PACIFICA (CBS 5) — Two small earthquakes rattled parts of the Bay Area on Monday, which ironically marked the 105th anniversary of the Great
1906 San Francisco Earthquake

The first quake, measuring a 3.4 magnitude (downgraded from orginal 3.8 reading), occurred at 2:57 p.m. and was centered about two miles southeast of Pacifica and roughly 12 miles south of San Francisco, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

“There was a sharp jolt that was preceded by a rumbling noise,” said Thom Ball, library manager of the Pacifica Sharp Park Library, who was among those that felt it.

The Pacifica temblor was followed minutes later at 3 p.m. by a second, even smaller earthquake with a magnitude of 1.4. That quake was centered about two miles southwest of San Bruno.

Michael Nee, a bartender at Behan’s Irish Pub in nearby Burlingame, said “the whole bar shook and the lights from the ceilings swayed” for about three seconds.

There were no reports of injuries or significant damage, however Pacific Gas & Electric officials said about 7,000 Pacifica customers lost power immediately after the quake. The cause of the outage was under investigation.

Bay Area Rapid Transit trains stopped running briefly as tracks were inspected, but no problems were found. Runways were also inspected at San Francisco International Airport, but no problems were discovered there either.

Earlier Monday, dozens gathered for a ceremony held in San Francisco commemorating the 1906 quake.

There are only three known survivors left of that devastating quake and ensuing fire that killed thousands, and only one of them — Bill DelMonte, who was just a few months old at the time — was
able to make this year’s ceremony.

>> Photo Gallery: Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

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Comments (109)
  1. PT says:

    Felt and heard it in SF. I was suprised that it was loud enough for me to hear through my headphone with music on. It was quick but some people on Twitter reports longer duration. I gues it depends on location and building structure. I hope everyone is ok out there.

  2. Mark says:

    I am here in Montara, and the jolt was strong but quick – nothing strong enough though for any consequences – Pacifica is just north of Montara.

  3. Diana Marie Vanni says:

    We felt it here in Redwood City quite strongly, two loud bangs and a short shake, not much. Very quick, but LOUD!

  4. PS says:

    In West Menlo Park, felt like a jolt, like a very large door slamming without the rattle. Was followed 5 seconds later by a minor reverb, some rattling but nothing falling off shelves…

  5. John Nichols says:

    Sitting in my house in Redwood City, working on my computer. Felt like a bomb went off, or a VERY loud Sonic Boom. Went outside to see if my big tree had fallen on my house. Found several other neighbors doing the same thing.

    1. Daryl Ambruso says:

      Earthquakes don’t normally feel like that. No rumbling, no car alarms, just a single drop. Like when an airplane is descending and it drops 2 feet suddenly. The dog didn’t give any warning signs, which they normally do. The whimper, cry, bark, howl,shake, or try to run away from nothing. They can hear and feel the quakes long before we do. Marley was unaware.

      1. Valerie Green-Charsky says:

        My dogs too, very strange huh?

      2. Kathleen Chung-Lee says:

        my dogs too. they didn’t react even during the shake or the noise.

      3. Crystal says:

        Our dog did…he was howling like crazy (which I have not heard before) for no reason before it happened…and it did cross my mind that there might be an earthquake coming.

  6. V says:

    I was in the hallway of a high school in San Francisco. School just let out and I thought it was kids running loudly on the second floor.

    For a 3.8, it wasn’t that bad. Bring it on earthquake!

    1. meka says:

      How can you have seen the devastation in Japan and toss out such a flip remark?????

      1. MAR says:

        Because we love Mother Nature and sometimes she needs to let us no how insignificant we are in the big picture. We have lost our way as stewards of this amazing planet and need to get back on track. i love big earthquakes too, they bring out the best in humanity. Am I right or am I wrong??? It’s just my opinion…

  7. bm says:

    heard the rumble first, paused to make sense of it, then got that 1-2 sec jolt right after..whoa. the actual jolt or movement doesnt faze me, its the actual noise beforehand that really creeps me out…

    1. Kristyn says:

      Experienced one earthquake–a 5 in Toronto, Canada–and I will never forget the sound it made. Scary indeed! The jolt, on the other hand, was minimal as the epicenter was situated a few hundred miles away from me.

