SAN JOSE (KCBS) – Warning letters have been sent out to residents in an East San Jose neighborhood, after a women and her dog were attacked by two pit bulls last week.

The two animals attacked the 66-year-old woman and her dog in Cataldi Park and officials said they were still on the loose.

As a result, officials advised all pet owners to carry a cane or stick when walking their animals.

Sgt. Jay Turrado with San Jose Animal Services also had some advice for residents who might come in contact with one of the pit bulls.

“Don’t try to run. Don’t stare at the dog. Just try to look away and stand still. At some point, the dog is just going to go away,” he said.

KCBS’ Matt Bigler Reports:

The victim in last week’s dog attack suffered bruises and bites and her 11-year-old husky had to be euthanized.

“If anybody has a neighbor that they think might have a problem dog, then give us a call and we’ll follow-up on it,” Turrado said.

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  1. pedro connell says:

    I ride a bike on a daily basis all thru San jose, it doesn’t matter where I go there are dogs out with no leashes attached. Some are over 100 pounds, I will bet 50 dollars on a dailt basis go to parks in willow glen and other parts and unleashed big dogs with up to 10 owners are playing with unleashed dogs with no fencing. There are even small children playing 30 feet away.. So when I read about these attacks I kind of find it funny. I mean no-one is enforcing leash laws, you can’t ride a bike near a park for fear of the dog going after me, if you ask people to leash their dogs all hell breaks out with indignant owners ,all I want to know do they have insurance to cover the dog bite? What rights do the law abiding citizens of Willow Glen have none, just shut up and not use parks

    1. Raj says:

      “Not leashing a dog” is rampant within apartment complexes.

      Those who do not leash their dogs are not human beings

      1. susan h says:

        you are a twit

  2. dog lover says:


    1. Non Breeded says:

      My female Pitt Bull is fixed. She is also the most human-friendly dog I have ever dealt with. Loves belly rubs! She loves to play with all types and sizes of dogs, unless they get too frisky, then she will give a clear warning snarl as she attempts to get away from the other dog. Being a farm dog, varments like rodents and unfortunately feral cats get a different response-the terrier thing you know.
      Most people should’t be allowed to breed for that matter. Unfortunately the dumbest ones seem to breed the fastest.

      1. Charlie says:

        Great, so you have a Pit Bull that is known to attack other animals. Yer not helping matters here…

      2. mildred pierce says:

        you should not be allowed to breed! and need some mental help in celebration attacking cats, who is going to protect us against you and your dog? glad I do not live near you!

      3. vlad says:

        being a “farm dog” as a reason to attacks cats? What a rubbish!

        You sound like you pleased with your dog’s behavior, and the dog feels it of course. Having a dog is a big responsibility, and not all people are up to it. There is no “bad” breeds of dogs. There are bad owners.

      4. S. Richards says:

        This is for Charlie.
        Apparantly you have never lived on a farm. It is the dog’s job to kill rats and other vermin. Get a grip.

      5. mary n says:

        I happen to own a 7 year old female (fixed) Pit Bull and she’s the biggest sweetie and the sorriest excuse for a watch dog I’ve ever had. I’ve raised all kinds of dogs since I was a kid and never thought in a million years that I’d ever embrace owning a Pit Bull Terrier. She was rescued when she was 7 months old and I’ve never regretted it for a minute.

        Believe it or not, I thought like a lot of the people posting comments against pit bulls but after owning one?

        My daughter brought home an abandoned 5 wk old kitten; my dog single handedly raised him. She took him to & from the litter box by the scruff of his neck (he was too little to get to & from), she made sure he ate, she put him between her paws and licked him clean (he hated it of course but that was his surrogate mom), they slept together, she kept him warm when he got cold, she cooled him off when it got hot, he followed her everywhere and the rest, as they say, is history.

        The more I’ve read and educated myself about this breed, the more I feel I need to speak on their behalf. Yes, there are those that are vicious, there are those that are unpredictable, and part of the problem is they are people pleasers. They’re easy to train for fighting, but proven by Cesar the dog whisperer, the behaviors can be reversed and they make great companions.

        My dog is in a home with a large Ridgeback mix, 3 cats & a bird. She is gentle, predictable, not one mean bone in her body, and she’s a bed hog, snores and would sleep the day away if we let her. She’s a great play mate for our granddaughter (10 1/2 mo old). Would I leave her alone with the baby? Nope! Why? because I would never leave my grandbaby alone with any animal. She likes to grab noses, chase tails, crawl and grab skin (typical kid) and my dogs sit there and think its the greatest thing.

        We’ve raised her right; no different than any other dog since I’ve been alive. I’ve seen more biters with poodles, yorkies, etc., In fact, a little mop dog went after my pit @ the dog park once, my dog started to back away and this dog is going for her nose – I go to grab my dog and the other owner kicks MY dog, calling HER vicious. My dog is trying to hide behind me and his dog is snarling & snapping, but look who got blamed….

        Please get educated before making blanket statements; not all Pits/Dog owners of Pits are irresponsible & non-caring. We took the extra step and went to training. My dog is 65 LB of pure muscle and I am not about to take that for granted because she’s a sweetie who would never hurt a fly.

        You want to learn more? Look up Cesar, the dog whisperer or Bad Rap located in Dublin, Ca.

