SACRAMENTO (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown tried Wednesday to sell his budget proposal to skeptical local government officials, many of whom are concerned about his plan to eliminate the redevelopment agencies they rely on for building projects.

Brown addressed about 250 officials in Sacramento during a meeting of the California League of Cities, repeating his message about the need for shared sacrifice in a state in crisis.

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The group has criticized Brown’s plan to help close California’s $25 billion deficit by transferring about $1.7 billion in redevelopment money to the state’s general fund. Brown said the tax revenue is needed for other programs such as schools and courts.

He said he understands the leaders’ desire to protect redevelopment agencies that direct property tax revenue into new development but urged everyone to set aside personal interests.

“I look forward to working with you and seeing whatever ideas you have. But I have to tell you, none of the choices are particularly easy,” he said.

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The officials said they were open to such meetings but vowed to fight the redevelopment shift. The league’s chief executive Chris McKenzie called it an extreme proposal that was not well thought out.

“This program that he’s proposed to completely eliminate is designed to rebuild brownfields, these environmentally contaminated areas, designed to eliminate blight, designed to create jobs. I mean, over 300,000 jobs a year are created by redevelopment — private sector jobs,” McKenzie said.

Brown is also proposing about $12 billion in cuts and wants to ask voters in a June ballot measure to extend temporary taxes on sales, income and vehicles for five years, generating an estimated $11 billion.

He also is seeking to shift oversight of many services to local governments, which he says can deliver them more efficiently.

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