WASHINGTON (KCBS/AP) – California Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein have asked the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to inspect two California nuclear plants built near earthquake faults to ensure they can withstand a major quake.

The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station in San Clemente and Pacific Gas and Electric’s Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant near San Luis Obispo were designed to withstand quakes less severe than the magnitude 8.9 that devastated Japan, Boxer and Feinstein wrote in a letter to the NRC.

A new fault discovered near Diablo Canyon figured prominently in a Senate hearing Boxer convened Wednesday.

“Mother Nature is notorious for not obeying rules that we make. We go in and we decide what the earthquake risk is and Mother Nature says, excuse me, you didn’t ask my opinion,” she said.

KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

Experts predict Diablo Canyon will not see a quake greater than 6.5. The plant was built to withstand a magnitude 7.5 temblor. The San Onofre facility was also built to withstand quakes greater than predicted, according to Southern California Edison.

Boxer was stunned when the chairman of the NRC, Gregory Jaczko, could not tell her how many other nuclear plants in the United States are built near fault lines.

Jaczko pointed out that inspectors are on site at most plants on a regular basis.

“We are not doing nothing. We do have inspectors at our plants that are there all the time. So we have at each site at least two inspectors. So we are constantly doing inspections at the facilities,” he said.

But of course no plant can be built to withstand all the forces of nature, said Anthony Pietrangelo with the industry group, the Nuclear Energy Institute.

“People are seeing what’s happening in Japan and they’re scared. We can never say that that could never happen here. There’s no such thing as a probability of zero.”

Using increasing sensitive technology, scientists are constantly identifying new faults in the country, sometimes after earthquakes are detected.

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Comments (5)
  1. JCB says:

    Typical liberal Boxer. Why would Jaczko have that type of trivial data in his head. How about asking a pertinent question? Maybe something like “Are there any plants that do not meet or exceed the maximum probable magnitude earthquake in the US?” Isn’t that a better question than how many plants are near fault lines? Just stupid. We need a government that is proactive not reactive. The same thing happened when the gas line blew up. A few days later Boxer ordered inspections. If she really cared about the state she would have been proactive not reactive. I have no idea why you liberals keep electing such incompetence.

    1. Leslie says:

      They were only estimated to withstand a 7.0 when they were built almost 40 years ago. They only were given a 40 year life when they were built. It has been well proven that those faults coulld cause a earthquake of well over 7.0. How safe do you think they really are?

    2. jpd says:

      It IS pro-active. She is acting BEFORE a potential earth-quake and disaster in this country. If one of those things melts down in California, it won’t matter if you are liberal or conservative, stupid or smart, you’ll be dying of radiation poisoning. We need to applaud this and every PRO-ACTIVE steps made by officials and leave the ridiculous partisan comments for idiots like Rush and Glenn Beck…

  2. Realist says:

    Kind of like an ambulance chaser the way she jumps on headlines so the people think she is doing something for them. This duo is leaches should be impeached.

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