HALF MOON BAY (KCBS) _ Some of the hardest workers at this time of the year are UPS drivers, who put in long hours to deliver loads and loads of packages.

Company spokeswoman Rhoda Daclison said it’s what they gear up for every year.

“This is like our Super Bowl,” she said.

KCBS’ Mark Seelig Reports:

Chris Pederson works in Half Moon Bay and is a ten-year veteran.

“People are excited to see us. We even have people driving up looking for their packages,” Pederson said.

This year has been so busy that UPS hired about 1,300 seasonal workers in Northern California alone. Most of them team up with experienced drivers like Pederson.

And this year, Chris’ younger brother Shane is pitching in.

“This is one of the best workouts. I’ve already lost seven pounds in less than two weeks,” Shane said.

The day starts around 8 in the morning and once the trucks are loaded, the brothers hit the road.

“This is not an eight-hour day,” Chris said. “It’s more like an eleven and a half hour day.”

Chris and Shane said they’ve met the famous and not so famous on their route and have delivered just about everything you can think of, even crickets and bumblebees.

For them, it was just one stop down and several dozen more to go.

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  1. Little Boo says:

    Cute story, but why is it news?

  2. David J Less says:

    It’s a story of a group of men sacrificing there Christmas so others can share with there Love one the brith of Jesus Christ ! Merry Christmas
    The Ups guy