      1. oneoldmaninca says:

        Much to my regret I adopted a Pit Bull Lab mix. She was a pleasant dog until a vet diagnosed her with being hypothyroid. Once a thyroid supplement was started she began attacking anything around. Pit Bulls and Bit Bull mixes can’t be trusted. They should all be neutered until this menace to society is eliminated.

      2. Lacey says:

        Wow, so your dog gets sick and starts attacking everything, and you blame the entire breed? By that reasoning, all mentally ill people should be done away with if they commit a crime.

    2. No Pit Fan says:

      I completely agree. Pit Bulls are about as good for begin pets as Alligators and Cobras. “Guns don’t kill people, people do”….applies 100% to Pits. Without a gun, no shooting…with a PitBull, no unfortunate maulings. Think about it.

      1. tony says:

        youre ideology is perfect for an authoritarian nanny stae. Fortunately for you and the rest of us, most folks are happy with our liberties. We dont need the media to scare us out of choosing to be a responsible dog OR gun owner. If you lack the confidence to do so yourself, then by all means please dont ever own iether, but believe that youre fear will NOT dictate my freedoms!

      2. S.Richards says:

        That is such an ignorant statement! There are more incidents of dog bite that involve chihuahas and labs than there are pit bulls. Pits are the ones the media targets because they can sensationalize it and get more attention=money. Do you honestly believe there would be no more dog attacks if there were no more pit bulls? That is just ridiculous. People need to look at the real issue. That is irresponsible dog owners. Any dog is capable of inflicting harm when not properly trained and socialized. Don’t blame the dog for the owner ‘s ignorance.

      3. Jody says:

        BS… plenty of other dog breeds are involved in “maulings”.

    3. jeffey says:

      way to be a dog lover.

    4. xpapi4 says:

      i have a pitbull and if you dont like it,well go to hell.

    5. cinder's mom says:

      you cannot call yourself a dog lover and your comments is idiotic and very uneducated – all dogs are dangerous to a certain degree, some more than others and the majority of this is caused by how they were raised and their up keeping.. this is why the owners need to be held liable if they knowingly have raised a vicious dog or suspect their dog to be dangerous

    6. Diane H says:

      It’s sad you feel that way. I have a 12 year old pittie, and she wouldn’t hurt anything. She has lived with cats, kittens and other dogs. She welcomes new comers to her yard with a smile and tail wag. It’s not the dog, it’s the people.

      1. mary n says:

        to add to that comment about too friendly? My same little girl let a complete stranger in our yard (luckily he was a friend of my daughters)Anyway, she followed him into the kitchen and when she started barking, her turned around, thinking his leg was going to be lunch or something. Well, he walked past her treat jar and she wanted him to get her a biscuit. He gave her 3. She was a happy camper. He could have robbed us blind and she’d have probably helped him carry stuff out as long as he kept feeding her. Yeah. Big ferocious dog….
        My cats show more aggression that she does.

    7. sareena green says:

      I am ashamed to be apart of the human race, looking at all these pathetically ignorant comments.You people need to EDUCATE yourselves before jumping on the dumb a** bandwagan! if you stop being lazy and actually did research, you would see that Pit Bulls are KNOWN people lovers and people pleasers.They are GREAT with children.They can be great with other dogs as well IF you train them as puppies.
      Of course you’ll have to train ANY dog and socialize well or else they will end up to be tirants.I know poodles who have KILLED other dogs before.I know a lab who attacked a kid.NO breed is a natural born killer.NO dog attacks without reason.
      You people FAIL at making a SIMPLE connection- Who are the owners of these pits that attack? what is the connection between them all?
      1. These dogs usually live outside. 2. these dogs usually run freely about the neighborhood. 3. Attacks usually happen in a bad neighborhood. 4. The dogs attack immediatly upon seeing somebody.
      So who is the one who should be blamed? The owners are the ones who fail to treat these great dogs with respect and actually treat them like family members.These ”owners” are usually uneducated idiots who only want a pit to look ”cool” and abuse them.
      So instead of claiming that pits are evil, unpredictable or dangerous, do research on all the idiotic owners of the dog attacks and see what kind of people they are because THEY are at fault.
      I’ve known several pits over the years and have yet to meet one that would even think about snarling.The only one that was dog agressive was one that was a ex dog fighter.
      Funny how people call call out dogs yet you breed your unruly children and that’s somehow ok.osh.

      1. mary n says:

        you go, girl!

    8. sareena says:

      CORRECTION….pits by BACK YARD BREEDERS shouldn’t be allowed to be bred.

  3. s. duff says:

    Pit Bulls aren’t the problem PEOPLE, it is the owners. Why is it we only ready about pit bull problem behavior. Years ago it was the Doberman, before that it was some other breed. Come on folks, REALLY???? Let it go. Dogs attack other dogs and people every day, we just don’t read about it. Don’t believe the hype, stop condemning a beautiful dog. They are just as loving and friendly as any other dog. Irresponsibility on owners and breeders parts is to blame. So step up to bigger thinking folks, the witch hunt on the pit bull is old already.

    1. John Jaocb J.S. says:

      “hey are just as loving and friendly as any other dog”

      Riiiiiight. LOL

      1. your mama says:

        your stupid

      2. mary n says:

        actually, they are, John whatsyourface. IF their owners were responsible, it would make life much easier. I know cute Labs that have left facial scars, poodles that have ripped holes in legs and hands, and these stories don’t get published.

