REDWOOD CITY (CBS SF) – It was en elaborate heist that nearly paid off, big time. An ATM repairman swapped out fake bills for real cash, police said, getting away with $200,000.

The phony $20 bills coming out of some Bank of America automated bank machines last July 4 didn’t fool anyone. They were printed on a photocopier and stuffed into the ATM by a serviceman, who took the real money and fled, according to investigators.

“He went into seven of these machines, took the cash out and replaced it with counterfeit, and not sophisticated, just simply taking some bills, placing them on the Xerox machine, cut them up and put them in its place in the machines,” said Steve Wagstaffe, San Mateo County District Attorney.

The real money, $200,000, was on its way out of town, along with 64-year-old service man Samuel Kioskli, police said. Two weeks ago, Kioskli, of San Francisco, was arrested in Phoenix.

He was facing charges in court in Redwood City on Wednesday for stealing from six ATMs in San Francisco and one in Daly City.

He was nabbed in a traffic stop because he ran off without telling his wife.

“Reported as a missing person, he went into the ‘Wanted Persons’ category. Then of course the investigation followed up and they said, ‘Well maybe he isn’t just a missing person.’ And that’s what led them to say ‘Well there’s a good person to target as to who might have taken the money,’” said Wagstaffe.

Wagstaffe said the customers all got their money back, but the Bank of Americas’ $200,000 is all gone.

“He’s not a 21-year-old. This man was in his sixties, and he suddenly decided to flee the area to go for a new life. The why of it is the answer we hope to get in the proceedings,” he said. “He did get 10 months of a new life, we’re not fully sure what that new life was, but it certainly satisfied him down in Arizona I guess.”

Kioskli has pleaded not guilty to four felonies, including commercial burglary and embezzlement, and is being held in lieu of $25,000 bail. He’ll be back in court again on May 31.

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  1. Bloodhounds says:

    Glad he’s in San Mateo and not SF. San Mateo County prosecutes!

    1. john says:

      what long hair make him look like a criminal. give me a break bigoted idiot. So every one has to look just like you if not then you just start your judgment.

      1. dgsdgf says:

        hey John are you still gay?

      2. Dave says:

        What does long hair have to do with Bloodhounds comment?

      3. john says:

        Yes I am. Thanks for asking.

      4. longhair says:

        yes you beat neck druggie

      5. keith wren says:

        the long hair did it for me as well… Definitively guilty!

  2. The Cold Hard Truth says:

    REALLY!!!! I mean he looks so honest in his photo! I’m shocked.

    1. PeepleOurStoopid says:

      If this was a story about saving puppies you would say how kind and caring this man was. Think about it.

      1. trwert says:

        is this a story of him saving puppies? No so your liberal propensity to speculate on what someone else would do and then treat that as fact is (as usual) meaningless drivel

      2. dumb says:

        your a dumb Pollock

      3. isnrblog says:

        “Your” (possesive) a dumb Pollack”?? I are a Pollack and I ain’t dumb.

      4. Rick says:

        Dumb, he’s no where near the intelligence of a Pollock.

      5. Gomalio Fung says:

        A “pollock” is a fish. Did you mean “dumb POLAK”?

    2. Gomalio Fung says:

      Sounds like none of you are all that bright.

      1. KP says:


  3. Gerry says:

    Silly Samuel, had you been a politician or a banker you probably would’ve gotten away with 100x as much money.

    1. Pigs will die says:

      100 times? Try 10,000 times. Do you even realize how disgustingly wealthy these people are?

      1. Jack says:

        pigs will die..your text betrays you. You are apprently some dumb jerk who will always be JEALIOUS of succe$$ that other people manage to aquire! The world does NOT owe you a living! Move your ass, you can aquire wealth, these people DO NOT stay at home and play games all day!If all fails, you could try to be an ATM repairman.

      2. Andy says:

        The problem is the ones who only made 10,000 times as much often did earn it – by not being a loser like ‘pigs must die,’ but the ones who made even more by stealing it used the government and get people like ‘pigs must die’ prosecuted for existing so that the cops leave the real criminals – the ones in charge – alone.

        If you doubt this, read the recent article about the ‘special’ 0.01% interest loans the treasury and federal reserve made to Goldmah Sachs but not to Lehman Brothers right when the collapse happened that bankrupted Lehman and enriched Goldman.

      3. solo_poke says:

        How many people involved in the wallstreet scam/bailout are in jail? They print stories like these for propaganda purposes.

        This guy’s only mistake was not taking more money and taking off to Cuba. No pat downs, no highway stop checks, and more freedom then in the US these days.

