SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Less than 24 hours after Deshon Marman spoke at the funeral for his best friend – former San Francisco prep football star David Henderson, who was killed in a Bayview District shooting last month– the scholarship athlete found himself behind bars.

The University of New Mexico football player was boarding a U.S. Airways flight to Albuquerque when a flight attendant said his baggy pants needed to be pulled up to cover his underwear, and conform to the airline’s dress code.

“He said ‘they arrested me because I wouldn’t pull up my pants,’” recalled Marman’s mother, Donna Doyle, who had dropped Marman off at San Francisco International Airport. “They told him to step off the plane and he refused. That’s when everything was blown out of proportion.”

The crew ordered everyone off of the plane, but police said Marman refused to be handcuffed after exiting. A scuffle ensued that left one officer with a twisted knee.

Marman cited for trespassing, resisting arrest and assault on a police officer. He was held on $11,000 bail, pending a hearing Thursday.

Marman has a full scholarship to play football at New Mexico, and hopes to turn pro in the future. Doyle fears her son’s future may be in jeopardy as a result of Wednesday’s incident.

“With these types of charges, my baby could lose his scholarship,” she said.

New Mexico coach Mike Locksley said the school is aware of the arrest and plans to support Marman, who transferred to New Mexico after playing the last two seasons at City College of San Francisco.

“It is never positive when you have a student-athlete arrested, no matter what the circumstances are,” he said.

US Airways spokeswoman Valerie Wunder said the airline’s dress code forbids “indecent exposure or inappropriate” attire.

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  1. Mad says:

    If they want to show their boxers, they should not wear no pants at all.

    1. David Olivas says:

      looking like a fool with your pants on the ground

    2. Zack Debarco says:

      Thank you for the eye witness account!! That sounds more plausible than most of the whinners who want to make apologies for the bad manners of this punk. Playing the race card or the grieving card is BS. If you want to be treated like a man, act like a man!!

      1. Tony says:

        The race card is definitely important especially to get people like Zack from way back to understand who it happened too. Race is still current and this didnt make it any easier. No matter what you say idiot thats how it came off. Folks need to know how to approach and talk to people. If they had any customer service skills it would not have gone that far. It was evident people reacted in a way that they got treated. Tough luck now the airlines going to suffer.

  2. sleslie says:

    Really???? How is saggy pants obstructing the safety of the passengers and
    crew memebers? Unbelieveable!!

    1. Paul says:

      Very simple. If there is an emergency, his mobility will be compromised and he can become an obstruction to others. With his pants below his butt, he can run as fast as penguin.

      1. Sandy says:

        Give me a break! A college football player could outrun everyone else on the plane, whether obstructed penguin-like because of his pants or not.

    2. RJ says:

      It is innappropriate and indecent. Have some self-respect and actually realize how it offends others.

      1. rk says:

        What’s inappropriate and indecent is the reactionary fear channelled against this young man for something as shallow as his choice of clothing.

    3. miguel says:

      Did you read the article? Read the last paragraph.

    4. steveH says:

      Really??? Why is it that the race card gets thrown on the table whenever some one doesn’t feel they have to obide by the same rules for all people. He is not special because of his color!!! That mentlity is what generates the problem. No shirt/ no service rules have been in play for years. In this case its no baggy pants, black or white or asian, it doesn’t matter. It’s their airline. Grow up.

    5. Betsy says:

      Really that is all you took from this story? It was a simple request, he should have complied and there would be no story here.

    6. from the yahoo story says:

      ►I have first hand knowledge of this incident. I was on duty with another airline and witnessed the whole thing.
      This “kid” was not arrested for Baggy Pants. Here is what went down. While waiting in the boarding area Deshon was informed three times he would NOT be allowed to board with his mostly exposed buttocks hanging out. He was told DO NOT ENTER THE AIRCRAFT FOUR TIMES.
      He pushed the US Airways Rep against the wall and walked onto the aircraft. He then pushed past two flight attendents. Hence the Assault Charges. He refused to leave the Aircraft, hence the Tresspassing charges.
      He fought with the cops, hence the Resisting Arrest.
      This wasn’t just baggy pants, it was 99% nudity.
      Act like an idiot, get treated like one.

