ANTIOCH (KCBS) – Copper wire continues to be snatched from the East Bay city of Antioch this year, and that’s translating into a big problem for Pacific Gas and Electric – considering how much the utility relies on the material.

Since the first of the year, 300 power poles have been knocked down in Antioch. The wiring contained on and within the poles was subsequently ripped off.

KCBS’ Bob Melrose Reports:

Stealing copper wire is nothing new, but Antioch police describe the recent spate of incidents unusual.

PG&E, meanwhile, maintains it takes $500 to repair a pole containing just dollars worth of copper.

Copper went for $1.25/lb in 2009, though the market price has since climbed to an estimated $4/lb.

Police have not identified any suspects.

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  1. Citizen39 says:

    Meth heads.

    1. Duude says:

      Sounds like a reasonable conclusion.

    2. Ben says:


      1. RAID 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVE says:

        I want to report a crime taking place at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave –

      2. Marbran says:

        Not really their style. I’ll go with meth heads.

    3. Y B Gerbil says:

      Tweakers. I lived in Antioch in 1978-1979, and its was a meth-infested hillbilly hellhole. I can only imagine it’s grown worse.

      1. Fed up tax payer says:

        You mean the same Raygun who murdered 100 people when he fired PATCO causing the 1983 Aero Mexico Mid-air in Cerritos Ca??
        NO THANKS!

      2. Armed citizen says:

        I was working there at a construction site recently. It is hardly a hillbilly hellhole, it has become a cross between a little Tiajuana and a black hood. The jobsite was ripped off on a nightly basis of anything that was secured or not. This is California’s future due to liberal control.

      3. joe mamma says:

        crash happened in 86. PATCO fired in 81.
        Piper Cub was in the wrong place…blame Reagan

        nice strawman.

      4. Shawn says:

        Fed up tax payer – are you just making stuff up? That crash was the same year (1986) as the riots in Huntington Beach. Since you’ve established that you are a liar or you’re stupid would you quit posting. Thanks!
        P.S. Congressman Weiner is looking for people to work for his PR campaign, looks like you are just the kind of person he’s looking for.

      5. JC says:

        The whole East Bay has gone to pot literally and figuratively.

        I do not think Ant-hawk-it-all aka Antioch is worth saving. However, if people want a place to call home the local police and town would be better under federal control and lock down.

      6. me says:

        Methamphetamin in 1978 huh? Thanks for the info.

      7. jayesouthworth says:

        We got the hell out of Antioch 20- years ago and haven’t looked back. Still have relatives living there–sadly they can’t move. Someday these thieves will pick up the wrong wire and get fried. Sweet justice.

    4. Fed up tax payer says:

      You can thank the sick bleeding heart liberals and their Overpopulationists buddies in the Catholic Church!

      1. Fed up tax payer says:

        Poedic justice would be for the entire Bay Area to go dark for weeks or months!

      2. KKKIRK says:


      3. henryii says:

        if only raygun would come back and give them all amnesty….that would make you happy.

      4. SacDuck says:

        Liberals and Catlickers?

    5. just2curious says:

      June 15 (Bloomberg) — Copper stockpiles in China, the world’s biggest consumer of the metal, may have dropped 50 percent in the past two months, potentially spurring more imports and higher prices.

      Increased shipments into China, which represents about 40 percent of global demand, may mean a rebound in prices that fell 9.8 percent from a record in February. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. anticipates copper trading at an all-time high of $11,000 a ton in 12 months as mining companies fail to keep pace with demand.

    6. Jawal says:

      The problem today is that we wink at crime. We need to bring back the penal code that existed in 1815. There were 120 capitol offences including theft, rape, forgery murder and counterfeiting. Bring it back and do it in public.

      1. Steven says:

        Yes – you absolutely read my mind. When a “petty” but widespread crime threatens society, then it isn’t so petty any more. Public hangings for copper theft. Seriously.

    7. Anon E. Mous says:

      Shoot first and forget the questions. This is going to be the only way!

    8. Crystal says:

      HAHA! I just thought that as I read the headline. Totally funny that this is the first comment I read.

    9. Steve Turi says:

      Booby trap the poles to shock any attempt at vandalism; put up surveillance cameras; show more police presence; San Francisco likes to ban everything, so ban people from committing these acts and enforce it.

  2. mardec says:

    California has become another Third World country unto itself. lllegal immigrants the likely thieves, and have no vested interest in CA or the US. Only here to rape the country, and CA citizens allow it.

