SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – The state has the money to keep offering subsidies to help low-income families pay for childcare, Assembly Speaker John Perez said Friday.

The funding eliminated by former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger using his line-item veto authority can be made up with unused money from the Department of Education, Perez said.

“When you look at the costs of this program in terms of just the dollar amount versus just the economic benefits that we get from keeping these folks employed and off of the welfare rolls and off of the unemployment line, you can see very clearly that this is a huge win,” said John Vigna, a spokesman for Perez.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

About 1,200 of the more than 55,000 families in the state eligible for the program live in San Francisco, said Bryce Skolfield of the San Francisco Children’s Council.

Skolfield said many families had worked their way off welfare, and still needed a small amount to be able to stay in the workforce rather than at home with their children.

“A lot of parents, if they’re put up against the wall, might have to pick leaving their jobs which would then really put them back in a situation where they’re going back on the welfare rolls and creating a cycle of poverty,” Skolfield said.

Governor Jerry Brown has agreed to continue the program in his budget, but wants the eligibility rules changed to eliminate the subsidies for older children who might be able to care for themselves.

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Comments (3)
  1. Randy Fleming says:

    This is a good development for reasons stated in article. Keeps people’ working
    and productive’ while maintaining social bonds. I’m also a father.

  2. Joe says:

    This is just a scam to suck more money! Kids do best when raised by a parent who is home. My situation could qualify for the program, however, some tough choices were made, we only have 1 car and my wife stays home with the kids. Best of all I pay for all of my own stuff, I don’t rely on the government even though i could. The government needs to sop enabling and then we wouldn’t have this problem. If you put a cap on the program of 2 years maximum lifetime benefit that would be fine. But not help suplement child care because its hard to be at home with little kdis all day