MARTINEZ (AP) — Investigators allege that the commander of a county anti-drug task force was caught on video counting cash after selling a pound of methamphetamine stolen from evidence.

California Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement agents say in a search warrant affidavit that an informant wearing a hidden camera also shot video of Norman Wielsch weighing the drugs.

The 49-year-old head of a Contra Costa County anti-narcotics team is charged with 28 felonies connected to the alleged sale of illegal drugs and prescription pills.

He is accused of working with Christopher Butler, a 49-year-old private investigator charged with the same crimes. They have not entered pleas.

Wielsch’s attorney, Michael Cardoza, told the San Francisco Chronicle his client was mired in debt and was aiding the investigation. Butler’s attorney did not immediately return a call.

Both men are expected to enter pleas when they return to court March 2.

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Comments (3)
  1. only in CCC says:

    They should charge his attorney with perjury. Telling the court his daughter needed medical attention, and now claiming, as we all are the he was “in debt” I hope to God the Fed’s take over this case.

  2. Paul says:

    The Feds should take over this case and both these guys should be thrown in the fed prison. Throw all books at them and use the federal sentencing guidelines to send them to prison. All cases that this Norm Weilsch worked on should be re-opened and re-examined whether it was a local, state or a federal case. This guy was a crook from day one and has probably destroyed many people’s life with his evil intentions.

  3. Vinoman says:

    I guess being in debt or mired in debt is excuse enough to bring drugs back to the streets. This should definately be a Federal case. Unfortunately for his family they will also suffer! Another terrible and tragic decision.