    1. SacDuck says:

      I’ve lived and visited several of the countries considered third world and what you’re saying seems to be coming true as far as the family values and sub cultures

      1. Clark Nova says:

        Leave the third world out of this. Most third world countries I’ve been in had better family values and more honest people that the US does.

      2. olegunny says:

        My God you must be below idiot on the intelligent scale. How can anyone believe such rubbish as you are spewing. .

    2. Doug says:

      It’s not that the citizens allow it- its that we are powerless to do anything about it. Anyone can see what’s happening but nothing short of armed rebellion can stop it.

      1. Big Bear says:

        How can you be powerless for an armed rebellion unless you are unarmed? It is coming to that, I’m afraid. Martial Law. Then the criminal class which has been allowed to fester in an Epic Fail social engineering experiment will be culled.

      2. franklin says:

        Then arm yourself. Your politicians have no right whatsoever to deprive you of your Constitutional rights so arm yourselves and TAKE your state back!

      3. SockRayBlue says:

        How can you “arm” anything in California? Maybe the bears.

      4. Anon E. Mous says:

        Not as long as Obama/Holder are running this country into the ground at breakneck speed!


      And the INVA$ION continues…

  3. Regulas says:

    The new Amerika of Hope & Change. Welcome to what liberalism does to a once great and proud country.

    1. SacDuck says:

      It wasn’t the liberal that brought this to us. Remember, the conservatives have been exploiting other countries for years by either stealing their resources or helping to start wars. When ever there is an exodus, we absorb the riff. Remember how GWBush was going to accept the jews deporting several thousand palestinians into the USA?

      1. armed citizen says:

        Just as the Conservative war in Lybia. The liberals and unions in the LA and SF Bay areas have controlled this state for years, while the state conservatives either leave the state or fight the uphill battle to save our once great state.

      2. Aggie95 says:

        the civil war was begin by democrats in the south angry at the election of the FIRST Republican president.They firs succeded from the union then began a war that killed 625,000 American service men. They began the war to keep the right to own black men, women and children…
        WW I …a democrat president
        WW II ….a democrat president
        Korea …. A democrat president
        Vietnam…. Began with Truman and was blown to hell and gone under Kennedy and Johnston
        1,300,000 dead American service men and woman under democrats ….would you tell me how many war dead the Republicans have

      3. Robert says:

        Liberals have controlled California for the last 20 years. They have huge majorities in the Assembly and State Senate. They have both Senate seats, the governorship and their union friends practically wright legislation on the back of a napkin and send it to the capitol to be implemented. You and your friends own the mess that is California. Now eat it.

    2. Clark Nova says:

      It was 8 years of Reagan plus 8 years of Bush that wrecked this country to the point where it can never recover, and they did it all for their hyper-rich friends.

      1. Seeu says:

        You are fugging hilarious. And ignorant, a moron and obviously an Obamabot. Crawl back in your hole, smoke some meds and go to sleep.

      2. Robert says:

        Except you can never explain that generalization in terms of policy. It’s all just platitudes and nonsense.

  4. Archie says:

    Bet it was illegals. California does nothing about them and they care nothing for us. CLOSE THE BORDERS AND KICK THEM OUT.

  5. Chad says:

    “Stealing copper wire is nothing new”

    Yes, actually, it is. News like this was unheard of in California in the 35 years I lived there. Why? Because groups like the SEIU hadn’t yet destroyed the state and there was hope for a better tomorrow.

    Now, it’s just collect your welfare until the state goes bankrupt. These kind of crimes are the symptom of a far greater disease. And that disease has metastasized and spread from the halls of the State Assembly to the doors of the citizens of the once-great state of California.

    That Mr. Melrose is incapable of putting this in context of the Zimbabwe-ization of California is deeply troubling.

    1. SacDuck says:

      Funny, in 1976 I had the unfortunate experience of copper thief. Three of my pump relay system had been stolen, all were found on the highway with all their copper parts removed. During that wave, I also lost several hundred feed of copper piping from a shed.
      Our area was also hit by battery thief’s, particularly the batteries used at train crossing gates.

      1. John says:

        Good reminder to look both ways before ever crossing tracks!

    2. Doug says:

      It’s interesting that you cite Zimbabwe as an example of socialist failure. When it was Rhodesia it was the bread basket of southern Africa. Under the communists it has become the basket case of Africa- or one of many. It is never mentioned by the liberals because they don’t care. Their work is done there and they have bigger fish to fry.