      1. sf native says:

        i can believe that, this isn’t about regular baggy pants showing a bit of undies…. it had to be pretty extreme for the staff to take issue with it. GOOD FOR THEM. This young man needs to learn to listen and respect others,he’s not going to make it to the big times with bad attitude or acting like a thug. otherwise maybe he should rethink his career and look to being a rapper or something where he’d be more accepted

      2. Peter B. Towle says:

        Kudos for the US Airways!

      3. babe'sbabe says:

        The actual charge was assaulting a police officer. Also, did this take place in the terminal or the air craft? Because if it was in the terminal, then how was he able to make it down the jetway and enter the air craft without security being notified? If it happened in the aircraft, then how did you see if if you work for another airline?

    7. al says:

      he was obstructing with his actions. Saggy pants can cause a safety issue.Have you seen these fools walking around almost tripping because their pants are so saggy?
      Ive been flying since I was 1 year old as my father worked for the airlines. Back then people dressed up to fly. But as airlines have now become the county transit of the sky. All he needed to do was comply with the airlines request. But he refused to do it and get off of the plane, so he is breaking the airlines policy and federal laws. Pay the price and but some pants that fit. saggy pant look stupid too.

  3. Daniel Burns says:

    Those saggy pant look is so last decade.

    1. Jim says:

      YES!! Waht year does this clown think it is? Mybe this “baby” needs to lose his scholarship, and get a job. The moron needs to grow up.

  4. Robert says:

    I can’t believe how those saggy pants fashion has gotten out of hand. Many times I see kids pants way below their butts! II don’t want to see people’s butts! Keiep your pants up!

  5. American Citizen says:

    Trespassing? US Airways allowed him to get on the plane with a paid ticket. If he was a threat, they would not have allowed him into the terminal.
    Deshon go get a good lawyer. This is racial profiling and discrimination.

    1. Linda says:

      How is it racial profiling? White boys and yellow boys and pink boys wear their pants down low! Get over yourself!

      1. rk says:

        Yes, but white boys don’t get arrested for it.

      2. SuperJun says:

        rules are rules. follow them or gtfo.
        “Rodriguez said employee asked Marman to pull up his pants, but he refused.”
        perhaps white boys actually comply.

      3. Linda says:

        Maybe you don’t hear about it because they pull their pants up or don’t go whining to the press about how their being “racially profiled”. Again, get over yourself.

      4. TOM says:


    2. Jim says:

      Well – if the profile fits!…..

    3. Nash says:

      He need to learn to respect others. He is not it the hood. This moroon should be made an example of.

    4. Soonerdiver says:

      Get a life… he was asked to pull up his pants as he started to board the aircraft and refused. He physically assaulted a police officer, what more do you want? Is it ok to disobey rules and attack others just because he’s black? He should lose his scholarship… I am sure there is someone else waiting and more deserving.

    5. Nancy says:

      OMG give me a break. He was asked to pull up his pants, a simple request and he decided to say no. If he had manners he would have complied and we wouldn’t reading this stupid story.

    6. Josh Stewart says:

      Read “sf native’s” comment.

      1. al says:

        BTW there is not a lawyer that would take this case. There is no winning. He lost when he didnt comply with the policy.

    7. al says:

      the race card is a sorry lame broken record excuse – shame on you. Really, you think the flight attendant said “hey look San Francisco International Airport owns there is a black guy getting on the place, lets give him the boot” The terminal, not the Airline. The trespassing is because he refused to get off of the plane after not complying to their request. The plane is the airlines property. Just like a restaurant or store that asks you to leave. If you dont the police will charge you with trespassing. There is no excuse for his misbehavior. My parents taught me to be respectful in public.

    8. Kujo8 says:

      So, if Obama was sagging his pants then we are just targeting him because he’s black right? What ever happen to “The Rules Are the Rules”? Furthermore, now the ACLU wants to get involve because they feel Deshon’s civil rights were being violated. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What a bunch of jokers! Give me a break people and stop using these race cards all the time.

  6. SKH says:

    Good! I don’t want to see anyone’s butt. Pull up your pants or go away!

