LOS ANGELES (CBS / AP) – Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s housekeeper threatened to go public with their alleged affair because he fired her, according to online reports.

Schwarzenegger admitted Tuesday that he fathered a child by a member of his household staff more than a decade ago, but did not name the woman with whom he had the affair.

Celebrity news site Radar Online reported Wednesday that the woman’s name is Mildred Baena, and that the actor and politician fired her four weeks ago in order to save his crumbling marriage.

However, the Los Angeles Times reported that the 50-year-old maid retired earlier this year after working with the family for 20 years.

TMZ has also reported that Baena is the mother of Schwarzenegger’s 14-year-old son.

The boy, who was born out of wedlock, was a secret to Maria Shriver until earlier this year.

Schwarzenegger reportedly purchased a four-bedroom home for Baena in Bakersfield.

The woman was not at the Bakersfield home when scores of reporters and photographers arrived, with satellite TV trucks filling her quiet street and spilling onto another one.

Jackie Rozo, who identified herself as an adult daughter of the woman, said her mother had worked for Schwarzenegger until recently. She wouldn’t elaborate.

Schwarzenegger’s office declined to discuss whether the woman is the mother of the former governor’s child.

A photo of the boy posted on the woman’s Myspace page shows a fairly strong resemblance to Schwarzenegger, particularly when the actor-bodybuilder-politician was younger.

“If I saw him or his picture, I would see the resemblance,” next-door neighbor Marilyn Steelman said. “But if I just saw him on the street, to say, ‘Wow, Arnold’s son?’ No, I would not say that.”

Residents of the street of fashionable, relatively new homes sporting red-tile roofs and two- and three-car garages said they didn’t know if the woman’s son was fathered by Schwarzenegger.

Steelman told The Associated Press that after moving into the neighborhood about a year ago, the family told her the woman worked for Schwarzenegger and was planning to retire soon.

Until about 2 1/2 months ago, Steelman said, the woman was rarely home except on weekends, and said she lived during the week in an apartment in the Los Angeles area, 100 miles to the south.

Charlene Powers, a real estate agent who represented the seller of the home, said she was told it was being purchased for an employee of Schwarzenegger, and that he was helping her with the down payment. She also said the family took out a Federal Housing Administration loan to purchase the home for $268,000, with a down payment of $219,224.

Real estate records at the county assessor’s office make no mention of Schwarzenegger’s name.

Steelman said the woman, her husband and 13-year-old son have been fine neighbors.

She said the boy often walks his dog, a white poodle named Sugar, in the neighborhood or plays basketball or swims in his family’s backyard pool.

“He’s a wonderful kid. Such a nice young man. He’s respectful of people and property, very courteous. He’s very intelligent. He’s just a kid you want to be around,” she said.

Schwarzenegger, who recently separated from his wife, Kennedy family heiress and former network journalist Maria Shriver, acknowledged Monday that he fathered a child with a former employee more than a decade ago.

He and his aides have declined to release her name or any details beyond a statement in which he apologized to his wife and four children with her and asked for privacy for his family.

Schwarzenegger has said Shriver didn’t learn the child was his until he told her after leaving the governor’s office in January.

The birth certificate for the Bakersfield woman’s son shows he was born the same week as Schwarzenegger and Shriver’s youngest son.

Shriver, who has declined to discuss the matter since issuing a brief statement Monday, made a brief walk-on appearance that day at a taping of one of Oprah Winfrey’s final shows, telling the talk show host she has “given me love, support, wisdom and most of all the truth.” The show is expected to air Tuesday.

One person familiar with the situation said the former governor has been humbled and embarrassed by the ordeal.

“It’s been very, very hard for him,” said the individual, who requested anonymity out of respect for the family’s privacy. “He’s embarrassed. He’s not focused on what steps he needs to take for himself, but the steps he needs to take for his family.”

The incident returned to the public’s attention numerous allegations made over the years that Schwarzenegger was a notorious womanizer.

Shortly before he was elected governor in 2003, the Times reported allegations from more than a dozen women who said he had groped them or made unwanted advances. He apologized at the time for having behaved badly in his younger years, and went on to win election in a landslide victory.