        Do your research before you insert your foot in your mouth.

    2. Diane says:

      Yes, dogs attack other dogs and people every day, but pit bulls are vastly more powerful and tenacious than other breeds and that is why you read about them: they effing KILL the dogs and people who they attack. Other breeds of dogs who bite people/dogs almost never inflict serious injury, let alone kill. But even if you pretend that bully breeds are the same as other dogs: Pits are a status symbol with irresponsible anti-social losers–other breeds are not. And for that reason, pit bulls are much more likely to be unsocialized, un-neutered, sometimes even deliberately encouraged (if not downright trained) to be aggressive, and running loose. Yes, that part isn’t the pit bull’s fault, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are disproportionately killing people and dogs. THAT is why you only hear about pit bulls killing people and dogs. Only a fool in total denial is capable of believing that pits are not a problem.

      1. Jody says:

        Diane you are completely wrong. Any dog is capable of inflicting serious injury or killing, and many have. The media only likes to report about pit bulls. I’ve read two recent accounts of infants being killed, one by a Pomeranian and one a Dachshund. Neither one made national headlines. Bully breeds are just dogs, yes the same as other dogs. Pits might be a status symbol for “some kinds of people”, but it hasn’t always been that way. Before pits, it was Dobermans, before that it was Rottis, and Shepherds. Years ago, Bloodhounds were public enemy #1. All because of the way people were raising, training and treating them. NO DOG should be allowed to run loose, I agree, but to say that pit bulls are disproportionately killing people and dogs and that’s why you only hear about them is ridiculous. You are the fool.

    3. Courteney says:

      s. duff is right. People need to get their facts straight. Pit Bulls are any more powerful or aggressive naturally than any other breed. It is the PEOPLE that train/raise/and breed Pit Bulls to become fighters. Please, please, please get your facts before you start to condem this breed of dog just because of what PEOPLE do to them.

      And sorry to be rude but if you can’t even bother to figure out the facts or if you are just blindly trusting the media when you make ignorant comments then don’t be surprised when people find YOU ignorant.

      1. Margaret says:

        But…but…Courteney, how many stories have you heard about poodles or mutts running in packs or alone and taking down people and their pets? Hmmmm? ….I’m waiting……

      2. Lacey says:

        To Margaret-

        The second dog attack to occur in San Jose this year was a boxer and a husky mix attacking an old man and his dog.

      3. sareena says:

        but..but…Margaret, I’ve read several.Do your research.

    4. Dog owner says:

      WRONG!!! Do you know why they are called PITBULLS instead of LAPBULLS? Because for over 200 years (which translates into over a hundred generations) they have been bred by breeders with one goal in mind, to create the ultimate dog fighting machine. Times may have changed in some places and dog fighting is no longer popular or accepted, but that doesn’t change 200+ years of breeding. Can a Pitbull display affection and be a sweet dog? YES, but those are NOT the qualities that breeders were looking for when they were bred. Even a not so close look at a Pitbull’s muscular build, compact low to the ground (lower center of gravity) huge head and powerful jaw will tell you it wasn’t bred to sit on you lap and eat bon bons.
      You’re right, it’s not the Pit bulls fault, it’s just another example of selective breeding for a purpose.

      1. smarter dog owner says:

        your wrong too idiot.. they were bred as cattle dogs

      2. S. Richards says:

        Did you know the Pit Bull Terrier was once the symbol of our armed forces. It was held in a place of honor in our society. What a dis-service we are doing to such a noble breed. Yet the Mike Vic’s of our society get a slap on the hand and all is forgiven. He gets to continue to make ungoddly amounts of money and still influences young people. He even has the gall to want to get another dog! And for the record, Pit Bull Terriers were not bred for fighting. They were bred to protect cattle and livestock from predators. Not all breeders look for the aggressive qualities. A responsible breeder looks for comformation and intellegence. I wonder what dog will be on our hit list next?

      3. mary n says:

        I am pointing out some “breeding points”

        Hound dogs, for instance, were bred to go into fox/rabbit holes and flush/kill cute little bunnies & foxes. Now, I’ve owned 4 bassett hounds on top of my current pit bull and frankly, my 1st bassett was agressive when it came to certain things – I’d be more leary of her around people than my current dog. Hound dogs pick up a scent, go after it, and if it seems like a threat, they go after it, especially if it runs away. I have had enough experience with those long squishy cute long eared beasts to know what I’m talking about.

        Labs are the most popular breed – do you honestly think the media is going to go after those dogs? They are trained for hunting, etc., and guess what? Once they get their game on, watch out – they can be agressive, too – my friend has several that she trains for that very purpose.

        And Dog Owner: just for the record, my pit would happily sit in someone’s lap and be fed treats because she’s a diva. she’d lick you within an inch of your life if given the opportunity, but the worst thing that would happen is you’d need a towel to dry off afterward.

      4. sareena says:

        Yes, it actually DOES change 200+years of breeding.It IS possible to breed OUT the type of dog agression that it was bred into in the first place.