      4. Atom&Yves says:

        solo_puke LOL ‘Smatter? Envious, but too lazy to rob an ATM yourself?

      5. greyfox says:

        Hey! “Pigs will die” The only difference between you and the “disgustingly wealthy”
        is that they have money and you don’t. You must be an Obama, share the wealth,
        follower. We need more like you and we can all wallow in poverty.

  4. David Maynard says:

    But he was just righting a social injustice…Much like the rest of the socialists in California he thought that if the money was not his then that evil Bank of America shouldn’t have it either…so he simply conducted his own ‘redistribution of wealth’ plan. Liberals… and the Liberal state… get what they deserve

    1. Sean inCa says:

      Ha. Ha. Ha.

    2. jojo says:

      When politicians take your money, it’s called taxes. When they spend it on themselves, it’s called investment. When they’re caught, it’s all a mistake and misunderstanding.

    3. Neber Ben Offendhedt says:

      dats right

    4. Godzik says:

      The bank WILL recoup their temporary losses. They are insured against such losses. The insurance co. will file suite against Sammy’s
      employer. After all is said and done, the CONSUMMER WILL PAY for Sammy’s fling. That is the reality of BIG BUCK$ in action.

    5. ByteRider says:

      Amen, Dave…

    6. solo_poke says:

      I see you wear your ignorance like a badge of honor. You are free for a pat down at the airport, and paper check on the freeways, while banksters rob everybody blind.

      I bet you think when unemployment goes up, its because a whole lot of people decided to be lazy at the same time.

      1. David Maynard says:

        No, the unemployment rate goes up when liberals punish the evil business owners, who have worked an ungodly amount of hours to build the business to be able to employ Americans, by “redistributing” their wealth through extreme taxation and increased fees. All because, for some reason, the socialist liberals think that the lazy should inherit the earth while the hard workers are bankrupted and made equal with the least common denominator. Remember, without employers… aka… evil business owners, there would be no unemployment rate because there would be no employment only a tyrannical dictator who decides when we are allowed to eat or move about our country.

    7. JDB says:

      Just learning from Obama and the democrats.

    8. SpreadThe Wealth says:

      He didn’t do anything near as bad as the FEDERAL RESERVE does to us EVERY DAY. Their thefts are in the billions. Stupid Evil Bank got what it deserved, I hope he had FUN in Arizona for those 10 months!

      1. MARIO KENNY says:

        this^ I have no pity for BOA or any bank he should have madeoff with more and he should have been more cunning.

    9. Abdul says:

      Typical teabagger remark!! 😀 LOL

  5. Don Bailey says:

    What I don’t get is why did he put fake bills in the machines? Why not just take the loot and scoot?

    1. cracker says:

      Well, this is just a guess, you understand,,BUT, It’s kinda’ like spitting on the floor in the court room…………during your trial.

    2. Al Phresceaux says:

      Just guessing – The machins sense the stack of bills and report that they are getting low, so the fakes would buy some time to make his rounds and get out of town.

    3. SpreadTheWealth says:

      Because…it’s FUNNY? And the photocopied versions are probably worth as much as the greenbacks if not more, once you factor in the cost of the electricity the Xerox machine used.

  6. Justin Naugle says:

    Why is this a problem. They should just stop prosecuting people for stealing cash all together. I mean what is the real harm. The Federal Reserve will just counterfe…eeer I mean print more money anyways, right?

    1. Peter says:

      Your a thinking man, Justin.

      1. Sean inCA says:

        That’s you’re…….

    2. David Maynard says:

      That is the truth.. I hear that they counterfeited another 29 billion last week. Wish I could get away with that.

    3. H says:

      Very wise. Abolish the IRS ,Leave us alone and just print away. Worthless fiat money. Read The Creature from Jekyll Island.

    4. TE Driver says:

      Paper of equal value. Where is the problem?

      1. ByteRider says:

        Lol! You have a point, TE.. the fake bills are probably more valuable than the real ones– especially in light of today’s economic news.

  7. bubba says:

    hope and change! world net daily dot com. obummer’s bc a fraud

  8. IvanK says:

    The Bush & Obama Administration has robbed it’s citizens out of a couple TRILLION dollars and I don’t see too many people complaining about that huh?

    1. Peter says:

      You are as ignorant as your name implies.

      1. Ignoramus says:

        How do you figure, Peter? IvanK sounds spot on to me… Printing money with no backing devalues the currency, and thus surreptitiously taxes anyone holding the US dollar. How is that not stealing? The Fed are not elected, so it amounts to taxation without representation.

        You, sir, are rather ignorant yourself. What say you?

