SAN JOSE (AP) — Santa Clara County law enforcement officials have at least suspended any future raids of medical marijuana dispensaries.

Danielle Ayers, commander of the County Special Enforcement Team, said there will be no more raids of dispensaries while county prosecutors review medical marijuana laws.

Holding off on any new raids comes after members of the drug task force conducted a series of raids last year on dispensaries throughout the county.

Medical marijuana advocates criticized the raids, while some neighborhood activists approved.

Santa Clara County’s new chief narcotics prosecutor, James Sibley, said his office is trying to narrow what he termed a “gray area” in medical marijuana laws.

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Comments (9)
  1. mscott says:

    imagine if they made valium or oxycontin illegal, then the wives of all these cops and politicians wouldn’t be able to deal.

  2. Al Martinez says:

    These cops have nothing better to do, they get a big high themselfs by playing Big Bad Cops, Californians approved prop 215 over ten years ago.
    So to them marijuana dispensaries are easy targets, it’s like Germanys SS police going after the Jews with the same netality.

  3. whoa says:

    The whole Medicinal Marijuana has gotten out of hand. Just a bunch of stoners skirting the system. 1 out of 100 really need it for ailments. Just make it legal. We blew it with the medicinal BS. Now it’s too much of a money maker and these idiots now have money to fight it from being legal.
    Give me a break, “Hemp Conventions” If it was really a medicine you wouldnt have this BS going on. When was the last time you saw a Lipitor or Viagra convention?

  4. whoa says:

    BTW, I have been using pot for 37 plus years

  5. whoa says:

    Another note: The people with cancer during their last days of life are the ones that really need it. They should be getting it for free. We should use some of the confiscated goods and give it to those in need. I have been supplying those in real need for the past 5 years. If you grow outdoorst the cost is almost zero.

    Another point to be made: What other medicine can be administered to patients with out controlling the dosage or at least professionally labelling it?

    My last atatement is the only good that has come out of this new industry is the developing market for stoners. They can now claim to be farmers and scientists growing a weed indoor in their house or their garden. This is a good thing because most of these hardcore stoners would have a hard time holding down a regular job.

    1. MC says:

      Dear whoa,
      Correct me if i m wrong.
      If you have been using pot for 37 plus years and a supplier to others. Then aren’t you the one doing illegal acts under the current US laws and against the very one legal fight to legalize the medical use of Marijuana and dispensaries in our state.
      I think we marijuana should be the same product as alcohol/tobaco.

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