  8. David Ellenberg says:

    Short, sharp, jolt here in the Mission District. Interesting day for it to happen.

  9. S.F. says:

    Felt the quake in San Bruno – very loud but quick. Felt pretty strong, no damage thus far.

  10. AMK says:

    A very hard, fast KABOOM! here in San Mateo. The house shook, but the neighbors din’t fly out of their houses like I thought they should…

  11. Sandy F says:

    sitting in my car and felt a short jolt and kind of a San Jose.

  12. Devon says:

    yeah i felt it…… house fell..

  13. 12-21-12 says:

    just the beginning……

  14. Catrina says:

    2 strong jolts and some shaking here in San Francisco. Quite loud for a 3.8!!!

  15. CurryDynasty says:

    Felt it in South San Francisco/San Bruno near skyline 35. A quick rumble

  16. Karen says:

    felt it in Glen Park area of SF. A boom and then a short shake

  17. T. Thomas says:

    Work at Oceana High School in Pacifica. Part of our school is actually ON the fault line. Heard it first, then felt some quick jolts, stopped for a few seconds and then continued even stronger! Felt stronger than a 3.8 but given we are so close to the epicenter, makes sense that it seemed like more. Oh, and the irony is, today this the anniversary of the 1906 quake!

  18. KM says:

    Comcast is out in Pacifica on TAX DAY!

  19. Bruce says:

    Belmont hills: Two strong jolts, seconds apart. Definitely felt, definitely heard… but no apparent damage, All utilities stayed on etc.

  20. Valerie Green-Charsky says:

    Two jolts, loud, on the middle floor of a three story home in San Carlos. Sounded like someone fell upstairs in the house. Rattled the bed.

  21. Pedro says:

    power is out in some parts of Pacifica

  22. Kao says:

    Two very hard jotls in San Mateo.

  23. Mark Van says:

    Felt it here in SF near the Daly city border. It was a quick shake but enough to make my tv and legs wobble.

  24. Steve says:

    Redwood Shores–ditto. A few seconds of minor jolting and a definitive rumble.

  25. John Mathieson says:

    I live in Daly City on San Bruno Mountain, I heard a loud bang like an explosion
    then the house shook, no damage or any thing falling off the shelves, the birds feeding in my yard all took off when the bang occured. My dog barked

  26. Emily says:

    If you felt it, it’s more useful to post your experiences on the USGS Web site so they can do some analysis.

  27. Les says:

    It’s NOT IRONIC that it happened today, the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake. It’s coincidental. Check your dictionary.

    1. Shane says:

      There’s always one of you isn’t there.

      1. noun says:

        It’s ironic that Shane is critical of someone for being critical of someone.

      2. ShortRound says:

        Sigh. And there are so many of you.

    2. cmarrou says:

      Keep fighting, but the ironic/coincidental battle seems to be a losing one for those of us who understand the difference.

  28. Bert Go says:

    The tremor was strong at the corner of Callan Boulevard and King Drive in Daly City, one block away from the Pacifica border.
    It was 14:57 when my 21″ computer monitor started shaking vigorously from left to right.
    The shaking lasted for about five seconds.

    I thought at the power went out because my desktop rebooted.

  29. MarieJ says:

    Here in Newark, first heard what I thought was thunder followed by a quick jolt with a slight swaying feeling. Seemed to last about 1 to 2 seconds!

  30. Nicholas K. says:

    Felt two big jolts a few seconds apart here in Emerald Hills area

  31. Pacifica Resident says:

    When the earthquake occurred I was at my laptop it was at 2:57 p.m., shook my whole dining table and home. I think its because my home is a two-story and it shook the whole house about 2 mins.

  32. Jack says:

    In San Mateo, like an explosion. One very loud blast that shook the house once but very sharply.
    Pretty big for only 3.98.

  33. DedHed says:

    Sausalito was a rockin’

  34. Jools says:

    Felt at 2:57 pm – two jolts. BANG-bang! I’m near Ocean & Phelan. No damage observed here. I hope all are OK.

  35. Sandra says:

    Felt it in San Mateo at work- heard a big CRACK! and then a BIG jolt- no damage here at work, but I hope at home my parakeets didn’t fall off their perches!