        And I don’t know what you are talking about…ALL of my pits have been lap dogs.But prefered chips to bon bons 😉

    5. skysky says:

      Certain breeds are capable of killing people and pit bulls are in that group.
      All dogs in that group should be considered dangerous.
      I have dogs and it’s my sole responsibility to ensure the safety of those around me.
      If I can’t do this, then I don’t have the right to own the dogs.
      End of story.

    6. diane says:

      owners of protective breeds simply do not bother to train the beast. it is clearly the owners fault. they are all wonderful loving creatures to their owner. but one must realize and take responsibility for the fact that they will naturally respond to any thing they in their doggy minds will process as a threat to those they love or their territory.
      The owner must come to terms with their responsibility if they own a protective bread of pup! .

    7. Arany says:

      Pitbulls have attacked police cars and chewed the tire off. Pitbulls have killed their owner’s kid, attacked a neighbor child. Loving and friendly? Stop kidding yourself.

      1. sareena says:

        Pit bulls owned by IDIOTS.Look at the facts and stop kidding YOURSELF.

    8. Dale says:

      Nonsense….see above comment. Pit bulls are by FAR the breed with most attacks on humans in the US. This is a fact. Regardless of whether the owner is good or not, these attacks wouldn’t have been possible in the first place with the particular breed. Sure, there are some responsible gun owners too, but your chances of getting SHOT increase exponentially by owning a gun, Pure logic.

      1. Joel says:

        Dale, that’s completely false. We don’t know which breeds are responsible for the most attacks on humans. The data doesn’t exist. In 2008, 316,000 Americans went to emergency rooms for treatment related to dog attacks or dog bites. Of those, 9,500 had to stay overnight for care. But we don’t know what breeds are responsible for those attacks. Period. We don’t keep records of it.

      2. sareena says:

        Dale, with that logic, every goth kid is going to shoot up their school and every kid that was molested will being a child molestor.

  4. happily married says:

    oh well ! pit bulls will be pit bulls right? I mean here I am walking my wife’s 3 year old dachshund! ( don’t judge me! love my wife!) some one around the corner opens his door , and this animal comes running at this poor excuse of a dog, and goes straight for his throat! no barking!just out for blood . got reaction to a few seconds; brought him up to my arms!and think I saved my marriage even though I got nasty bite! on one arm, I diid kicked it in his ass ! ( I am a big man not fat just big, S.O.B says to me afterwhenfinally calls this animal back!” dogs will be dogs” basterd next time if ever?I got a cattle prod!NOT for the dog! but for the owner.

    1. Diane says:

      Typical a**hole pit bull owner. These owners need to be euthanized. I hope you sue him for the bite you got. Thank God you and the dog weren’t seriously hurt.

  5. ben says:

    why is it you only here about pitt bulls and rottys yes your right Mr or Miss or Mis s. duff we never here about labs or dane or any other dogs its because pitts and rotts just have a bad name. I have a rott and a pitt both dogs never bit or even came close to attack no person or no dog I work very hard to keep both dogs in check its the people who make these dogs into something that thay not if these people train these dogs right we will never here about these attacks

  6. Valerie Cao says:

    DUDE Cataldi Park is NORTH San Jose! Not east! We’re not in the ghetto area please get it right -____-

  7. CalBear says:

    Not sure why the “officials” are recommending that people carry sticks or canes. Carrying a heavy stick or cane with the intent to use it for any purpose other than stability while walking has the potential to be prosecuted as a felony crime under California Penal Code 12020.

    Criminal prosecutions have found that sometimes-useful objects (like baseball bats) are outlawed depending upon the time/place/destination of the person, any alterations of the object, and other facts that show the possessor intended on using the object for dangerous, not harmless, purposes.

    Carry a baseball bat or a heavy stick on a walk with the intent to ward off dangerous dogs, and you could end up being charged with a felony for carrying a weapon classified as a “billy.”

    Very few items of self defense are permitted under California law. Dog walkers might want to carry pepper spray instead, which is legal to carry in CA if the container is less than 2 oz. I’m just troubled that SJ Animal Services are suggesting that people do something that is possibly a felony under CA law.

    Proceed with caution.

    1. Diane says:

      Wow, I had no idea carrying a stick or club could be illegal. That’s ridiculous if you’re carrying it to DEFEND yourself (and your dog).
      My last dog was a big, sturdy, 100-pound lab/rottweiler mix, and once a little pit bull attacked him–out of nowhere that pit had my dog on his back and had her jaws on my dog’s throat before I even knew there was a problem. I WISH I had a fricking club. Instead I had to reach in with nothing but my bare hands to try to save my dog, and so did the pit bull’s owners. It is only by sheer luck that none of us got bitten. And sheer luck (my dog had VERY thick fur around his throat) that my dog wasn’t killed. If I had had a stick I would have used it for sure, and I would DARE any effing law enforcement to charge me with a felony for protecting my dog against a vicious dog attack.

  8. Tony B says:

    Carrying any kind of stick, rod, bat, walking stick, etc. to use as a club or bludgeon is a felony in California. Nice to know they want us to break the law.

  9. Steve says:


    California weapons laws are absolutely insane. Perhaps KCBS should do a story on them…and address the issue in the above story

  10. Brandon says:

    Funny how the Bay Area lefties running the local media have NO CLUE about ethical reporting . . .

    CARRYING A STICK IN SELF-DEFENSE IS A FELONY IN CALIFORNIA. Carrying a loaded handgun concealed is only 2 misdemeanors; and carrying a SWORD or MACHETE openly is PERFECTLY LEGAL!!!

