SAN JOSE (KCBS) _ The only trains rolling into the Diridon Train Station now are CalTrain and light rail, but in a few years there will be Bay Area Rapid Transit and possibly even high speed rail.

Transportation expert Rod Diridon Sr., the man for whom the station is named, said that would make it the busiest train station in North America.

KCBS’ Matt Bigler Reports:

”It can be a wonderful interchange point, allowing people to move from high speed rail to BART to CalTrain, if it’s done right,” said Diridon, who adds that will take a lot of planning.

A city council committee has approved a draft of the Diridon Station area plan, which San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed says takes into account parking for HP Pavilion.

”Parking is critical to that because they’ve got to get a lot of fans into the building, and they’ve got to park a lot of cars,” said Reed.

Parking will be at a premium if the A’s are allowed to build a baseball stadium a few blocks away. The city is planning for a stadium, even as the Giants hold onto their territorial rights in Santa Clara County.

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  1. Roxy Jimenez says:

    I was under the impression the state and city is broke

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