SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Thousands of people have signed San Francisco Assessor Phil Ting’s petition to stop excessive ticket writing.

If you’re tired of getting parking tickets in San Francisco you aren’t alone. An online petition called the “Tear Up Unfair Ticket Plan” has received over 2,000 electronic signatures since it was posted last Friday by Ting.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

Ting, who is running for mayor, got fed up when he learned that parking control officers have been told to step up their ticket writing because the city needs more revenue.

”We don’t think that you close the revenue gap by writing more tickets, that’s number one,” said Ting.

Ting says government should find more honest, straightforward ways to raise revenue, for example reworking Proposition 13, which stabilized property taxes for long-time homeowners and business.

”Right now, we’re kind of doing this backhanded situation where we’re not going to let you have a vote on how to raise revenues, we’re just going to write more tickets.

With fines for expired meters costing $55 to $65, Ting says San Francisco has been turned into a “parking trap.”

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Comments (10)
  1. DD says:

    I have a better solution, park legally.

    1. Boycott parking tickets! says:

      you obviously haven’t been subjected to this unfair practice. but it happens!

  2. Boycott parking tickets! says:

    YES!!!! I’ve been waiting for this! I got 3 tickets one time within an hour span at a broken meter. They are crooks! It’s expensive to live and work here without the added stress!

    1. Marty says:

      It’s called if you want to play you gotta pay, the price of living in San Fran and having liberals running the city!

    2. LMD says:

      As things stand, there’s much more financial incentive to leave a meter broken and write tickets than there is to fix the meter.

  3. Johnny says:

    The most important line of this article is “Ting, who is running for mayor…” It is not the first time the agency is asking to issue more tickets, why didn’t he petition before?

  4. tn says:

    (I couldn’t say “Ca-ching” because of the comment skit that Rush Limbaugh did mocking Chinese language and Mayor Leland Yee’s disagreement with Rush’s phonic delivery)- could be construed as racist bigotry. I’m just saying.

  5. Danny Tse says:

    I wonder how many unpaid parking ticket Phil has?

  6. Silver Short says:

    How about the sacred cow of parking: disabled parking for FREE.

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