    3. garylee123 says:

      Worked at PGE for 40 years. Saw copper stolen for 40 years

      1. Anon E. Mous says:

        Yea, garylee123, but that was done by the employees.!

  6. Ramon Leigh says:

    If I was the utility CEO, I would refuse to repair the poles and force Antioch to
    provide security. Antioch is conspiring with the thieves, seems to me.
    California is without doubt the brainless capital of the world. No wonder Hollywood is located there. Let’s all encourage California to secede from the union.

    1. Duude says:

      “California is without doubt the brainless capital of the world. No wonder Hollywood is located there. ”

      Actually, many of them have homes here because the climate is awesome. But most also have homes in states like Florida where they file their taxes. As for Hollywood production companies—–they don’t pay taxes to the state and often times not even federal taxes.

  7. Ba-rack says:

    This is what we’ve become.

  8. Eyeball says:

    Ayn Rand who wrote ‘Atlas Shrugged” foresaw all of this back in the 50’s. This is just once incident of many many to come before the U.S. economy comes to a screeching halt, unless we can get this country turned around. Obama’s spending and socialism is not the answer.

    1. Vendicar Decarian says:

      Absolutely. In fact pages 14 to 21 of her book is all about the future of copper theft in America.

      “Ayn Rand who wrote ‘Atlas Shrugged” foresaw all of this back in the 50′s.” – Eyeball

    2. Clark Nova says:

      Ayn Rand was on Medicare and Social Security as she smoked herself to death. Some anti-socialist she turned out to be.

      1. InTheBubble says:

        Clark Nova, you and all the others of your persuasion are precisely the people who have destroyed California (no, it won’t be coming back). The Soviet Union and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe just weren’t good enough examples for you, I guess. More likely you are just too damned stupid to even understand the concepts. When the stuff hits the fan (soon), you and yours will stand among the mud people as targets for the blazing anger of the good citizenry. Good luck surviving that.

      2. H8 Morons says:

        Aren’t all retirees in the US on SS and Medicare?

  9. danpa says:


    YOU FOOLS…..

    1. DRalter says:

      So, your saying California is the only State with copper theft? Your comment makes no sense

      1. Clark Nova says:

        Copper theft has tripled in NM since the Republican administration came in.

      2. Adam Smith says:

        Copper theft reflects commodity inflation – inflation hidden by the administration by averaging in declining housing prices as a huge factor. Commodity inflation is global – look at food and fuel prices around the world. Ironically this is a driver of the Arab Spring. All states are affected by it but California’s atmosphere of permissiveness and incompetent government is an enabler of criminality. The rot starts at the top – nationally with Obama/Bernanke/Pelosi/Reid who started the inflation portion of our current stagflation, the legislature in California has made it one of the most business hostile states and gifted the state with terrible unemployment and declining prospects. I bailed out some years ago when I saw it going downhill and set up my business in a business friendly site – now employing hundreds of people.

  10. Cranky Pat says:

    I’m sure the CA legislature is working on this. They will require all new power lines to be made from plastic!

    1. Davie Jones says:

      Don’t be silly. Environmentalists will require they be made of biodegradable, recycled paper.

  11. Stan says:

    Copper wires???? By and large overhead power lines are aluminum.

    1. JJ says:

      What you’re seeing is aluminum clad with a copper core. Copper is still the best conductor.

      1. ML says:

        Nope, just Aluminum. The lower density of aluminum over copper yields lower weight which allows longer spans between poles. The higher resistance of aluminum is compensated for by higher voltages used before distribution transformers. I work in this field.

      2. Jerry says:

        No. Some older wire is steel clad on the outside with aluminum.. There is some wire that is steel with a bit (not much) of copper on the outside.
        Most wire these days is aluminum.
        Some very old installations might be copper.

        There is NO point of putting copper in as a core to an aluminum outside or any other outside, due to the characteristics of AC power.

  12. Mary Anne says:

    Illegals? Maybe. Who is buying this copper? Do they ask where it came from? If there wasn’t a market for it, it wouldn’t get stolen. Yes, let California secede from the Union — it’s only the 8th largest economy in the world, and ranks number 49 in monies sent to Washington v. monies received from Washington. i’d love to see the rest of the country try to get California to secede and then wonder where 17% of their tax revenue went. Then maybe California, as a sovereign nation, can protect its own borders instead of having the Feds put the nix on everything I love it when people start blaming California for what the Feds have done to them.
    Caliifornia tries to do to protect itself. Remember prop 189? Fed judge kicked that to the curb and basically told California it had to open its arms and provide for any illegal that wanted to come here. Citizen only rent laws — stricken down by the Feds. etc,. etc.

