SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – San Mateo County officials are urging San Francisco transportation leaders to scrap a plan that would charge commuters to enter or exit the city along its southern border.

The San Francisco Transportation Authority will consider at its Dec. 14 meeting whether to continue funding studies of congestion pricing. Under the plan, the city would charge a “gateway” toll of up to $6 to drive into or out of the city during peak hours.

Proponents say congestion tolls could raise up to $80 million a year for roads and public transportation, which would benefit both counties.

But local leaders in San Mateo County have signed a letter against the proposal. They told The Daily Journal that it would unfairly hurt their residents who commute to the city for work and also would push traffic onto local streets.

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Comments (6)
  1. Rikid D says:

    Is this even in SF’s jurisdiction? Most major roads going into the city are controlled by the state or feds.

  2. marilyn peters says:

    this would cause a gridlock all over the east bay and beyone. Drivers would then be forced down to Hiway 92 or to cross at 580 and then would gridlock those ways. It would look like it did when the Bay Bridge was out of commission. Who are these idiots ~ obviously they do NOT commute daily. Nor are they even aware of the amount of traffic. I moved to Vallejo when that bridge was at $.80 = now it is at $5.00…..

  3. aaaaaa says:

    F888king idiots who came up with this plan. this will kill SF businesses as we know it.

  4. Jim Doughty says:

    If you take a look at the Wikipedia article on congestion taxes or fees, you will see that a number of cities around the world have them up and running. For the most part, the fee applies to the downtown core area where the congestion and air pollution are the worst. The major problem I see with the S. F. proposal is that it will cover the whole city. Why not just charge the fee on the downtown area like everyone else is and leave the suburban areas alone. Then it would allow motorists to park at will in the outlands and then take BART or Muni into downtown. Works for me.