OAKLAND (KCBS) _ Dog owners around Oakland’s Lake Merritt may soon finally have a dog park to walk their pooches in. However, just because there are plans in the works, that doesn’t mean that obstacles don’t remain.

KCBS’ Bob Melrose Reports:

The park would be built at Lakeshore Avenue and Macarthur Boulevard. It’s an area that’s surrounded by apartment-dwellers, who need somewhere to let their animals run around.

There were similar plans for the park years ago, but they were shelved when the money they depended on was transferred to another project.

”I often see a lot of dogs off-leash illegally in the area and it’s not necessarily safe for the passersby or the dogs or the owners, so I think it would be great to have a fenced in area where the dogs could play with each other freely and off-leash,” said dog-owner Katie Morrison.

The cost is estimated at $35,000, and several council members have pledged $14,000 out of their discretionary funds to help pay for it.

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Comments (11)
  1. Joe Wyman says:

    So many jurisdictions are trying to take access for dogs away. Its great to see groups like ODOG and the City of Oakland stepping up leadership to make a centrally located park for the adjacent residents.

  2. Jim Webber says:

    This park is badly needed. This is a densely populated area, with a huge amount of people with dogs. But, all of the parks within walking distance are all off limits to dogs, even on leash. This spot is ideal for a dog park!

  3. Judith Gottlieb says:

    A dog park in that area would be wonderful. There are no places for dogs to be off leash around Lake Merritt, because of the bird sanctuary. My dog and I will be happy to use the dog park.

  4. Murphy says:

    This would be great , since the closest parks off leash are Piedmont parks. They charge $38-68 every year for non-residents. Oaklanders already have to microchip and license our dogs with Oakland. What do we get for the fees and taxes? NO DOGS ALLOWED on or off-leash anywhere around Lake Merritt.

  5. Richelle Lieberman says:

    This is a plan that is a long time coming and VERY important to residents! We have a huge dog population and a beautiful lake that is the OLDEST bird scanuary in the U.S. Dogs are forbidden anywhere on the Lake. Yet many seniors and others who don’t drive and have a pet as a companion need a place to let their dog be off leash and socialize with other dogs and dog fanciers. There are just a small group of people who are unhappy and wanting to stop this long awaited project! There are many places to play., picnic and enjoy the lake but only this ONE place for Dogs!

  6. Cheryl C says:

    Yes, yes, yes!!! Not only for us dog people and our dogs, but for everyone else. Remember, kiddies: a socialized dog is a safe dog. Remember, business owners (even if you have outside seating): dog people have been spending out $$ in Alameda and Richmond. Remember, landlords/homeowners: dog parks increase property values and are a marketable amenity. Remember, dogs: woof, woof, woof!!!

  7. gary says:

    There are many reasons I think this a a bad location for a good idea. The field is used for many activities already. In the rainy season it becomes terribly muddy and would not be useable. The park is surrounded on three sides by heavy auto traffic. I fear further congestion and possible accidents. And that space would stick out like a sore thumb with a fence in the middle. It is the approach to the lake and best kept open space. On a recent visit to New York a similar dog park had a terrible smell of dog feces. It only takes a few careless owners not picking up after their pet.

    There are many large areas on the west side of the lake off Grand. Why not make one of them the dog park? By the way, we are long-time dog lovers and owners.

  8. Joe Wyman says:

    Devil is the details. To only create a park and not allocate on-going maintenance money to it, will result in an eye sore regardless of where it is located. I think if the park is in the publics eye, more up-keep will result. The more remote the location the more the up-keep can be neglected. I think the dawg parks need to come with amenities such as the Sit and Stay Cafe and Mudpuppies in Point Isabel.

  9. Richelle says:

    Dog owners are amongst the most responsible citizens in a City. Of course there are exceptions to that rule, but other dog owners step forward and see to it that a dog park is well maintained. Check out Alameda or Piedmont if you need to see this principle in action! The Lake is exactly where a dog park is needed; so many people in multiple dwellings with so many dogs who need to be part of the community; stop being selfish and SHARE! that is what it is all about! Co-exist!

  10. Joe Wyman says:

    I agree with Richelle. We all enjoy the trails and areas given to us. I can’t say the same about other folks using the parks … seems like we are always trying to get our fellow neighbors to pick up after themselves. I think when we are given a parcel from the City , we should make it our own. PLease give us some green for ourt furry ones and we’ll ake care of it.