    1. Oh bama says:

      Sure, if California secedes. we’ll still have 56 states left. 🙂

      1. Anon E. Mous says:

        Good one, Oh bama!

    2. Vendicar Decarian says:

      “Who is buying this copper? Do they ask where it came from?” – MaryAnne

      Look Commie. Stop trying to blame business for the government sponsored theft of copper.

      If it weren’t for government making copper theft illegal then there wouldn’t be a market for illegal copper now would there?


    3. Fed up tax payer says:

      Its shipped on NAFTA trucks to Mexico!

    4. tracer51250 says:

      Are you for real??? So what you’re saying is it’s not the thiefs fault, it’s the person who’s trying to make a living buy buying it???? What the hell is wrong with you???? That’s the most ignorant statement I’ve seen in a long time.

      1. Clark Nova says:

        It’s true. Just like the people who hire illegal immigrants are more to blame than the immigrants themselves.

      2. H8 Morons says:

        I’m all in favor of a $1000 per day fine for employers who hire illegals. Do that, and the illegals will slowly return home to Mexico.

  13. aubreyfarmer says:

    Thieves will continue to steal copper until they are caught. How hard could it be to contact every salvage yard and ask them if they have bought and inordinate amount of copper wire lately? If that doesn’t work because the salvage people are crooks, then put up a camera at every salvage yard within a 100 miles and just wait. Sooner or later the thieves will show up.

    1. Avenger says:

      Good point. There probably aren’t that many salvage yards anyway. You could put someone at each yard for a week or two and nab the crooks. The best deterrant may be heavilly criminalizing and fining the salvage yards. They KNOW where the huge amounts of copper coming in, still covered with insulation, are coming from.

    2. jacksbark says:

      Salvage yards are not where this stuff goes. It goes straight into containers and is exported to China, where the Chinese are like a swarming mass of locusts – devouring everything they can touch.

    3. Clark Nova says:

      Let’s put a camera in every bedroom, too. No telling what laws are being broken there. You’re a miserable little Fascist.

      1. H8 Morons says:

        Only if I get paid.

  14. david says:

    If only we would just give them more welfare and food stamps this wouldn’t happen…

    Somewhere right now a liberal democrat is saying just that.

  15. sean patriot says:

    These people need to be caught, tried for domestic terrorism, and hanged by the neck until DEAD.

    1. SacDuck says:

      (add Publicly) hanged by the neck until DEAD

      1. H8 Morons says:

        Or perhaps hanged Pubic-ly?

  16. Bill says:

    I assume the photo shown with this story is wrong.

    1. Clark Nova says:

      Wrong and shot by someone without any knowledge of how to clean all of that schmutz off their camera’s sensor chip.

  17. bigbiz2 says:

    People are stealing coper plaques,cemetary urns, copper wire.Ok … seems like such a simple solution.Pass a law the bans to purchase of these items…
    Seriously… other than demolition of a building..what legitimate source of these items would there be? Oh I forgot ..California is run by Mexicans..never mind

    1. Mike says:

      There’s already a law saying stealing is illegal, there’s already a law saying receiving stolen property is illegal.

      But wait! If we pass a law making it illegal, it won’t happen!

      1. just2curious says:

        make a law that makes breaking the law illegal? or are you saying that you want to deputize the salvage clerks? give every person at the counter of every pawn shop a badge? hello…

  18. smartest commentor says:

    Looks like little green men got tired of murdering our cows. What’s next?

    1. Georgia Prune says:

      Your comment should have had a spew alert! Almost ruined my keyboard.

    2. Skully says:

      They’re grey, not green. Catch up will-ya. 😉

  19. Volpa says:

    P G &E will just ask for another rate increase to cover their loss! That’s how they do it!

  20. DigitalBob says:

    Just give them the drugs they are buying with the money from stolen copper and hope they die from it..

    1. heatherfeather says:

      Unfortunately, they will commit numerous other crimes before they finally die from their dope, causing untold harm and chaos. If you want to give them drugs, invite them into your home and live with the consequences, please.

  21. Falcon 78 in Northern VA says:

    Story says they “knocked down 300 poles.” And they haven’t caught the crooks? You would think the police might have had a lead or two after the first 100 poles or so. How can you knock down 300 power poles without someone noticing after about the first, say, 50?