  36. Ashish M says:

    A huge jolt for 2 seconds. I was working in my office in South SanFrancisco and felt like some fat guy just fell on the floor right next to my cubicle.

  37. david says:

    Felt it is Cupertino as two sharp jolts, but no noise. I am on the second floor of an office building and you can’t here anything over the A/C Unit.

  38. Shirley P. says:

    In Oakland, heard the rumble and second later felt the jolt~ glad it didnt continue.. would have been a nasty one…
    Be safe everyone!

  39. Laura says:

    I heard a BOOM then slight shaking down here in PALO ALTO. I didn’t know earthquakes made noise!

  40. Muggie says:

    Felt both jolts really close together on 8th floor of bldg in Foster City – like it was one longer one. Probably because bldg was still bouncing from the first. Why am I always on landfill during an earthquake? Happy anniversary, 1906!

  41. lisa says:

    I am in Elgranada, it felt like a semi crashing through the house. The house shook like it was on a forklift and itslipped and feel off.

  42. J-g says:

    I heard a Noise here in san jose but because there was construction going on I jus thought itwas part of the construction. The noise did sound a bit unusual

  43. Dana says:

    I am in ALAMEDA and heard and felt a large boom and house shook for a second. I thought something had fallen against the side of house but nothing there.

  44. Jody Shelton says:

    In Santa Clara. Inner wall (as usual during a small one) was creaking and my upstairs floor was shaking which shook the bed. Very short. Took me a few minutes to figure out what it was. I though the Exorcist was here. lol

    Hope everyone is ok and power is on!

  45. Gary Fales says:

    From what scientists are saying, the worst earthquakes are yet to hit the city.

    1. rod stweart says:

      and feline AIDS is the #1 killer of domestic cats

  46. chelsea says:

    Felt kinda like a rolling quake here in Sunnyvale. On the couch reading. Didn’t last long at all. Didn’t feel the follow up temblor. We do live in Cali…

  47. Maria Goldie says:

    In San Carlos…one big jolt!

  48. Jeff Conway says:

    on 18th floor at beale in sf, felt a rumbling and small jolt, the person next to me felt nothing!

  49. K says:

    60 year old native and I’ve never heard one like that !! Loud would be an understatement.

  50. Connie says:

    It’s funny how the earthquake waves go. I live across the bay from the epicenter (according to the USGS map) and only heard the house rattle for a second. No jolt or sway. But we are in the hills and the house sits on rock.

  51. amplitude jones says:

    Dear God- give all the voters for the evil witch who helped destroy the USA a big one. LIke a 22.8 that lasts for at least a constant 17 days, and turns every rock like object into nothing bigger than small sand, and parasites into dead flesh. Save us from our national infection that is slaying our naTIon lord: democrats!!

  52. Victor says:

    I heard a loud boom and a little shaking of my family’s water dispenser while cooking fried rice in my San Leandro home.

  53. Paul says:

    Little baby 3.8 causes that much chaos in an area supposedly accustomed to earthquakes? At that rate, a six would look like Japan’s 9.

    1. KrazyJae says:

      We haven’t felt anything worth concern in a while and with what is going on in the world with all the massive quakes? Yes, people are going to comment on this, especially the locals! Might mean nothing to you but for those who are waiting for a major quake then yes, this means something to us.

  54. Victor says:

    I felt like a giant man running toward my home here in San Leandro near to Hwy 880 , and I tought,Oh ! here is coming

    1. Victor says:

      Are you mocking me or are you the other Victor?

  55. MV resident says:

    Ironic for the earthquake to happen on this date… but i didn’t feel a thing!

  56. David P says:

    2 major things happened today…the S&P gave us a Warning on the economy and San Francisco gave us a Warning on the seismic activity…..both are preludes to a greater devastation that is soon to come to the West Coast and the World Economy. Be Warned West Coast ! Be Warned America…..the game is over… make your hearts right… this is a Warning !