    1. Diane says:

      That is good to know. So instead of a stick, people should carry a machete for self-defense while out walking. And a machete will be a lot more effective than a stick anyway…



  12. Voice of Reason says:

    Carrying a heavy stick or cane with the intent to use it for any purpose other than stability while walking has the potential to be prosecuted as a felony crime under California Penal Code 12020.

    Just an FYI

  13. Brian Fobroy says:

    Seriously people, do NOT carry a club or stick. You will very likely be arrested and charged with a misdemeanor and possible a felony.

    Teaching moment? California weapons laws are a confusing mess that need reform. Where else can a little old lady carrying a cane be charged with a felony?

  14. Bill says:

    How about a can of bear spray attached to a long heavy walking pole?

    1. Erik says:

      Would not be legal. Those are >2oz in size. See how messed up California Weapons laws are? Take a look at the CPC beginning with 12020 and ending around 12076. I promise it’ll be an eye opener. To quote CalBear from another site we’re both on,

      “That’s what happens when legislators base entire sections of the penal code on what they saw in West Side Story and Lethal Weapon. If you’ve ever got a free Saturday and plenty of hair to pull out, try reading the penal code weapons chapters. It’s like reading a fantasy novel written by a group of Tom Clancy wanna-bees with the legal and language prowess of kindergarteners, and absolutely no working knowledge of weapons beyond what they saw on the big screen. “

      1. Nick says:

        Erik is wrong. Bear spray of larger sizes is perfectly legal to own and carry for defending against animals when the manufacturer has registered it as a pesticide in CA (as most manufactures have done to utilize this exemption). Contact the manufacturer to verify they are registered as a pesticide with the state before purchasing.

      2. Erik says:

        no nick I’m not. Its legal for carry in parks and wilderness areas. In the city a DA would posit that you were carrying it for defense against 2 legged varmints and prosecute. Plus there’s the walking stock aspect. Read the penal code again and look at the SJ DA’s prosecutorial history before trying to call someone out. You WILL get someone arrested.

  15. Chris says:

    Very nice that the ‘officials’ are suggesting that people, in order to protect themselves, commit felonies by carrying clubs. This is a blaring example of the inane maze of ‘feel good’ laws that serve no other purpose but to dis-arm the law abiding populace and prevent their self-defense from attackers large and small.

    You’d be better off if you carried a concealed pistol without license. That’s only a misdemeanor and you’d likely fare better against any attacker than a ‘stick’.


  16. Ben Chong says:

    Nothing said about carrying a club. The recommendation was to carry a cane (totally legal) or a stick e.g. walking stick. Baseball bats and police whips are illegal. That’s true. In any case, it’s a question of intention.

    1. Tony B says:

      You’re right, intent is what’s important. Carrying anything, even a cane or a crutch, with intent to use it as a ‘billy’ IS a felony as far as penal code is concerned, whether it’s just in case of a wild dog or not.

  17. ROXY says:


  18. Nick says:

    This is very important! Do NOT do as these so called officials have advised! Carrying a stick or cane for the purposes of self defense is a FELONY in California (PC 12020). Even carrying a concealed loaded handgun is not a felony. DO NOT CARRY A STICK, CANE, BAT, OR ANY BLUNT OBJECT FOR THE PURPOSE OF SELF DEFENSE IN CA FOR ANY REASON EVER EVER EVER! Openly carrying a sword or large fixed blade knife is legal in CA, which would be your best alternative. A large folding knife can also be carried concealed, another good option. Pepper spray or taser are also legal options. DO NOT COMMIT FELONIES EVEN IF OFFICIALS SAY THEY WILL LOOK THE OTHER WAY.

    1. Nick says:

      Just to clarify, any blunt object such as a stick, cane, bat, etc used for self defense is classified as a “billy” by the state. Possessing a billy is a wabbler felony charge in CA under Penal Code 12020.

  19. Rob says:

    “As a result, officials advised all pet owners to carry a cane or stick when walking their animals.”

    So “officals” are advising people to commit a felony(under PC12020).

  20. Witch000 says:

    Let me tell you a story about Pitbulls. I have two Pitbulls, family dogs. My granddaughter was born. One pitbulls will swim in our pool the other wil not. We had the baby, newborn in our pool. The pitbull that does not swim ran from side to side of the pool crying for the baby. She finally went into the pool swam to the baby. touched her nose to the baby and got out of the pool. Then laid there until the baby was out. Our dogs are protective BUT our kids can lay in the middle of them NEVER have they even looked at us or anybody wrong. It is the way the dogs are raised. Pitbulls are no different than any other breed. They are stero typed

  21. slugger says:

    my dog was attack by two pitbulls that were running loose thank God she live, but I carry a baseball bat with me if I:am walking my dog. I hate pits they should all be kill!!!

    1. sareena says:

      Your dogs should be killed.

  22. Dan says:

    Diane knows what’s up. Thanks for your level headed comments. At least some people get it!!!!

  23. Di says:

    Instead of asking the public to carry a stick, should not the leash law be enforced? Fine the sons of a gun who don’t want to leash their dogs. I love dogs and have several, just because they are tame around me does not mean they will be with others.

