OAKLAND (KCBS) – After a chorus of passenger complaints the past few years, Bay Area Rapid Transit officials said Thursday they are ready to spend millions to clean up the transit system’s rolling stock.

BART’s chief spokesman Linton Johnson acknowledged the agency focused on safety and an on-time schedule, despite customer satisfaction surveys indicating riders were fed up with the filth.

“They’d love to have on-time and clean trains. Something had to give in the past. It was cleanliness. Now we’re going to try to give them both,” he said.

KCBS’ Bob Melrose Reports:

The agency will invest close to $4.5 million in cleanliness.

Johnson said the budget to be voted on in June calls for seats to be replaced every three years and 15 part-time workers to be hired for station maintenance.

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Comments (12)
  1. Jenny says:

    In order for Bart to have cleaner trains they need to keep the riff raff off. The homeless and drug addicts live on these trains. I see them sleeping and sometimes puke all over the place. I see them eat and leave their garbage, mostly fast food trash all over the seats and floors. They are very foul and unclean. Bart seems to welcome these lowlifes. I have several outfits that even the cleaners can not clean from accidently sitting on other people’s waste. This used to be a fairly clean form of public transportation but Bart doesn’t seem to care anymore.

  2. Mike says:

    shouldn’t they get rid of the fabric seats and just put in metal/plastic seats that are easier to clean. sure, they’re less comfortable, but you wouldn’t have to replace them every few years.

  3. Mr. Clean says:

    I have been on many BART trains that are filthy and full of trash. For some reason the BART operator can easily see and spot a bike in the wrong train while he’s going to work but not a homeless person who’s either sleeping or drunk while kids are around.

    The seats are filthy, the windows are nasty, and overall there is not security on those trains. We’re lucky we don’t have those types of thugs like they do in ATL or NY who go on trains and harass good citizens. Yet.

    1. BART smells like FART says:

      I saw these 2 trailer trash couple eating sunflower seeds and spitting it to the floor. I saw at least 3 times these “african american” harassing people for change…and if you don’t give it, they start yelling at you.

      How the hell these people get through the pay gate? is it really that easy to get in without paying? if so, I’m going to do the same because I’m tired of paying almost $10 R/T to get harassed…I might as well go to a strip club and pay another $10 to get harassed in a good way…

  4. keren c says:

    i agree about plastic seats vs. fabric ones. go to asia and all the subways are really clean…but the seats are plastic and therefore easy to maintain.

  5. Joe says:

    I’m okay with plastic, but to me, a durable vinyl (or similar impervious fabric) over some sort of cushion would be nice – like the Metro-North trains in NYC. BART goes longer distances than the MTA or MARTA does.. hard plastic gets uncomfortable after a while. Keep getting rid of the carpet though. Can anything be done about the noise inside the trains – ESPECIALLY going through the tunnels? Deafening!!

    1. Richard Armstrong says:

      Yes, the incredible noise comes from poor rail maintenance. Once the rails are profiled, that horrible noise goes away, but it only lasts about five years or so, then they need to be re-profiled. There’s a huge machine that does that, and it’s spectacular to watch it go to work.

  6. PTOWN says:

    I get on the train in Pleasanton to SFO train at 5:30a and there are homeless people already on them….how does that happen?? I completely agree with the earlier comment regarding the operators who can spot a bicyclist from 7 cars away but they cant seem to do anything about the homeless people on the same car they’re on.
    I’ve sat on a seat that stinks so bad from the earlier occupant that it sticks to your clothes.

    1. Richard Armstrong says:

      Yeah, I reported those filthy people, but the response from “management” was always, “There’s nothing illegal about being smelly or dirty.” Some of them could empty an entire car because of their smell… it was that bad. The train operator has their hands tied. The people “on the dark side” in management don’t ride the trains.

  7. Rich-Enb says:

    I agree with earlier comments about the homeless but there are also just daily riders that eat and drink on the trains. Bart needs to inforce the law and penalize those who eat on trains. What can you tell me about them people who like to read the newspaper on the train and just leave it behind once they’re done. So besides the homeless issue, we as daily riders need to follow the rules as well.

  8. Jerry says:

    Would it be possible for people who have to do “community service” to do the cleaning?

    1. Richard Armstrong says:

      There’s a union problem with that.