NAPA (CBS 5) – If you drive along Highway 29 in Napa, you’ll see some animals that look like Oreo cookies. Alessa Adamo of Pacifica asked this Good Question: What are those strange striped cows grazing on hillsides in Napa?

ANSWER: According to Aileen Tarap of Stewart Ranch, the cows are called “Belted Galloways,” The cows have two layers of hair to stand in extreme cold and a white “belt” in their coat. Tarap said they are excellent beef cattle.

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Comments (3)
  1. Carol in Vallejo says:

    Thank you for doing this story! I’v wondered about them, too. I called them “Generic Cows” – remember the ‘generic’ canned goods? They don’t look that fuzzy from the freeway.

  2. EViL_BBQ_Steve says:

    Cows without brands are harder to track down when stolen by all those Bay Area cattle rustlers. We’d better get some logos on them asap.

    Empty Bovine Billboards for rent.