  57. Jay Martin says:

    The Earth will continue to shake and there will be increase of natural disaster and all of the Earth’s islands will be moved- whether or not they will be liveable, I do not know- but the Bible is very clear that the closer we get to the end, the coming of the AntiChrist followed by the true Christ , the more earthquakes (ie “birthpains”) we will see. We will see increased wars, rumors of wars, especially in and around Israel, inflation/food/water shortage, unification of a world system/currency, as per the Bible until we realize the only salvation is Jesus Christ.
    Unfortunately there is judgement for this world that has just gone too far away from the light but there is still salvation and the believer who has accepting Jesus Yeshua. Seek Him.

    1. heatherfeather says:

      “And the LORD didst causeth an earthquake. And Heather was thusly shaken off her tuffet, and didst falleth into her bowl of curds & whey”

      Hthr 9:0

  58. Gavin says:

    Was not an earthquake. Sonic jolt came from above 2 Booms. Then earth shook was a test of some sort.

  59. KrazyJae says:

    I live about 6 blocks from Union Square and was home but didn’t feel a bloody thing 🙁

  60. Pastor Carmine says:

    Leave now Because the big one is Coming

  61. proud_bay_man says:

    I say bring on a 7.1 to rid this town of these good for nothing tourists that have no respect for our great city!

  62. gail says:

    Please delete my previous comment ERROR

  63. John says:

    Felt it in Bangkok, Thailand!

    This was a big one.

  64. A Desert Hick says:

    Get Google Earth and the earthquake app. There is more going on than what the Lame-SM is telling you. Hawthorne NV has had over a hundred earth quakes this week. Virgin Islands has a group of quakes. S. America along the coast. NZ. Australia. Mississippi Region. Etc.

    Don’t know what it means, but you might want to keep your heads up.

  65. Lord Libslayer says:

    Bye Bye Mexifornia. You libs won’t be missed.

    1. Pastor Carmen says:

      Yes Sir how right you are.

  66. Big Bear says:

    A 1.4!?! That is not even worth mentioning since nobody but nobody would feel it! A 3.4 is only interesting because of the date it occurred.

  67. birdy says:

    the writer doesn’t seem to know what “irony” is…

  68. Hank Warren says:

    Blaming fake global warming, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. Mike says:

      Too bad it was BUSH who was responsible for everything on your list. Obama allowed the automatic weapons ban to expire without making a new one. Which means he actually allowed previously illegal guns on the streets.

      We need to just remove all politicians, and give the power back to the people.

  69. Fred says:

    God is trying to tell all the people in Frisco to stop fu_king each other up the butt.

  70. paul says:

    Maybe, just maybe the prelude to the “Big One.”

    1. hugh_jorgan64 says:


  71. hugh_jorgan64 says:

    Oh my! No don’t tell me….an earthquake on the anniversary of the 1906 SF quake? What are we going to do? Does that mean the “Big One” is coming soon? I work in Martinez and when our building jolted I thought to myself “No…not on this day……..this anniversary. OMG! The irony of a quake happening on this very day!”
    Seriously people….it was a small quake and a coincidence of the anniversary. But quakes happen everyday and to me quakes are very interesting. They make you realize how insignificant we as people are to the power of the earth.

  72. sean patriot says:


  73. big wave bob says:

    In Pacifica the noise itself was pronounced and LOUD. Like being right on top of the shift. Sharp and short. Did we hear the plates move against each other? Or tectonic flatulence? either way, it wasn’t strong but power went out several times and into the night.

  74. Siesmoman says:

    FORSHOCK BE AWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. PSK448 says:

    Next big one is coming California. Follow the pattern of earthquakes around the pacific plate, Indonesia, Japan (twice), along with a few other not as massive ones, and it’s working it’s way around the plate. I hope and pray for the safety of all out there if/when it does come.

  76. Pete says:

    Here Comes the Big One Liberals, GOOD RIDDANCE!!

  77. j says:

    Sadly enough I somewhat agree with PSK448. there is a pattern with this activity, although we don’t seem to be able to figure out the specifics just yet. I pray for California that this is not an indicator of something worse. Our country is already on the brink of an economic meltdown and a disaster would only put us over the top.

  78. Leonid Elenin says:

    Comet Elenin

  79. David Foster says:

    “The cause of the outage was under investigation”

    Uhh, lemme tink, da earthquake? DUHH!!!!