SAN JOSE (KCBS) – Morale within the San Jose Police Department should improve with the appointment of veteran Chris Moore as the new police chief, according to the head of the city’s police union.

Moore’s predecessor, Rob Davis, angered many of the rank and file by staying silent in public about layoffs, the president of the San Jose Police Officers Association, George Beattie, said Wednesday.

“There were time he could have come out and publically supported us. And I’m talking about maybe holding a press conference with the media. It’s not to say he didn’t support us in the council chambers or at other city type functions,” Beattie said.

KCBS’ Mike Colgan Reports:

Moore, who has served with the department for 25 years, moved quickly to adopt a tone distinct from Davis with the public, promising a new beginning with minority communities in particular.

Beattie said he and Assistant Police Chief Diane Urban have also tried to reset the tone with the 1,250 officers on the force.

“Chris and Diane have done a good job of reaching out to the rank and file, making themselves available to our members through town hall meetings, just showing up to briefings unannounced. It feels like there’s somebody trying to reconnect with us,” he said.

Moore has been serving as interim police chief since Davis retired in October. His appointment as chief was announced on Tuesday.

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