    2. Sean in CA says:

      Right on! While everyone else was watching American Idol the fed, wall street and bankers were looting everyone’s home equity. The mindless trolls know nothing about how we were ALL ripped off, yet they can name the starting lineup of the Yankees along with all of Jeter’s personal stats in their sleep. Ignorant fools deserve their fate.

      1. PHILLY JIM says:

        tex, cano, jeter, A-Rod, Martin, Granderson, Swisher, Gardiner, Posada,and im a Yankee hater, but what does that have to do with anything..
        is knowing sports and following whats going on with the government,fed, wall street, etc mutually exclusive?

      2. Sean in CA says:

        People ignore what’s really important, that’s my point.

    3. solo_poke says:

      Try 27 trilllion, why do you think the accounting section of the pentagon got hit on 911? To burn the evidence.

  9. Jason says:

    It’s Geddy Lee!

  10. Peter says:

    The paper he put in the machines was worth as much as the paper he took out. What is the complaint. They should be arresting the bankers who allow for the use of the counterfeit money from the Fed.

    1. H says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Just paper. Read the Creature from Jekyll Island, and learn how our government and the Fed are robbing us working people blind.

  11. SockRayBlue says:

    Since the pay is so high I think he was just readjusting his paycheck.

  12. RVT1K says:

    Samule Kioskli – Blackie Lawless

    Separated at birth?

  13. Brett says:

    Wow those black guys just don’t want to work, huh wait a minute?

  14. Eric S. says:

    Why was it so hard to figure out who did it? When an ATM serviceman stopped showing up for work the day after the money went missing, shouldn’t it have been obvious? Why did they need the tipoff from his wife?

    1. David Maynard says:

      Because it is Cali and San Francisco… they can’t possible accuse anyone of wrong doing.

      1. Brad says:

        Good one!

  15. tylerjake says:

    He looks like someone related to San Fran’s beloved Pelosi!

  16. welrdelr says:

    They did not know until his wife reported him miissing ?
    Seven ATMs and no video tape ???

  17. Brandon says:

    Umm, Ok why would you not leave the country?

  18. Hank Warren says:

    Jail for stealing from banks but no jail for bankers stealing from people, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  19. j14401s says:

    Now this was a story waiting to happen. I’m shocked that it hasn’t happened before. What an opportunity for a real counterfeiter to make some bucks.

    1. surfwriter says:

      Its possible that it has happened before. If the counterfeits were good enough, people would have taken their ‘cash’ from the ATM and spent it. It would only be noticed weeks later as the phoney dough made its way back to the bank….

  20. Rags says:

    Only difference between this guy and Nancy Pelosi is that Nancy gets away with stealing from citizens—and calls it lawful. You people in SF are clueless.

  21. JERRY says:


    1. Jim says:

      What a thing to say! Being from SF, he would be a #1 employment pick!

  22. Citizen says:

    Hey San Franciscans… Don’t Steal… Nancy Pelosi hates competition.

  23. tim says:

    aw more silliness out of california

  24. Rick Ramey says:

    “Does this look like money? Money be green!” — D’Angelo Barksdale, The Wire

  25. sean patriot says:

    People are so dumb to the law in San Fransicko, because no one there has any laws to follow. This aging drug addled hippie clown prolly thought it was ok

  26. Eino says:

    $200,000? He actually thought that was enogh to ‘Start a new Life’? Maybe as a crackhead.

  27. Alison Aguilar says:

    It’s not this man’s fault, it’s our fault. He’s a victim of society. Besides, he got a new job redistributing wealth to the poor. This government is beta testing a new plan to make seniors work for their social security payments.

  28. Billie Blood says:

    dumb gay bestid.
    he shoulda scored swag bills,
    20 cents on the dollar,
    and he coulda stayed in business forever.

  29. Fed Watcher says:

    The biggest thieves in the country work for the Federal Reserve (a private banking cartel). They rake in billions everyday from money they loaned the U.S. That money materialized out of thin air (printing presses), but now we taxpayers are stuck with the bill.

    Get rid of the Fed Reserve. Put control of our money supply back in US Govt hands.

    1. John Galt says:

      I agree with your sentiment, however, other than the military, what has government run correctly? So why give the rats the cheese factory?

  30. Stevie Ray says:

    What’s the big deal? The photocopied money is worth about the same as the federal issued notes.

    1. me4u2nv says:

      True that…. Funny.

  31. dn32844 says:

    Well, a petty thieve took some from a big crook. Let him enjoy it, to HELL with BOA.

  32. nomadic conservative says:

    He’s simply taking Obama’s wealth redistribution plan to the next, logical level.