  24. Lanka says:

    Pit Bulls are the worst breed on the planet. I hope they do get banned from the area that i live in and for good!!!!. I have an 18 month old baby that i take on long walks and im always scared and cautious of dogs especailly pit bulls because of all the horrible attacks that are reported. All you proud and Ignorant PB owners are ridiculous!!!!

    1. tony says:

      my rediculous foot will be in your ignorant ars before any such ban is put in plase!

      1. Linny says:

        Seriously…. stop… you’re giving the pit bull haters more ammunition – you know, that a lot of owners are ignorant/uneducated and those are the most dangerous ones.

    2. sareena says:

      How would you like it if the Government put a ban on having kids because they could turn out to be a serial killer or rapist? how would you like it if someone took your 18 month old away?

      You need to stop reproducing.We don’t need anymore morons in this world.People like YOU should be banned.

      I doubt you even know what a pit bull looks like.Just another knuckle head jumping on the band wagon.

  25. mary ferreira says:

    I know several pit bulls that are loving,gentle wonderful dogs. I have also known many dogs of other breeds that were aggressive and a danger to be around. I do not believe that it is always the owner that is at fault,some dogs like people are just not good creatures. I also know that there are people that think teaching their animal to be aggressive makes them (the owner) look “tough” and “cool”. Idiots abound everywhere,go figure.

  26. Marc says:

    After being attacked several times by unleashed pit bulls, I did my research and I have a three level defense. Emphasis on the word ‘defense’. I refuse to stand still and passively be bitten as the officer suggests. First I carry an umbrella. This is not to hit the dog, just slow it down. Next I have a mini-spray bottle with a mixture of ammonia and tabasco. I’ve never tested it (yet) but there is substantial anecdotal evidence that this will repel any dog without causing permenent damage. Finally I have pepper spray. This is for the owner who attacks me for actively defending against the dog attack. Supposedly, the pepper spray is useless on the dog because it’s too misty – the attacking dog just jumps right through the pepper spray.

  27. Lanka says:

    If any dumb owner tries to attack me for trying to defend myself or my son from a vicious, aggressive and might I add UGLY dog (PIT BULL) I will have no problem using the Umbrella, stick, Tobasco mixture, Pepper Spray or Machete to KICK SOME *&%$#@!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. diane says:

      I understand the mother lioness feeling and response. but they are just dogs. simple as that. they do have a strong prey instinct, which is the owners responsibly to control.

      unfortunately many owners of protective dogs do not have the sense to properly train their pet.

  28. Nickolas Robinson says:

    Um, that was not a 66 year old woman…

  29. Matonote Matute says:

    I walk my Chihuahua leashed every day. Some pitbulls are very agressive not all of them . So I pick the dog when we see one. Many are unleashed. Fortunatelly I don’t have to carry a stick or cane. I have my trusty glock 24 40 cal ready tuck in my jacket pocket and loaded with fine grade 180 gr hollow points by Hornady. No pitbull can take one of those without loosing his whole head. So leashe your pits or see them perish Haha !

    1. bob says:


      “Don’t try to run. Don’t stare at the dog. Just try to look away and stand still. At some point, the dog is just going to go away,” he said.

      Now that is just plain dumb! How in the hell am I supposed to aim if I look away. My .45 works just fine when aimed properly.

  30. bob says:

    Pit Bulls should not be allowed to breed with their owners….

  31. JOHN says:

    I carry a gun. That way I can shot the pit bull and the owner at the same time!

  32. Lorraine says:

    It is kind of funny that this article is on the web today…about 4 or 5 years ago, this very date, it was a BEAUTIFUL day at It’s Beach in SC and everyone had their dogs off leash. All the dogs were being really social and playing with one another with one exception. Some A-hole with an un-neutered Pit-bull was letting it run up and down the beach causing mayhem while he was out skim boarding. We kept watching the dog and sure enough it attacked an un-neutered German Shepherd. I thought I was seeing a dog killed as the Pit had the German Shepherd on its back with his teeth locked on its throat; the German Shepherd had completely stopped trying to defend itself. The German Shepherd’s owner, who was an older lady, and the crowd that had gathered were trying to save the dog but the Pit would not let go… I ran over with the metal pole from my beach umbrella and handed it to a guy who started hitting the Pit across the back with it…after the 3rd or 4th whack the Pit let go. The owner of the dog had no clue what was happening and some angry people went to find him…he got angry with all of us for “hitting” his dog and then went further down the beach to continue his day with his dog still off leash. The German Shepherd was shaken but OK.
    Moral of the story: dogs will be dogs BUT owners need to ensure the safety of others around their dogs to their fullest.
    I love Pit-bulls, I think they are a beautiful breed BUT they can and do kill. IMO people should have to have a license to own them AND if they want them to be used as breeders (keep them intact) they need to have a “special license” which entails not having them off leash in public. I am also a student RN and I personally don’t need to see another 1yo with his face half eaten off by a Pit-bull.

  33. ALBERT says:


  34. charles sand says:



  35. gaijinpl says:

    Saying that a pit bull is the same as every other breed of dog is a lie!

    That’s the same as saying that a hound isn’t better at tracking, or a retriever isn’t better at fetching, or a shepherd isn’t better at herding.

    Dogs are bred for specific traits… that is what makes them dogs and not wolves.