Schwarzenegger biographer Joe Mathews said the public shouldn’t have been all that surprised by this week’s revelations. Mathews quoted the former governor’s own words, “where there’s smoke there’s fire” while acknowledging the groping allegations in 2003.

There had also been rumors on the political circuit for years of a Schwarzenegger out-of-wedlock child, Mathews said, although the accounts could not be verified until now. The author of the 2006 book, “The People’s Machine: Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Rise of Blockbuster Democracy,” noted that both Schwarzenegger and Shriver were careful to parse their words when they addressed the womanizing allegations in 2003, never issuing an outright denial.

“She didn’t come out and defend him and say he’s a faithful, great husband,” he said of Shriver’s defense of her husband. “She said he’s a person who is really smart and really wants to do this job and has a lot to offer California.”

Perhaps more telling, as early as 1999, Mathews said, Schwarzenegger, who was then considering a run for governor, called aides together in Los Angeles and, rather that discuss possible political positions, railed against the impeachment of President Bill Clinton for his sexual liaison with Monica Lewinsky. If that was the way politicians’ personal lives were exposed, Schwarzenegger told them, he might not seek office, Mathews said.

Since leaving the governor’s office earlier this year, Schwarzenegger has indicated some interest in continuing in politics, perhaps becoming a spokesman for environmental causes, including green energy development, one of the issues he worked hardest for as governor. Mathews noted that Schwarzenegger hasn’t flatly ruled out a run for U.S. Senate either, although he speculated it would be hard for him to get elected now.

The former star has also made it clear he wants to return to Hollywood. He recently announced plans to play himself in an animated TV show called “The Governator” and is scheduled to begin filming this summer on “Cry Macho,” a film drama in which he would play a horse trainer. The former world bodybuilding champion is also in negotiations to reprise what is arguably his most popular role, as the relentless killer cyborg in the “Terminator” films.

(Copyright 2011 by CBSSan Francisco. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Wire services may have contributed to this report.)

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  1. cas says:

    if your going thow it all away at least do it for something hot..wow arnold just wow

    1. Icarumba! says:

      she looks like a nacho libre wrestler with a joker mask on!

  2. McD says:

    What a pig….the housekeeper is ugly tooooooo

  3. whathappened says:

    Is that the best he could get

  4. Captain Obvious says:

    Gotta love those good old fashion Republican family values! Go Arnie! You’re a true slimeball.

  5. Yuck! says:

    Is she an illegal?

    1. Anyone home in there? says:

      Um…pretty sure this is about Arnie andnot an immigration story. That would be that other fine upstanding Republican, Meg Whitman!

      Gotta love you folks who have room in your tiny little minds for only one idea at a time!

      1. Hello?? says:

        Gotta love folks like you with tiny little minds to even respond to such nonsense.

    2. proud hispanic says:

      what does being an illegal have to do with the affair and child???? hellooooo just because she looks hispanic doesn’t make her illegal! :s

      1. jl says:

        She probably is…LMAO

      2. 'Proud!! hehehehehehe says:

        You want to make a bet?

  6. Captain Obvious says:

    What does that even mean??!? Are you suggesting that we “embrace” Arnold for his slimey act of infidelity and dishonesty because it’s between a man and a woman and therefore somehow “natural”??

  7. Karma says:

    This report says, “She retired earlier this year” But yet Ahnold fired her 4 weeks ago. This doesn’t add up. Was she fired or did she retire? What type of retirement money does she collect. No more hush money from the former Gov. Since there is nothing to hush about.

  8. voodoo says:

    I think she set him up and when the hush money stop, she threaten to go public. He beat her to it..ha ha
    She did not let him know until the boy was a toddler, so he could not have taken care of the situation when she got preg. That is a set up.

    1. BL says:

      No, the set up was Arnold unbuttoning his pants. She did not rape him.

      1. Peter the saint says:

        No, she did not rape ahhnold… BUT– everyone is vulnerable at times… so, if she WAS pursuing him (a known “duuuude”), as alleged, and then encouraged him to “drop his seed” (numerous times probably), well… she is more adept at politics than even he is. Which is why everyone should stay away from politics. It’s disgusting what is required to run our country. Stay away — far far far away!!!

  9. kc says:

    That’s her now, what about 15 years ago?
    And I’d bet he was focusing on her chest.

