OAKLAND (CBS/AP) — 10 of the 80 Oakland police officers who were laid off in July will be rehired, according to Mayor Jean Quan.

Quan made the announcement on Monday, days after Police Chief Anthony Batts raised concerns about the city’s dedication to lowering crime.

Batts had thrown his name into the running to become San Jose’s new police chief, but did not get that job. He welcomed Quan’s announcement, but said he is still deciding whether he will stay with the force.

Quan also said she would prioritize patrol car repairs and assign computer technicians to the police department.

The number of officers in the department has dropped to 656 from a high of 837 in 2008.

The new hires Quan announced would boost that number to 666.

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Comments (10)
  1. DaPoPoMan says:

    Sorry Jean, it’ll take more than 10 cops to get your chief to stay. He is a smart guy and he knows the ship is sinking.

  2. Logan Gavin Mitchell says:

    Rehiring Police isn’t the best look for Mayor Quan, personally Id lay a couple of those trigger happy officers Oakland has and replace them with more detectives to solve that cities unbelievable homicides. Oakland Police are racist anyway.

    1. RealityCheck says:

      ROFLMAO!!!! Here goes another one. Let me guess you got a traffic ticket because you are a minority, right? Not that you were actually doing something wrong, so all the cops are racists. You get what you deserve then.

  3. Rachel Simms says:

    Police are just suburbanites looking for a thrill, a paycheck, and gun to carry. What do a bunch of Concord kids now about Oakland(that they haven’t learned from the department) anyways.

    1. jon says:

      Thats painting with quite a broad brush there, Rachel Simms. Very narrow minded and ignorant, actually.

    2. DaPoPoMan says:

      Gee Rachel, I guess the Oakland cops that I know who grew up in Oakland must be working the wrong place then. Your posting is beyond ignorant and it is absurd that brave men and women put their lives on the line to protect fools like you. I hope you never really need one of us to show up and help you because we’re all part of the problem according to you. So you go ahead and handle business yourself.

  4. gail mitchell(DISABLED-ADVOCATE )OAKLAND> says:

    mayor quan, oakland still have that preditor that springs-up every year in the lake merrit area of oakland.he seems to think that showing and using his (DING-A-LING) will help him get a section-8 voucher. well to remedy his request have the SPCA show up in drag to and put one of those rubber bullets in this a__. and it will be a long drawn out story gone good………….gailmitchell1@comcast.net. good-bye.

  5. Phrunes says:

    Gosh, If we were all police officers there would be no crime! I for one would love to have an entourage of personal body guards, but alas there is no money in my personal budget for such extravagance…our politicians had better wise up to the “nice to haves” and the “we can’t afford it” mentality, and start spending within the means that we the taxpayers have provided. Oakland is rife with crime…BUT…we all have to work smarter and do with less these days. Get used to it and don’t come a calling with your hand out Mayor. Maybe it’s time to start some union busting and hire scabs. Heck, even the Teamsters get a worse deal than cops retiring in California.

    1. DaPoPoMan says:

      Sorry bud, it is not the fault of unions. The Teamsters I know get pretty decent retirements too. In fact after I retire, I am going to do a second career as a crane operator. All I do now is pick up after everyone anyway. I’d love to see scab police officers, that would be fantastic. Perhaps you could get the 60% of the New Orleans PD who abandoned their jobs when the hurricane struck. They’d love to be making $15 an hour. Just remember you get what you pay for, so next time you get pulled over you’d have to hand the cop a $50 along with your license. You have no idea how good you have it here. Try living down south where there really are corrupt small town police.

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