SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – San Francisco is not only home to a world championship baseball team, it’s the stomping ground for a digital marketing whiz who has laid claim to the title of Sultan of Spin. Or, you could call him the champion of Major League Dreidel.

KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

Some might say there’s a contest for everything – who hasn’t seen those competitive eating contests? But what about competitive dreidel spinning?

“Major League Dreidel. MLD,” said John Heywood, 27, originally from Oakland, and winner of the Meshuganah Madness annual dreidel championship in Brooklyn, NY.

“Is there a minor league dreidel?” asked KCBS reporter Doug Sovern.

“You know what, I sense an opportunity for the league to expand,” Heywood responded lightheartedly.

Sovern caught up with Heywood at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco.

“There’s 124 participants and you play head-to-head and basically the longest spin wins,” Heywood explained the rules of the game.

Heywood managed to keep his four-sided top spinning for almost 17 seconds, beating out dreidel heavyweights “Dr. Dreidel” and “Spindiana Jones.”

“My alter ego now is the gentile crocodile,” Heywood chimed in.

Want to try your hand at it?

“It’s just about having a cool, calm spin, trying to get it out of my hand as smoothly as possible and not hit the walls,” explained Heywood.

“Down goes dreidel,” Sovern lamented, unable to keep his from hitting the wall.

Sovern’s record? A measly 12 seconds.

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