OAKLAND (KCBS) – Despite recent headlines, the homicide rate in Oakland dropped in 2010 for the fourth year in a row. There were 95 murders in Oakland last year – 15 fewer than in 2009.

In addition, 2010 marked the first time since 2005 that the number of homicides in Oakland fell below 100.

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

“They are doing tremendously with the fact that they’ve lost 80 cops recently, and there’s a threat to lose another 120,” said Dr. David Kiteley, pastor of Shiloh Christian Fellowship, who is on a community advisory committee that meets with police regularly.

But Dr. Kiteley said there’s still too much crime and murder especially among Oakland’s young people. That’s why the community committee organizes programs that have officers act as mentors.

“The police will come to these meetings without a uniform and they just play with the kids, talk to the kids and breakdown the hostility that exists between the police and the community, especially after some of the police shootings,” said Kiteley.

With the economy squeezing police services, Dr. Kiteley says more members of the community have to step up.

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  1. Greg LaCross says:

    How many of those murders….say in the last 10 years have been solved? Once a murder has been committed, you have a murderer in your comunity. Statistics show that Alamda County (SF County also) have about a 60% unsolved murder rate. That’s versus 39% for the entire nation. Good enough numbers to get Harris voted in as the State’s Attorney General. Glad your satisfied with the “decline.” So, currently there’s about a 1000 murderers walking around in SF County and another 1000 in Alameda County. Rejoice and vote accordingly.