SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – The Bay Area economic impact of the NFL lockout is a tale of two cities. San Francisco stands to lose millions of dollars, while Oakland could actually come out ahead.

KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department counts on 49er games at Candlestick Park to bring in between $4 million and $5 million each year. If the NFL lockout cancels games, it could knock the department for a major loss, according to General Manager Phil Ginsburg.

“It’s possible that the strike won’t result in any lost games, or it could be one game, or two games,” said Ginsburg. “We’re obviously paying close attention to it, and we’re working within the city family to make sure that there is no hit to direct services in the Recreation and Parks Department.

Ginsburg said the net loss would probably not exceed $3 million because the city would save money on maintenance and cleanup.

In Oakland, Raiders games actually cost the city more money than they take in because the Raiders’ stadium rent doesn’t come close to covering all the other costs borne by Oakland.

Oakland spends about $5 million a year hosting Raiders games, and only gets about $500,000 back from the team in rent. This means that not having to open the black hole that is the stadium could help put Oakland in the black.

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Comments (4)
  1. CFL says:

    Oakland dose make money durring Raiders Games, it coast $25 per-car to park in the parking lot & about 20,000 cars park per game, people take BART & Cal-Trans to the games. People stay @ the Hotels & eat & shop on Hegenberger Rd, teams fly to the Oakland Airport to face the Raiders, not to mention the privet parking lots and the street venders, the consecution stands, & the 1000s of people from Oakland and the Eastbay who work durring Raiders game who would be unemployed if the lockout continued. This story is not totally true, not indepth at all . This story seems to have a political agenda to make the Raiders & Oakland look bad.

  2. Doug Middleton says:

    $20 HAAAA! $33 last game i went too, and the lot was half full. JPA can kiss my white ass.
    and so can Doug Sovrn. lower the gate fee and i may go to more than one game a year.