SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)- Fresh off a symbolic vote to repeal the Obama administration’s health care reform, the House Thursday will vote on instructions to several committees to draft new health care bills reflecting Republican priorities. This has Bay Area House Democrats gearing up for a fight to preserve the reform law’s funding.

KCBS’ Margie Shafer Reports:

The Energy and Commerce Committee is one of four committees meeting Thursday to work out the Republican vision for heath care. On that committee is Democrat Bay Area Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, who tells KCBS the battle over funding will be fierce.

“They will try to do everything they can to withhold funds that would implement the continuation of the rollout of the benefits of the law,” said Eshoo.

Republicans are expected to try to pick off unpopular provisions, such as a 1099 tax reporting requirement for business, which even the White House wants to get rid of, but they’re also expected to try to advance alternatives on malpractice.

“I think we will have some battles on that,” said Eshoo. “They will be respectful, but they will be very passionately held views.”

GOP leaders are working on the assumption their repeal bill will not become law, but they see it as a marker establishing credibility to negotiate on funding.

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