    1. R.W. says:

      or, given the fact that the flow of electricity would be interrupted, the first one…

  22. sailordude says:

    Sounds like Mad Max, The Road warrior, end of civilization days doesn’t it? Actually they do this all over the world but a shame that 300 poles get knocked down in half a year and no one has gotten caught! Maybe the FBI should investigate a local police conspiracy?

    1. Vendicar Decarian says:

      “Sounds like Mad Max, The Road warrior, end of civilization days doesn’t it?” – SailorDude

      No. It sounds like the End of America.

      A very good thing indeed.

  23. JenS says:

    Oh heck those californians don’t care – the liberals all believe in entitlement – these thieves are just entitled to take what they want right.

  24. Michael F Gibson says:

    California recycle places are already required to get proof of ID in order to recycle. Someone comes in with things that are clearly are looking like they were stolen and the centers aren’t reporting it? The operators of the centers should be charged with receiving stolen property right along with the democrat/liberals that are selling stolen property and sent to jail.

  25. Sam says:

    The thieves are allowing freon to escape to the atmosphere and should be fined 2500 dollars for each incident and the courts don’t do this to those caught stealing copper from air conditioners. What’e with this.? This makes a misdemeanoor a felony. Mucho jail time.

  26. Hank Warren says:

    Illegals stripping US infrastructure, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. Harold Kint says:

      Dude, spamming multiple comment threads with the same spiel isn’t going to win you any converts. Whether the stuff is right or wrong, People will simply ignore you.

      bla bla bla…

    2. Vendicar Decarian says:

      Grey Aliens stripping U.S. infrastructure, yet another violation of our rights.

      “Illegals stripping US infrastructure, yet another violation of our rights.” – Hank

      By the way Hank. Didn’t you notice that your sentence should be two sentences and the first one is still improperly structured.

      Republican Education much?

      1. John says:

        Republican education? What does that blanket statment even mean? I guess you must have recieved a Democrat education?
        Dumbest post I’ve seen so far today, congrats!

      2. Anon E. Mous says:

        Go vote for Obama a few hundred more times and he will only lose by three million!a

  27. George Johnson says:

    I would have thought they would have been strongly pointing out that it’s the PEOPLE that have to pay for this, NOT the utility. If they push that angle, then maybe they’ll get some help. I certainly would turn somebody in for doing this, because of that alone.

  28. Count Yob says:

    America is too easy on thieves. I like the Saudi solution. For the 1st petty theft they cut off a hand. For the 2nd offence they chop off the other hand. After that, off go the legs. Reduce them to pitiful creatures begging for alms in the souks (shopping centers).

  29. David Maxwell says:

    I wish these beneficiaries of California liberal policy would understand how well they would do in Marin, San Francisco and the like. The anti second amendment progressives in these areas have much more to redistribute to the unfortunate. Heck who knows, they might throw little Buffy in to sweeten the deal. All in the name multi-culturism, of course.

  30. bigtimeliberal says:

    in my humble opinion these are not copper thieves these are just some of the high paying jobs the almost trillion dollar stimulas created.

  31. Hedley Lamar says:

    Surely no one would do this intentionally. The people who stole this copper are just misunderstood. They are probably just suffering from low self-esteem because the schools they attended had inadequate funding.

  32. Jerry Brown says:

    Antiochos have gone green…er…solar. They get their energy from the big yellow thing in the sky, which by the way, is not responsible for global warming…you are . You evil capitalist parasites!
    So the Antiochos have no need nor desire to report the Social Justice occuring which Mr. Melrose of KCBS erroneously calls ‘theft’. Why should they help Big Evil Power or Big Bad Industry who are destroying the Earth?

  33. NowSwimBack says:

    Blacks and/or hispanics for sure. Kick ’em out of America NOW

  34. Vendicar Decarian says:

    “Blacks and/or hispanics for sure.” – Now Swim

    Scratch a Republican, expose a racist.

    1. Kelroy says:

      I know more liberal racists than conservative. You are mistaken about Republicans. You are no smarter than swimback.

      1. just2curious says:

        hate the haters

    2. H8 Morons says:

      What’s wrong with being a racist? They tend to get mugged a whole lot less.

    3. BillyBob117 says:

      Scratch a dem and you get one pathetic, desperate, lying person who is always playing the race card.

  35. Lefty says:

    300 poles… you’d think a cutting edge company like PG&E could figure out a way to stop it. Wireless alarms are incredibly cheap these days. But as a public utility they have no incentive- just ask the PUC for another rate hike.

  36. Norma Desmond says:

    Travel to Detroit or most major cities and you will find this is a common problem. Urban mining is not limited to any particular group, but is only a symptom of economic conditions. New businesses, and people with business ideas are strongly deterred from going forward with job creation. Existing business’ are also squeezed to the breaking point.

    No job creation equals welfare, crime, urban mining etc. This is only the beginning as I travel I see cities and towns abandoned, Buildings devoured by humans and elements are in abundance. Check out:

    Here is our future as a country.

  37. Dobby says:

    Is this Hope or Change???

  38. davec says:

    poles dont have copper (steel/wood) and the lines are steel. They are after the transformers, and no tgetting much for their trouble except a heavy nasty oily mess.

  39. walljasper says:

    Labor camp. Set ’em up in tents, put the pink underwear on them and make ’em sweat in the fields until they pay fullrestitution, including the costs of their arrests, legal work and incarceration.

    No TV, no law library, no nuthin.


    1. Big Bear says:

      Yep, honest work might make men out these dopers.

  40. Tom H says:

    Bring back hard labor to prisons … anybody old enough to remember Cool Hand Luke? Make the downside potential for crime worse than the upside potential and guess what will happen! May take some time but people respond to stimulus, either good or bad.

    Of course, there will always be meatheads that are too dumb to go with the odds, so it won’t completely solve the problem, but I think it will help.

  41. Craigster says:

    I’m surprised Cali hasn’t opened a training center and a recycling center to get a cut of the action. Seems that they would be able to double count a stimulus job and a “clean energy job” of the “future” like Obama promised.

  42. A. Moron says:

    As a republican, I feel compelled to blame this incident on mexicans, and to call them liberals. After doing so, I feel really comfortable in supporting Sarah Palin for president, because I am highly intelligent, and know I must regurgitate what TV and Radio republicans say.on any story having to do with anything. Damn liberals, they have to go.
    Regime change in 2012. Go Sarah!!

    1. H8 Morons says:

      As a democrat, I feel compelled to blame this incident on whites, and to call them conservatives. After doing so, I feel really comfortable in continuing to support Hussain Obama as president, because I am highly intelligent, and know I must regurgitate what TV and Radio democrats say on any story having to do with anything. Damn conservatives, they have to go.
      Stay the course in 2012. Long Live King Obama!!

  43. Kelroy says:

    Didn’t it used to be against the law to recieve stolen goods? I think maybe California is “powerless” to stop these theives unless they go after the recyclers who are recieving stolen goods.

  44. FN Cee says:

    Well shoot … have you noticed the price of meat lately … $4.00 a pound is cheap … these folks would be far better off stealing steaks from a market … they’re worth a whole lot more and if they couldn’t sell ’em for half price or less, they could have a nice steak for dinner.

  45. Frank says:

    This activity is common in Mexico, so it is possible that it is illegal aliens stealing the copper cables. They are specialists in stealing telephone and power cables, y addition to fiberoptic cables. Oh, so strange that the police cannot “identify” anyone.

  46. FN Cee says:

    What is “och” and why are people against it?

    1. injun joe says:

      getting right to the heart of the matter. good question.

  47. Frank says:

    “Scratch a Republican, expose a racist.” Weren’t the Democrats the founding members of the KKK with Senator Byrd? Oh, how fast we transfer our sins to the enemy. Ignorant yahoos, destroyers of jobs, inveterate communists, and purveyors of propaganda and lies.

    1. H8 Morons says:

      What do you call a white person who has been robbed and beaten during one of the many recent black mobbings in Chicago?

      Two possibilities:
      1) Unarmed
      2) Racist (if he or she has an ounce of sense left after being beaten).

  48. walter12 says:

    This is what you get with years and years of a Marxist state government, millions of illegal alien Mexicans, rampant black and Mexican youth gangs, and on and on. And of course, Obama has helped create this environment.

  49. Brad Sperry says:

    They have telephones in Antioch now?

  50. Jake says:

    watch a huge earth quake come and just level that whole terrible state.

    1. Debra says:

      yeah, just watch that all happen. yeah.

  51. ONTIME1 says:

    Right to carry could help stop a lot of this theft and vandalism but your state government seems to know what’s best and how to misspend your tax money.

  52. Klaus says:

    Will Crispy Critters be seen dangeling ion wires ? DUMB SOBS

  53. Jimbo96 says:

    There can’t be that many places that purchase metals, which leads me to wonder why they haven’t been looked at rather closely. Purchasing stolen property is a felony, and they should be prosecuted. After all buying copper wire from the same people over and over is suspicious, and they have to know it’s stolen. If PG&E offered a reward for info leading to the arrest and conviction of the buyers, maybe someone would take advantage…PG&E needs to stop this, and by offering a reward equal to their repair costs it would seem to me that some greedy miscreant will turn on his acquaintance and collect some big bucks…when dealing with miscreants, greed always wins out…

  54. SockRayBlue says:

    No problem. No wire, no electricity. Free a/c in Mexico.

  55. Keir says:

    Are the writers of this site paid by the letter? How many sentences are here to explain how such an event could take place? My youngest students have to write far more for a 5 minute quiz! Ridiculous. You Yanks need to raise yourselves up to Europe’s level, and not continue to dumb-down. Already today I read how the life expectancy in some states is 65 (!) and actually getting worse!

    1. Clark Nova says:

      The US will never raise itself to Europe’s level. Insane capitalist greed and corruption will see to that.

      1. olegunny says:

        What ever level Europe is at was paid for by the US. I wonder how you function on a day to day basic with your attitude and lack of innate intelligence.

  56. Bruce Almty says:

    “Police have not identified any suspects”… WOW, maybe they need a pay raise. After all, it wasn’t a crime against a person; that environmental polluter PG&E can afford it. And besides, it was probably an illegal alien here in America just looking for a better life.

  57. Bruce Almty says:

    Someone needs to give that PG&E spokesgirl a burrito.

  58. bilbo says:

    I rather doubt they were power poles but more likely light poles. Power poles have something like 10,000 volts(and would electrocute the thieves) or more and use aluminum wire over a steel core not copper.

  59. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH says:


    1. Clark Nova says:

      And a sign over the gate that says ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’.

    2. ron says:

      there thousands of poles .. 10’s of thousands … you CANNOT barbed wire all of them.. well your post is too stupid to even respond more .. bye

  60. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH says:



  61. joe says:

    Hang them where they are found. It is the best warning you can send to ward off potential future thieves.

  62. smashicus says:

    Looters should be shot on sight.

  63. NotMyPresident says:

    So is this the result of the Hope or the Change???

  64. Russel says:

    This is common in Mexico and it is now here in full force. It’s the flood of 3rd worlders from the south. That area is full of them, but this is happening all over the country. Many of the bronze statues across the country have been taken, brass and copper city pipe fittings and on and on. It’s what you do in a 3rd world country.

    Just thank our government for not doing anything about the infestation from the south.

  65. Russel says:

    This is common in Mexico and it is now here in full force. It’s the flood of 3rd worlders from the south. That area is full of them, but this is happening all over the US now. Many of the bronze statues across the country have been taken, brass and copper city pipe fittings and on and on. It’s what you do in a 3rd world country.

    Just thank our government for not doing anything about the infestation from the south. Our country is being dismantled by the illegals.

  66. XPIOLT says:

    I don’t believe in any of this. I challenge anyone to try and cut a utility pole in half with that type of saw. I used to cut up railroad ties for a company with a chain saw. It’s not as easy as you would think. They are treated with chemicals to make them harder I think this is just another way to get more money and more security for the Utility companies. A false flag.

  67. Prion says:

    Who gives a rats furry little behind … it’s Califonia! The State should put a new motto on it’s license plates … We Use To Be Cool … Now We Just Suck.

  68. oracle2world says:

    I thought the overhead wires were aluminum, copper is too expensive.

    Copper is the best conductor of juice after silver.

    Hey, just trying to add something to the rants here.

  69. R.W. says:

    I left a comment saying we should shoot:
    – infrastructure stealers (copper lines and R.R. tracks, etc.)
    – drug makers, importers, smugglers and users
    – we should deport all illeagl aliens (and if they are found to have returned to take stronger measures as for the above criminals).

    Why was my comment not posted?

  70. ron says:

    don’t worry things will get better when California lets out 30 to 40,000 prisoners

  71. victor says:

    This is what you call Obama ecomonics, there is no economics on his agenda,,,just spend and spend…..The druggies will do anything to get a fix,,,and with all the uncontroled drugs from obamas mexican frien roots there will be more of this kind of stealing.

    1. H8 Morons says:

      I like that. But let’s shorten it to Obamanomics.!