    Pit bulls are bred or aggression. Period. The dogs AND the owners are the problem.

  36. gaijinpl says:

    That should be “Pit bulls are bred for aggression. Period.”

  37. Mountain Lion Owner says:

    To all pit bull owners: My pet is a mountain lion. Don’t complain if my pet some day bites the head off your pet.

    1. sareena says:

      If you really do own a”mountain lion”, then you are a moron.That is aWILD animal that belongs in the wild.Not locked up.

  38. Irma says:

    its not the breed its the owner and if you shoot my pit, i will come after you w/everthing i got!!!
    and the idiot of the 18 month old, if you see any DOG pick up the brat!!!

    Half of you people writing are ignorant and are just blaming the dog; little dogs are WORSE but b/c they are small people think they are cute – I had a 5 lb dog in class w/my pit and it was always going after my pit and the owner thought it was cute and would say ‘look at the little dog going after the big dog’ she finally got a clue when I told her I would NOT call my dog off of hers if she attacked

    EVERY DOG can turn – its not just the pit – so for you idiots w/the guns who are threatening the dog and the owner – BRING IT ON your dumb southern inbreed!!!

    1. gaijinpl says:

      It IS the breed. When you “breed” something, you do it for a reason. Pit bulls were bred for their aggression and strength.

  39. irma says:

    Every dog should be on a leash regardless of the size

  40. Joe says:

    The law needs to fine and jail the dog owners of any dogs involved in attacks. This will make the owner more responsible.

  41. Joe says:

    Question: What was the reason behind breeding Pitbulls? that’s all you need to know.

    1. sareena says:

      easy money.all the pit pups you see on craigslit are back yard breeders all to make a quick buck.

  42. Panama Red says:

    My English Spinger Spaniel once crushed a 2″X4″ with it’s mouth. What is a stick going to do???

  43. fdsfsafa says:

    Pit bull’s are NATURALLY more aggressive, but people shouldn’t forget that these traits are generalizations. It is not the breed’s fault that they are this way. People just need to be careful and ALL dogs need to be leashed, even the puny Pomeranians. It’s just a sad fact that owners of pits tend to be negligent and allow their pits to be off-leash in public places. A lot of the pits I’ve encountered have been really mild-tempered and friendly. It’s not IMPOSSIBLE to have a cuddly pit, it’s just less common.

    I agree with many of you above. It is the owners’ faults because they tend to be people who want that fascade of looking hard so people don’t want to mess with you and they don’t know how to train their dogs. Pits need extra training and socialization because of their temper. People forget that or don’t even try to get to know the breed they choose.

    Maybe those dogs need to be relocated if those type of owners choose not to spay/neuter, train, or leash their dogs. ANY dog, not just pits. And if anyone sees an owner that does treat their dog as such, they need to be reported and checked out. It just may clear the name for pits and save many of them too.

    1. Tyson says:

      They can have a tendency to be naturally more DOG aggressive. Plenty of them like other dogs, but it can be hit or miss. But i’m sure we’ve all seen plenty of other breeds that don’t like other dogs. Leashing and being a responsible owner can take care of that. They are terriers so they can have a high prey drive. BUT it takes work to make them aggressive to people. The actual number of pit bites to total dog bites every year is very low, you just hear about a lot of them.

      Every pit i’ve ever met including my own have been extremely friendly. But every one i’ve ever met also has a good owner. I agree with you about the idiots who want them to look hard, but they don’t need extra training or socialization. Every dog needs lots of training and socialization. They’re just dogs, if you don’t spend time working with them you have more of a chance they won’t be good.

  44. B. says:

    Many Pittbulls are bread for fighting or often neglected. I have a family member with one and she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, in fact, I can stick my face in her dish while she’s eating and she’ll just lick me senseless. It’s sort of like children–raise them without discipline, proper guidance, right from wrong, etc… and you’ll be picking them up from the police station every time they go out. Children, guns, animals, etc… are all responsibilities at the adult/parental/owner level. One dog I wouldn’t own is a German Shepherd! They are severely ill-tempered, unpredictable, and hard to train–that’s why cops use them in a K-9 unit?

  45. I says:

    B – I so agree w/your comments
    ALL dogs are like kids, if you don’t take care of them and treat them w/love and respect then you end up w/a brat that will cause you headaches and greif

    I too can stick my face in my pits face when she is eating and she licks me and when ever we’ve gone to the dog park which we do NOT anymore b/c of mean puny dogs she is always bullied by other dogs (labs, etc) so yes all dogs can be mean
    A german shepherd K9 dog attacked its handler and killed another dog and another officer had to shoot it, we didn’t hear that in the news everyday w/an ugly picture of a gs – nope we only hear about pits and pit mixes – I want to know what the “mix” is

  46. Mary says:

    I own the most loving and adorable pitbull named Charlie. He has a sister which is a Boston Terrier named Lucy. He would never ever hurt anything, dog, cat or person. I think it is sick that you guys blame the breed in whole. I had a neighbors dog once who was a winser and he consistantly killed cats but I am not seeing any of you baging on that breed. It is up to the owners of Pitbulls to be responsible and aware of there dog. It is up to any owner to be reponsible and aware with their dogs even if it isn’t a Pitbul. Little dogs yap and nip and bite and people call it cute and mildly annoying. Think about it people there are bad people just shouldn’t have any dog…. not dogs who souldn’t live. PS Charlie was a rescue dog now he is a Good Canine Citizen and works as a thearpy dog with elderly and children.