    1. dave says:

      Exactly, dude wants his share for his vote. I mean every other low life that voted for him, expects their rent or mortgage paid, gas in their tank and anything else that they feel they are entitled to.

  33. me4u2nv says:

    She might be pretty cute if she would shave off that facial hair…..

    1. Russ says:

      Tha’t’s GrandMaMa Obama, can’t you tell?

  34. opel says:

    “Party on, Wayne…”

  35. gator says:

    What I find really sad that you get more time for stealing money than killing someone.

  36. steamboatwz says:

    He looks like a low-life !

  37. Josh from CT says:

    His wife ratted him out. Guaranteed. Media lies.

  38. Greg Pasquariello says:

    Why don’t these people remain in the country, begging to be caught?

    1. Greg Pasquariello says:

      Whoops… why DO these people remain in the country, begging to be caught?

  39. A.J. Domini says:

    Rampant Liberal Greed is the cause of his actions.

  40. Jack Rabbit says:

    pretty much the same thing govt is doing, copying money and puting in in circulation.

    1. Russ says:

      Yes – he’s not a counterfeiter, he’s an “unregistered mint worker”.

  41. John Dough says:

    Ten months for $200,000…
    $20,000 per month (if caught) is better than playing the ponies or buying lottery tickets to support bankrupt public education. Where are ATM repair schools?

  42. Fakey says:

    Guess our boy never heard of Costa Rica.

  43. john says:

    the liberals will use this as an example of why taxes need to be raised. The guy ran off with the money. He didn’t use it to start a business and hire people. He just took it and ran. So liberals look at this as normal behavior and equate it to people who earn money honestly. They say if those earning over $250K per year are not taxed higher they will simply “run off with our money”. The reality is this ATM thief is likely a Pelosi voter and his actions are not normal. In reality you could argue that left wing nuts are less likely to start businesses and hire people and therefore should have their taxes raised. Right wing producers should have their taxes cut if they grow their businesses and hire people.

    1. solo_poke says:

      You have a bad case liberalitis, dude. Its long past libs and cons its banks against the rest of us, wake up.

  44. len says:

    he wasn’t even smart enough to leave the country.

  45. Mark says:

    Looks as if Ozzy Osbourne has fallen on hard times!!!

  46. Scott says:

    Actually, the photocopied Bills are currently worth more than American dollars, so in reality Bank of America owes him interest on the loan.

  47. firstpoppa says:

    Well he’s way past claiming a “mid-life crisis”.

  48. Kenny C says:

    Those people in Washington print funny money…He’s just trying to help out…

  49. Malachi says:

    Good for SF!!!! Libs get a taste of what the liberals do to the rest of us!!!!!

  50. Mark Richardson says:

    He steals $200,000.00 and the bail is $25,000.00???
    That sounds like a pretty good deal.

  51. Derrick says:

    Looks like a trustworthy guy.

  52. Armed Texan says:

    This is what happens when hippies are allowed to hold real jobs.

  53. Darrel says:

    Sounds pretty much like what Geithner and Obama are doing on a national level.

  54. Molon Labe says:

    How is this any different than what the Federal Reserve does on a daily basis??

  55. The Economist says:

    “Wagstaffe said the customers all got their money back, but the Bank of Americas’ $200,000 is all gone.”

    Really??? ‘Cus, uh…. you know, the bank will recover the loss by passing it along to its customers in the form of higher fees and service charges – Economics 101. In the end, BOA’s customers will in fact pay.

    Don’t believe everything you read in the paper or on the internet. Just sayin’…

  56. KLFELINE says:

    When the Federal Reserve prints money, it’s called Quantitative Easing, when we do it, it’s called counterfeiting. Take the money and run. I wish you well.

    The bank will get that money back—first they’ll get a nice loan from the fed, then that 200K will come off as tax liability then they’ll take your money, loan it to a corporation and recoup plenty on the interest.

    I have no sympathy for them.

  57. isnrblog says:

    Great police work here. The most likely suspect disappears and his wife reports him missing. He is on the loose for 10 months. So they don’t publish his picture? 200K is not going to get you far.

    He sould have pretended to be an illegal. Just get tan. Before you say anything, I like legally here brown people. Illegals of any color can go home.

    LOL…become a politician/lobbyist/wall street banker and steal 10 times that and get a bonus. It would be really funny if it wasn’t sadly true.

  58. solo_poke says:

    Good plan,lousy execution. I have no problem taking the banks for all I can, same way they deal with the public they are supposed to serve.

    No pitty for banks, banksters or anybody affiliated with WALLSTREET who does not reveal their lies and tricks.

