel
2 New Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 512-1111

For more information on Ronald Wayne (co-founder of “Apple Computer,”) visit his website:

For more information on the “Freedom of Speech Circle” and the “Free Speech Movement,” visit: