GILROY (KCBS) — A registered sex offender from Gilroy, accused of killing a Chihuahua puppy, could spend the rest of his life in prison under California’s “three strikes” law.

On May 12, Bud Wally Ruiz, 52, showed up drunk at his wife’s house in Gilroy. When she told him to leave, he packed up some things, including the six-week old Chihuahua he had given his wife for Mother’s Day. When she told him to leave the puppy, he allegedly threw it against the wall, killing the puppy instantly.

KCBS’ Matt Bigler Reports:

Ruiz is now facing two counts of animal cruelty. Because of prior conviction, these felony charges could put Ruiz away for life if he’s tried under the “three strikes” law, which imposes a mandatory sentence of 25 years to life on repeat offenders charged with violent crimes.

San Jose lawyer Steven Clark said this is not a case the defense will want to take to trial.

“The defense is going to have a tough time because jurors take animal cruelty cases very seriously and they’re not very sympathetic to people who harm animals for no reason,” Clark said.

Ruiz’s wife is defending her husband, saying the killing was an accident.

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  1. BOB says:

    jlmmy PLEASE get help. Your NUTS!!!!!!!!!

    1. Gary Steele says:

      What about his nuts?

  2. VR says:

    WASTE OF TAX DOLLARS! Our system sucks!
    Three strikes should be for offenders who are a danger to our community! I understand it was an accident or perhaps intentional but to serve life? Send him to do community work/ anger management but life in jail is way over board…

    1. Cindy dour says:

      He should up drunk, did he drive away drunk? If so, lock up him up!

    2. al says:

      no way you creep! If he could do that to an innocent puppy he could do that to a baby or person! He is done. lock him up throw away the key!

    3. al says:

      umm…this guy is a pure sicko and should not be out amongst civilization. he is a registered sex offender too!

  3. nancy says:

    He’s a sex offender. That alone should have already put him in prison for life.

  4. jr says:

    if one is capable of killing an innocent animal because he can’t control himself, what else is he capable of? … third offense and a registered sex offender? lock him up!!!!

  5. Dixie says:

    VR, what makes you think he is not a danger to our community? He is a registared sex offender, having a prior conviction of lewd or lascivious acts with a child 14 or 15 years of age.. He can be found on I certainly wouldn’t want him around my child.

    1. Vr says:

      I understand his history.. we dont know the details about his prior crimes… PLUS if was a danger he should have REMAINED in jail or served a longer sentence… OUR TAX dollars should not pay for such a crime… where is Michael Vick? He served his time and his animal cruelty crime was way bigger… America should help the criminals who commit crimes with therapy or put them to work for free… Some criminals need therapy instead of spending life in jail… We all get angry and sometimes can get out of hand… but if we seek help I am sure we can learn to control the problem. LIFE in jail is not going to help the situation at all… I would rather my tax money contribute in a different way… SCHOOL SYSTEM…! KEEPING our streets cleaned… whatev!

  6. VR says:

    Plus why are we so worried about his past criminal record? He paid his time and debt to society… The crime NOW is not for a life sentence!

  7. Lori Portales, MSW says:

    Very typical of a man who is considered a “batterer.” Very typical of the spouse to stand up for her puppy murderer. The wife should also have consequences for failure to protect the puppy. Can you imagine if they had a child? The child could have been thrown against the wall. More than likely the spouse would have chosen the perpretrator over the child. Happens every day! Then we tax payers foot the bill. Batterers committ these acts to cause great psychological harm to the spouse by destroying someone she loves, her puppy. This man is a moster and the situation was not an accident.
    Lori, MSW

  8. Gary Steele says:

    And we wonder why the prison guards’ union is the most powerful in the state. Aren’t there enough people in our prisons for things like this? Let’s find some other way to punish people who do things that don’t amount to murder or rape. I know, I know, it’s a cute puppy and he shouldn’t have killed it. He’s a monster. But if he got out after a sexual assault rap, going back for life for killing a puppy is nonsensical. He should not have gotten out (unless he served his full sentence). At the rate we’re going, we’ll need to reopen Alcatraz, pack it up with prisoners, then maybe build a prison colony on the Big Floating Garbage Pile in the Pacific Ocean.

  9. liloldlady says:

    He shlould be locked up. Even though the puppy died instantly there was a second where he felt the pain. That poor little thing. And, has been said, it could be a child next. As a sex offender he shouldn’t be wsalking around anyway.

  10. G. says:


  11. DirkaDirka says:

    Time to put the tinfoil hat back on. Anyway you have it wrong. Its the BATF that do things like poison dogs, not the FBI they do arsons.