    Banks steal all day everyday, thats where the outrage should be focused.

  59. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    This degenerate just made the mistake of thinking he too, along with the Federal Reserve, is allowed to put out a fake, fiat currency. He’s Ben Bernanke with hair.

    When they start arresting the criminals at the FED they all can share a cell.

  60. dave says:

    Another lib hippie jealous of the Obama’s and how they legally rip off the public. I mean, the bro just wanted his share, after all, where’s his cut for his vote?

  61. R Moon says:

    Too bad he didn’t inform the old Lady and he would have been free. I don’t blame this guy for trying, his crime was non-violent. He’s been working all his life for what? A $35,000 per year job, an economy that took all of his savings, a mortgage company that took his home and Trans America ruined his credit, the poor guy is 64 years old with no retirement in a Nation that will soon be bankrupt with inflation at 20%, looking at starving to death, living under a bridge. So why not take one big chance to go for the gold. At least living in prison will be better than starving on the streets.

  62. Winged says:

    I find the vast majority of these comments lacking in material. You claim the banks are stealing from the common man, but you bring no instance to mind. So why don’t you stow your assertions until you can properly present reason and proof to back them up. I work for a bank and can assure you that the retail banking buisness is far to competative, and far to costly to rip off our customers in any way. What say you?

  63. Digitalbob says:

    Your cellmate Tyrone is going to want you to wear that hair in pigtails.

  64. USNSPARKS says:

    Why didn’t the Secret Service charge him with counterfeiting? No mention of that was made anywhere in the story. Last time I looked making copies of legal tender was a crime.

    What the heck is a “beat neck”? Is that anything like a beatnik? The extremely low
    writing skills of more and more posters is really sad. Government/union education at it’s finest.

  65. Ronald says:

    counterfeiting too, WHat a loser… Take all his money, his house, anything he has., send him to a chinese prison

  66. sw says:

    I hate bank of america , as long as the customers got their money back I could care less, Bofa deserves to be ripped off,.

    1. Jerseymac says:

      Do you mean “couldn’t care less”??
      Or do you really feel that you could care less??

  67. SandyfromMO says:

    He looks like he could be part of obama’s Weather Underground.

  68. Jerseymac says:

    The spelling and use of the English language in these rants makes me take none of them seriously.
    If you want to post something, then at least do a spell check before you post.
    Even then, that won’t help you idiiots with your 4th grade grammar.
    Posts by you jerks are just a waste of space!

  69. SkyRoller says:

    When he was done taking the cash, but before he made a dash when he was done with it, he shoulda just filled the machine up with…

    Shhhhaaaaving Cream, Be Nice and Clean Shave Every Day and You’ll Always Be Keen!!!

  70. Rudy Sandoval says:

    What? Time will he do? At, his age, what will he get? A TAX PAID RIDE! In JAIL, so no gun used. The real cash is gone FOREVER! Sounds, like A movie to me!

  71. Comment says:

    So he replaced funny money with funny money….where’s the crime in that?

  72. Philistine says:

    In every respect, a small version of Madoff…

  73. spartanbeat says:

    This article has a definite ring of untruth about it. He hit 7 ATM’s. By the time he got to the 7th, someone from the 1st would have reported that he got bogus bills from his ATM. So maybe he left a few real bills down in the bottom. For argument’s sake lets say three days.

    Now. If you were the first policeman on the scene, who would you suspect? “Who had access to the machine?” you would ask.

    Why the creepy repairman. He has access.

    Really? Well I suspect him. Let’s call him. Well I’ll be. He’s not home. His wife says he’s missing.. Jeez what a beeeeotch. Do you have any records of when the machines were last serviced? And do you have any security tapes???

  74. Al says:

    He should have waited, soon the photo copied paper will be worth more than the $20 bills

  75. UrsusRexx says:

    …He looks like Sarah Palin’s campaign manager! The case sounds like Mitt Romney’s treasurer! I love ‘Family Values’ types!

  76. Duncan says:

    He was only trying to provide for his fast approaching old age…..; NOW…, he has his housing and food taken care of….., mebbe his sex life also !!!

    See..?!! Everything works our in the end……

  77. tiliyeah says:

    he has plead not guilty, next it will be his mothers fault, and his father raped him..or he was abused by his wife..and his employer was about to lay him off…or better yet not fit to stand trial, it’s always some body eles fault…creaminals dont ever accept responsiblity.

  78. Randy4 says:

    Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but an “A” for effort. Is from San Fran so drugs likely involved, thus a slap on the wrist and tax funded recovery.

  79. greyfox says:

    Why did he rob ATM’s? Cause that’s where the money is.