HAYWARD (KCBS) – With gas prices growing, so are sales of fuel-efficient cars. That means mechanics who know how to work on them are increasingly in demand. Now, a new training program at Chabot College in Hayward trains students how to work on hybrid and electric cars.

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

For the first time ever, Chabot College is offering a Hybrid Vehicle Operation and servicing course as part of its automotive program.

“The reality is that right now just about every automaker out there has hybrid vehicles, so we’ve got to make this a part of the basic understanding for students who are going into the industry,” said Kurt Shadbolt, who is the instructor for the eight week course.

Chabot was awarded a Department of Energy grant to support the classes.

“I’m just glad that Chabot got this opportunity so I don’t have to go to WyoTec or UTI where you pay a lot more,” said Nilash Charan, who is among the first students. “You can pay like $300 or $400 to learn about electric cars here.”

Hybrid and electric car sales climbed 37 percent in the first quarter of this year.

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  1. mechanic says:

    Good luck tying to make a “living” as an electric car mechanic. Just another part of the Big Scam. Drill Here; Drill Now, Pay Less.