SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – San Francisco Police Chief Jeff Godown and Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White have suggested some sobering cuts to their respective budgets to close the city’s $306 million deficit.

Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White reluctantly proposed brown out at four fire stations. Stations in the Chinatown, the Mission, the Richmond and the Tenderloin would be open only half the time to save $5 million.

“Not something that I’m advocating for,” she told the supervisors Budget and Finance Committee on Wednesday.

“But if you’re looking for additional solutions, these are what we’ve come up with,” she said.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

The Police Department has another $11 million to cut from its budget. Police Chief Godown said 171 officers could be laid off if the department doesn’t agree to waive a scheduled pay increase.

“Every creative idea is on the table,” he said.

That would mean fewer foot patrols and mounted police, as well as cuts in the canine unit, the gang task force, the narcotics division, and community relations. District station hours would also be cut.

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