  72. jimmy123 says:

    for sure its mexicans thats a fact..another reason to close the boardes and start shooting when you see the little brown rats sneaking across the desert..heheheh great target practice hehhe

  73. bjs says:

    in texas we call it mexican gold.

    300…no suspects….duuuuuuuuh!!!

  74. Harlowe Thrombey says:

    If you discover that your son is a thieving meth addicted trashy piece of waste…. then just speed up the inevitable and shoot him in the face

  75. Subhuman Muds says:

    Some species of subhuman mudrace at work. Shoot to kill.

  76. Aztlán Rises? says:

    I’m confused, I thought the lower western United States (CA, AZ, NM and TX) already conceded back to Mexico?

    Isn’t this copper so called theft really just the reclamation and recycling of the former U.S. territory to bring this area in line with Mexico’s power company standards and new political zones?

    Is the area not called Aztlán for a reason as taught in California, Texas and other state universities and supported by such groups as Raza, and MEChA?

    The reclamation of Aztlán would not be without some restructuring of internal infrastructure so that groups that are supporting the reclamation can pay for their sustained growth and renewal?

    It only seems logical that if the U.S. is to allow the reclamation of CA, AZ, NM and TX that they do nothing if little to protect or find justice for this copper theft then… ???

    1. InTheBubble says:

      Right on. The part of that infrastructure restructuring that the remaining ex-citizens are going to love will be the Mexicanization of the sewer systems – the plugging of the pipes and the subsequent throwing of poo & pee out the windows and into the streets.

  77. FED UP WITH THE B.S. says:

    The real problem is that Americans–and especially those in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas–are not LOUDLY DEMANDING that the borders be CLOSED and the 30 million or so ILLEGALS be SENT BACK HOME. WHY aren’t we all LOUDLY DEMANDING this? Make it a contingency on whether your legislators get re-elected. Stop supporting anybody who permits or pushes the continuation & expansion of these ILLEGALS in our country, ripping us all off.

    1. NORTON says:


  78. norton says:

    what is everybody complaining about. the guys that took the wire are doing more good than the politicians.they are recycling. they are working(you know that wire doesn’t just fall down),and they are creating jobs.californians finally figured out how to get the illegals and meth heads to work… make them think it’s illegal!!!!!!!

    you liberals wanted this, now deal with it… just don’t come running to Texas anymore. we are already sick of seeing ya’ll.

  79. InTheBubble says:

    It’s not the africans. They cannot organize and will not put out the effort needed to find and steal all that copper. Who does that leave, mis amigos? Hmmmm.

    1. H8 Morons says:

      That is a very racist comment. I’m certain that there are black thugs out there who would welcome the opportunity to steal copper. If only they are given a better education.

      1. InTheBubble says:

        Lovin’ it! Let’s start Felony Schools to teach ignorant blacks how to plan organized thefts. Won’t work though ‘cuz they just won’t put out the effort. Racism? Nope, just Reality.

  80. GMan says:

    Set up a quiet spot, wait for them, shoot them.

  81. sandiego1969 says:

    No problem, the lights went out in CA long ago.

  82. Adam Smith says:

    The real importance of this is as a reflection of the massive inflation of prices of commodities. The administration claims inflation is low – based on jimmied numbers disproportionally averaging down inflation by averaging in housing prices as a very high percentage. But commodity prices like gasoline and food prices are soaring at >10% inflation per year despite phony government numbers to the contrary. Thanks to Bernanke, Pelosi, Reid,Obama. Calculated the way inflation was calculated in the 1970s, 1980s or 1990s or early 2000s inflation is at 9.75% (google shadow government statistics to see the correct numbers)

  83. Anon E. Mouse says:

    California’s new motto:

    California – at least the weather is still good.

    1. InTheBubble says:

      CA is for Mexicans and Millionaires. All others avoid like the plague. Too bad about that weather, but there’s always the Snowbird routine (two homes – winter and summer) if you can swing it.

  84. Rex says:

    They are doing it around Salt Lake City too.

  85. Jewpac Shakura says:

    i am sure white people did this

    1. InTheBubble says:

      We don’t work that cheap.

  86. NotAnAmerican says:

    LOL. Reap what you sow, Mericah.

  87. Nobody but an Irate American says:

    They must load all that stolen metal directly onto cargo ships headed for CHINA, eh? Why haven’t the Authorities figured out WHO IS BUYING the stolen materials and arrest them?