SAN JOSE (KCBS) – Thousands were on hand Sunday in San Jose for the re-opening of a greatly expanded Sikh temple.

The San Jose Sikh Gurdwara, considered the largest and most expensive in the United States, has undergone a $20 million expansion. The new additions included a prayer hall, vegetarian kitchen, classrooms and apartments.

Many who were in attendance said they had been waiting for this day for quite some time and are glad to finally have the main temple open.

KCBS’ Tim Ryan Reports:

Located in the Evergreen Hills of San Jose on 40 acres of land, the first phase of the project was completed in 2004.

Although Sunday was the grand opening celebration, several more events are planned throughout the rest of April.

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Comments (16)
  1. WFischer says:

    I am very happy for the Sikh community in the south bay! Congratulations!

  2. Aman Singh says:

    I am an Punjabi Indian so i know that they have already started bookings on renting the hall for occasions but i seriously DOUBT it that the would report the income from that to the IRS. and i really seriously very much DOUBT it. but anyways congratulations and goodluck on the grand opening.

    1. Manu says:

      Do you realize that they have an earnings statement on their website?

      1. Aman Singh says:

        Thanks Manu Jee I do realize that there is an earnings statement on their website but is the earning Statement TRUE & CORRECT..

      2. Gurpinder Singh Dhindsa ( Fremont ) says:

        I Wish if everyone thinks like Manu and Jay……. Gallan Wakhriyaan Hi Hon….

    2. Jay Singh says:

      The income of SIKH Temple is not taxable, as such, reporting of income is only to make sure accountability to the Sangat and not the IRS. They have controls in place that show majority of the funds are accounted for. A small amount of cheating may exist but overall they have good controls to account for the money.

      1. Aman Singh says:

        Thanks Jay Singh Jee for letting me know that but as far as i know and i even checked with a CPA ( Tax Firm) that even if the income is not taxable as it is noted as donation but it should still be reported as “NOT TAXABLE INCOME). If they report the repair and maintenance costs as their expenses on their taxes then why not the so called Donations. And most of the times these are not donations as donations are something that somebody gives with their choice and affordability or sharda, but not the one asked or decided by the others running the show. Recently somebody( not to name) told me that they are to rent the new hall for more than double the set price that has been set up and was posted in the Gurudwara Sahib but htey have no choice as they could not find anyplace else on that day or date. I am an Amritdhari Sikh too, i am not against the GURUDWARA’s but it is the few of the corrupt people running them. Few months ago we had Akhand Path at our place and due to shortage of space we had requested to use the Gurudwara Sahib’s Kitchen to prepare the langar ( Not the complete langar but just the Parshadas-Roti’s. So we were granted the permission for that but when we reached their with my wife and a group of lady helpers (part of sangat), the person their denied us even entering the kitchen. He told us the he was the incharge of running and controlling the kitchen. He just started yelling at us and atarted cursing others for giving us the permission for using the kitchen. Even two other granthi singh’s at the Gurudwara Sahib requested him to be polite. But he did not care that where he was standing or who/what he was representing and what he was saying. He did not even care for Gurudwara Sahib’s maryada, the request from all of us along with the two Granthi Singhs present their. But instead he started abusing bad words (galan to others for allowing us to do that) and even in the presence of ladies. Atleast 15 times he even abused Bajwa sahib calling him a MOTA GADDHA (meaning A FAT DONKEY). Feeling embarrased and ashamed we all including other ladies and the two Granthi Singh’s left the kitchen and langar hall. What could we do, it was too early in the morning to report it to anybody. I honestly felt like beating the hell out of him but then i thought that what would be the difference between him and me, and more over others told me to leave it behind. But had i fought with him then everybody in the community would have blamed me for fighting with the so called Honorable InCharge of Kitchen. We had a busy day ahead of us as we also had to find another way to prepare the langar for sangat that was going to come to our place for the PATH Ceremony. I wanted it to report it to the commitee but i did not knew which one to trust as i dont know them personally and moreover my Mata jee stopped me from getting into all of the hassle. Man i felt so ashamed and embarrased as some of the ladies who came to help us prepare the Langar, were Hindu’s and it was their first time visiting the gurudwara. After all the good things we and others told them about our Gurudwara Sahib’s, this was their first and personal experience. What do you thing that they would tell others or do you think that they would feel comfortable visiting the Gurudwara Sahib’s anymor. All this due to One Bad person.

  3. i lakhi says:

    Congratulations to all our Sikh community we were waiting for this so long.

  4. Bosslady Nik says:

    I am an African American who resides in the Evergreen Foothills and I welcome all positive things in my community. I am happy for such wonderful people, congratulations!

  5. beasthil says:

    I am very happy for Sikh community. A generation ago, man from India, were not allowed to bring a wife with them. They good only marry someone with their same skin color, which were hispanic women.
    They have come a long way, and once again so happy for them.

    1. Aman Singh says:

      Hello Beasthil Just to comment on that may be there is a misunderstanding as i do not know any generation where a man from India was not allowed to bring a wife with them. I checked this with other popular community members and even my own seniors. Thank you

  6. beasthil says:

    I wrote my comment so quickly, I just noticed so many errors, so sorry.
    Should read: They could only marry someone with their same skin color, which were hispanic women.

  7. Kdsbhullar says:

    To Aman Singh Ji,

    Good you made your point & experience you faced. You should not post your experience to whole world. One should work togeher within the commuinty on this kind of issues. Not published it.I am not questioning or taking side of any one, but on your side as you said you area true sikh & Amritdari.
    Farida Yeh teh maran mukiyain,tehna na marey khum…

    1. Aman Singh says:

      Thanks Bhullar Veerjee i wii keep that in mind.

  8. Sunny says:

    Does anyone realize the name Sabuhi Siddique is wrong? and that that kid is a Sikh and not a muslim. It’s just a simple mistake but it seems weird they could make that kind of a mistake on broadcast news.

  9. Gurpinder Singh Dhindsa ( Fremont ) says:

    Good Work To Make Sikhs To Be Known—–
    AMAN SINGH – I agree with you. Small Amount of many small cheating adds up though. Bhullar Veerji – If Aman expressed his views openly, I don’t see anything wrong with that. People should be aware of this GURDWARA BUSINESSES. To my knowledge….I don’t think there is any trustworty Gurdwara Staff…. All the one’s I know are the one’s who eat FREE FOOD ( Langar) and make their businesses from the Gurdwara Money.,,,,,,,,,,,, I am sorry if I have hurted anyone’s feelings but TURTH is Always Bitter….