SAN JOSE (KCBS) – The San Jose city council’s move to dramatically restrict the number of medical marijuana collectives should greatly reduce the crime and violence associated with some of the unlicensed clubs, said Police Chief Chris Moore.

Moore predicted a dramatically changed landscape after the council vote Tuesday to cap the number of pot clubs at 10.

“Some of the violence associated with some of the clubs will diminish,” Moore said, as the city’s code enforcement division notifies the estimated 125 clubs in the city they will have to apply for permits to stay in business.

KCBS’ Mike Colgan Reports:

Moore said many of the existing clubs’ operations violate Prop 215, the voter-approved initiative legalizing medical cannabis in California.

The city has asked the U.S. Attorney’s Office for advice on how the Obama administration’s current guidelines for enforcing federal drug laws will affect the San Jose permitting process.

Meanwhile, Moore said he must grapple with how a smaller police force will enforce the city’s medical marijuana law. City code enforcers will handle zoning violations, but criminal violations will fall within police jurisdiction.

“The reality for us is we are going to see fewer officers on the street available for investigation, so any additional work load is going to be difficult,” Moore said.

He expects hundreds of officers to be laid off because of the city’s $150 million deficit.

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Comments (5)
  1. Mark says:

    Why doesn’t the City of San Jose recognize the cash cow that staring them in the face! With the city’s $150 million dollar deficit looming and impending police layoffs, they have the opportunity to cash in on a multimillion dollar industry. They have imposed an additional tax but now want to limit access to 10 collectives. Same old story here. The city’s leaders leading us down the road to destruction. Simply said, “You need to give a little to get a lot”. Stupid politicians!

  2. psyche44 says:

    So they are complaining about lack of funding for more police to crack down on the violence caused by mellow users. I’t not like they are doing crack. Regardless, they are complaining about lack of funding so they restrict their tax base. WE DON”T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY SO LETS REDUCE THE INCOME SOURCE. Oh and while we are at it, let concentrate all the cash, it makes it easier to rob.

  3. mrwilli says:

    Would someone please direct me to a local news clip involving violence at a local medical cannabis collective. The city should work with this community to find ways to take advantage of the boost to the city’s infrastructure and economy. Maybe the medical cannabis industry can generate enough income to San Jose to actually save police jobs! But then again, we certainly can’t have that…

  4. psyche44 says:

    So buying for a licensed REGULATED collective is more problematic and costlier to enforce than Johnny down the street. OK it makes sense, lets buy cartel canabis that may be funding who know what and is laced with who knows what because SJ wants to reduce it’s tax revenue.

  5. dr. kush says:

    wow…a failed attempt at trying to capitalize on the budget shortfall. horrible planning and leadership…