  47. susan h says:

    that’s right blame the dog, not the moron human owner. animal control continue to drive where the property values are up & continue to avoid those areas that are dumps. make it a case of race, not a case of doing the right thing. pathetic.

  48. wcmillionairre says:

    Only a firearm will stop a pit bull.

  49. sarcasm says:

    Black males are very likely to commit crimes and have a 30% chance of ending up in jail at some point in their lives. Just saying.

  50. me says:

    smarter dog owner
    your wrong too idiot.. they were bred as cattle dogs
    April 20, 2011 at 2:22 pm

    – you’re the only idiot here. they were bred for bull-baiting not cattle hearding. don’t insult the intelligent hearding dog breed by mistaking pitbulls for them.

  51. Joe says:

    If German Shepherd are hard to train, why do the police use them? They must be easy to train. I don’t see them using other dogs or pitbulls.

  52. scared of dogs forever says:

    carry a cane? id rather carry a gun! if a pit bull attacked me a little cane wont release its grip on my leg i still have scars from the time my cousins half pit half lab bit my leg it wouldnt let go and it was a puppy

  53. I agree with the one person–to heck with a stick, if a large dog attacks you or your child, use a gun. Blow its head slam off. If the owner doesn’t like it–well, they can learn to control their animals better.

  54. Dale Paris says:

    When being met by 2 angry pit bulls, a cane or stick is not going to work very good. I’ll taker my chances with my firearm. Even if having to keep it unloaded until needed, it is still 1000 times better then a cane.

    1. taxidave says:

      Agreed, carrying a stick or club as a weapon is illegal. An unloaded open carried sidearm with ammo on the side is legal.

  55. Chris says:

    I love the menacing caption they always put with the picture to help demonize them. It is absolutely a people problem, not a dog problem. A people problem stemming from bad owners, a problem from bad media, and a problem of stupid people believing everything the media spews out. How do we even know these were pit bulls? Sounds they were seen by one person, and most people have no clue what one looks like. I know that stories have been written about attacks by mutts that have been labeled pits. I have a very loving pit at home, and I constantly have to tell people what kind of dog he is.

    I do wish that there was more regulation over breeding because when done irresponsibly it can lead to dangerous dogs with any breed, tho i’m not sure how it could be enforced. It’s just unfortunate that it appears that the most irresponsible breeders enjoy breeding pits, especially in the bay area. And the media enjoys writing about it more here than anywhere else.

  56. Jody says:

    I so agree with you! There are some REALLY idiotic comments being made here. People, and the media, are so quick to judge, label and promote misinformation. It’s all about sensationalism, as shown with this story! Like you said, most people can’t even accurately identify an American Pit bull Terrier (since “pit bull” is not even a breed!). The news media is constantly getting it wrong. I have had three pit bulls and they all have been very different looking. The one “purebred” APBT was always getting mistaken for other breeds. As I read some of these hateful comments being left, I look at my sweet little 38 lb. pit bull laying ON MY LAP and I just wish people could see her and realize that dogs are individuals just like people. They should not all be demonized based on the actions of some, just as groups of people should not all be characterized based on the actions of some.

  57. HooDatIS? says:


    1. Jody says:

      Probably a good thing you gave it away. You sound like one of the irresponsible owners that are causing so many problems. You had a lack of training problem, not a dog problem. My pit bull chews things up too, out of anxiety when she’s left alone. A responsible and loving owner, deals with the problem through effective training methods. It takes time and patience, if you’re not interested in spending time on your dog, then you shouldn’t have one. Get a fish.

    2. sareena says:

      If you payed attention to your dog, it wouldn’t have chewed things.idiot.

  58. Ed M says:

    Wow i didn’t believe it, but the courts have recently affirmed that normal objects like sticks, pens, bicycle locks are actually illegal even to posses, if (or they can prove) you intend to use them as a weapon, even just to defend yourself (look up people v fannin (2001))

    I’ve got friends who are always going on about self defense not being a recognized right in california, except for police officers, and I’m beginning to see their point.

  59. Nickolas Robinson says:


  60. Marc says:

    Well, I don’t care if your dog is a pit or not (although all of my incidents/attacks have been with off-leash pit bulls). If your dog attacks me, I will end the attack. I have a device to slow the dog attack down; I have a chemical repellant to disable the dog without permanent damage, and I have pepper spray for you in case you attack me physically because you’re unhappy that I actively defended against the attack from your dog. So I think we can all live in peace, If you can control your dog, all will be fine. If you cannot control your dog and the dog attacks me, neither the dog nor you will win that battle.

  61. Ilana Enns says:

    I live in Monterey and a pit bull attacked my mini dachshund, with no warning at all. When you see it happen in front of you it changes everything. My dog was rushed to 2 vets before we went to UC Davis vet hospital, where he had reconstuctive surgery on his nose and his jaw, and is missing his front teeth. All the vets said that most of there cases were due to pit bulls. This is a breed that is breed as fighting dogs to kill. Other dogs are not trained to kill or fight.
    They were even trying to adopt this pit bull out, I can’t even imagine if a family with a child had gotten it. And they tried spraying things into the pits eyes and nothing worked.