SAN JOSE (KCBS) – San Jose State University is honoring two students who were killed earlier this month by establishing scholarships in their memory.

Cindy Caliguiran and Kyle Williams were gunned down by Caliguiran’s husband in the 10th Street garage on May 10.

“A tremendous number of people have come forward since supporting a scholarship fund for each student,” said San Jose State University spokesperson Pat Lopes Harris. “So we’ve gone ahead and established those funds and we are accepting gifts. There are a tremendous number of people stepping forward.”

KCBS’ Mike Colgan Reports:

Harris said the university will also confer posthumously accounting degrees for both Caliguiran and Williams during commencement ceremonies this weekend.

“Both Cindy and Kyle were among our best and brightest students. Both were honors students,” Harris said. “Cindy also participated in a Sbona Honors Program that we offer to our business students, really our best and brightest.”

Both were on schedule to graduate with honors this Saturday.

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Comments (3)
  1. Humormesilly says:

    Weren’t they part of some love triangle? Why are they honoring people like that?

  2. truth6 says:

    I agree with humormesilly…it’s unfortunate that they passed away, but it’s also unfortunate that they didn’t respect the relationships they were in.

  3. sickofidiots says:

    humormesilly & truth6 – They are being honored because they were SJSU’s best and brightest. Get your facts straight before leaving rude and insensitive comments, or better yet, don’t leave a comment at all. Quit acting like you knew the victims because you read rumors from other idiots who are claiming they were involved in a love triangle.

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