  10. Anonymous says:

    That’s enough about our former governor! The media and the general public should just leave him, his ex-maid, and his ex-wife alone because this whole “Schwarzenegger love affairs” story that was portrayed by the media is really blowing WAY out of proportion. So can we all please forget that this story ever happened and just respect our former governor, his ex-maid, and his ex-wife’s privacies?! I know some of you can just ignore me and get away with still discussing about that story publicly. Well that’s critically enough, you drinkers, because there is nothing to see here, so please move on and just focus more on Jerry Brown and our economy.

    1. MrBluster says:

      I agree. This IS 2011, not 1611.

  11. Gaia says:

    “perhaps becoming a spokesman for environmental causes, including green energy development, one of the issues he worked hardest for as governor. ”

    What’s he going to do? Recycle his 13 Hummers?

  12. JaneQPublic says:

    I totally agree with Anonymous – Enough already with this ‘story’ and the uncouth remarks from ignorant people with no life of their own to focus on.

    The ONLY people who need to deal with this NOW are the immediate parties and their families. Let’s have the decency to give them privacy at this really difficult time of their lives.

  13. mike says:

    Why go with ungly one?. Many more pretty in this world…Only $$$$$$$$$$$ needed……..

  14. Ferozan says:

    What is his son’s reaction? When did he found out that he is his father?

  15. dean says:

    God damn she is so fu-ken ugly!! Is she llegal to even fu– an governor? Arnold are you fu–en stupid and blind, you MF!! Your going to be broke bro!!

    1. MrBluster says:

      You’re a real Einstein, huh?

  16. Chunky Junk hahaha says:

    Doin the Help…
    Way to go Arnold!!

  17. Peter the saint says:

    Schwarzeneggerism? Yes! “We” have a house in Brentwood…. YOU get a house in BAKERSFIELD!!!” hahahaha. The last gasp of Austrian, Wagnerian, Hitlerian, Teutonic Schwarzeneggerianism… it’s Teutonizationism!!!!! 😀 I’m sorry Patrick and sibs, yes, please, change your names to Shriver. Quick!!! It WILL help you in your futures 😀

  18. Dr. Pepper Fan says:

    She got SPERMINATED!!!!!

  19. Andi says:

    All I can say is ” Arnold doesn’t have any taste !!!!!!”.

  20. AMY says:

    Why are people surprised ? It’s not all about looks.She must have something that attracted ARNOLD. Maybe her FLESHY BOD AND BOSOM .WOW,I feel terrible.I am making myself blush with my comments. REMEMBER CAMILLA and PRINCE CHARLES ? I REST MY CASE.

    1. MrBluster says:

      Yes, but Prince Charles is no Sir Galahad either!

  21. howcreepy says:

    This news infuriates me because we were told this man had issues with women BEFORE he was voted into office. Yet, people still voted for him. I wonder if he had an affair, or if he sexually assaulted her and she got pregnant. Other women have gone on record and said he assaulted them, so why not her?

  22. Bill says:

    He tossed his marriage with Maria on the trash heap for THIS? I’ve seen
    prettier dumpster fires.

    1. MrBluster says:

      Man, you people are shallow!

      1. M says:

        And you’re not?

  23. anthony says:

    i hear he wants to go back to hollywood and start a new reality show called the spermanator

  24. mom123 says:

    Looks like she had some cosmetic surgery on her face.

  25. Roxy Jimenez says:

    ow gross with arnold….. yuk….

  26. CC says:

    Maybe it is time for the children of these men and women, two to decide how adultery should be dealt with.
    I doubt very much if the kids like it.

  27. sowhat says:

    to maria and the children, be strong. you gave this woman a job in your home and this is what you get in return that home wrecker.

  28. Still Good in a Not so Good World says:

    Sperminated and eventually terminated? Ms. Baena maid her bed, and even lied in it. Shame on both she and Ah-no. If he wanted to get his freak on, he should have at least asked for a legal separation. It’s very hurtful when the woman is the last to know, and Maria will always wonder if they slept together in the same bed that she and horneynator slept in. Maria, you deserve better.

  29. G. says:



  30. gacarval says:

    Maria how can you be so blind? You ad to know; You had to see the obvious signs Why did you permit it in your own home??

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