(CBS 5) –- You hear these words and the War in Afghanistan instantly come to mind. David Mezzera of Vallejo asked this Good Question: What is the difference between Al Qaeda and the Taliban?

ANSWER:  According to Stephen Zunes, Chair of the Dept. of Middle Eastern Studies at USF, Al Qaeda is a network of underground terror cells led by Osama Bin Laden. The group mostly consists of people from the Arabian Peninsula who for a time found sanctuary in Afghanistan.  The Taliban are almost all Afghans organized out of refugee camps in Pakistan where they lived during the Soviet occupation. Both groups employ terror to control populations.

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  1. M.Y. Saaed says:

    I have been writing about this for many years. Al-Qeada is a group of different nationality who were sent or came as Moslem to fight the Soviets, paid by the
    West and Saudi. And they were dissatisfied withthe wayt they were threated. Taliban are poor people, from Afghanistan or Pakistan, who have no means to support their famliy in their homeland and are fighting for anyone who pay them. They fought for the West in the name of’ mojahideen’ when they were paid by the West and now they are fighting for those who pay them as Taliban. We, the West, should educate and help the Taliban to stand on their own feet, they will fight the occupiers, Al-Qaeda. They need help from us who can do the best and not dead which we don’t believe.

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