SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Despite recent headlines about Oakland’s mayor going after San Francisco tech jobs, the mayors of the Bay Area’s three largest cities got together to push for a regional approach to attracting jobs. They said that the competition isn’t amongst themselves – it’s with the world.

KCBS’ Holly Quan Reports:

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee said that as the economy bounces back the Bay Area has to put its best foot forward.

”All of us are thinking that we’ve got to go global,” said Lee. “So when companies are thinking about whether or not they want to come to the Bay Area, they’re not thinking immediately off the bat whether that means Oakland or San Jose or San Francisco. They’re thinking, ‘should we go to the Bay Area, or should we go to London or Sydney or Paris or other places?’”

Once those companies are here, he said, then local cities can compete for jobs.

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed said that a win for San Francisco or Oakland will eventually mean a win for San Jose as well.

”We have people who live in San Francisco and work in San Jose,” said Reed. “We have people who live in San Jose and work in San Francisco. It is the creation of jobs that is critical. If the Bay Area is growing jobs, ultimately that means more people are going to be working and more people are going to be paying taxes, which means revenue is going to be going up.”

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan recently dropped in on San Francisco hi-tech companies, touting her city’s diversity and low rents as attractive incentives to expand to the East Bay.

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