    1. RJ says:

      This not about saggy pants. This is about US airlines attempt at racial profiling. It was not arrogant for him not to pull up his pants, It’s his first amendment RIGHT! I am a grandma and I don’t like the saggy style and I also don’t like colored spike hair and extreme body piercing but it’s a person’s right. I hope that he sues the PANTS off of US Airlines, The Captain, The stupid Flight Attendant, and the San Mateo Police Department. As for me I will not ride US Airline again ad will encourage everybody I know to do the same!

      1. Bean says:

        OK Granny RJ, Please go find yourself an airline the serves all the classless people. Remember back in the day when people were allowed to smoke on airplanes…Yes they have the right to smoke but I sure as heck don’t want to be inhaling their smoke…the same way I don’t want to be looking at this kids butt. This is not about race…this is about class and decency. Way to go US Airways!!! Lets class up America one idiot at a time.

      2. Matt says:

        So class means coming on a newspaper and bashing someone. You talk about class like you earned it and its something most people strive for in life. Given that you are probably pretty self centered and insecure because if you did have class you would be humble and compassionate. Therefore your no better than the person you talk about. Have some class and let this matter settle itself.

      3. Bean says:

        @Matt – Need I hold the mirror up for you. “You’re” proving your own point!

      4. Tony says:

        i agree

      5. gRob says:

        F U RJ…GROW UP. LET’S GET SOME MORALS BACK AMONGST US. Pull this heathen’s scholarship. That’ll send a message.

  7. kc says:

    If the plane went down how would he be able to move fast and get out of the plane if his pants restrict the movement of his legs? It is a safety issue. It is also the responsibility of the flight crew to get the people off the plane, so it is in their interest to be sure that passengers are not inhibiting their own movement.

    1. Sparrow says:

      Do you mean that people who can’t get off the plane quickly (because of disability, for example, or high heels) shouldn’t be on it in the first place? Or should be regarded as trespassers?

      I don’t think this is a safety issue. I think it’s OK to have a dress code on the plane. We all know not to show up for a flight wearing bathing suits. All he needed to do was pull up his pants, end of story.

      1. Tony says:

        which he did and when he got off the plane he got jumped by the police

  8. lulabelle says:

    Agree – lets draw the line, pull up the pants. Sorry, mourning is a matter of the heart and soul, not clothes – mom needs to stop making excuses for son’s choices that will impact the safety of others. Also, his refusal is a display of disrespect. Sorry, not racial and why waste time suing – gosh this country has become “sue happy” its all about the money rather than principal. oh boy, lets all have a great weekend. chow!

    1. Ida says:

      I agree with you…..and I’m Black…..enough is enough……pull up the damn pants and mama teach your son to be respectful of rules.

      1. Rita says:

        You get a Life Ida, I’m a Granny, I’m Black, and I hate the saggy pant lstyle but unless US Airlines can prove that he wasn’t singled out and that they don’;t allow anyone wearing saggy pant to board then they were wrong and that kids got one helluva lawsuit. yes I do think that he should have complied when asked. I’m sure that it was principal for the young man and his 1st amendment riight. @ his mom keep on supporting your son! This is about principal, This IS about racial profiling and now it’s about suing the PANTS off of US AIRLINES!

      2. adam says:

        Rita, are you calm down! Obama money is on the way to you. You must be the grandmother of Donna Doyle…

  9. rs says:

    i hate saggy pants but for all who keep saying it was a safety issue, you’re wrong. do you really think that in an emergency, he wouldn’t pull them up? he’d want to get off the plane just like everyone else. it’s not like the sagginess is permanent. in case of an emergency, he can pull them up.
    that being said, he should’ve pulled them up when asked to do so. nobody wants to see your underwear.

  10. anelisenc says:

    Most ill fitting clothes like these should have not been mass produced. They belong in the garbage bags. These baggy pants should have not been bought by this young man. And his mother needs to get some fashion insight and sense on how to get her son to dress properly and the most important thing, to make a first impression. The dress code shouldn’t have to be a safety issue, it should be a requirement for people to follow in order to look sloppy, not properly groomed and also to ensure that the person who is well dress, feels extremely comfortable how he looks around people. Also pants and boxers don’t mix. You can wear boxers in bed or when lounging around the house, but you wear regular underpants in order to avoid conflicting styles.

  11. Joel says:

    I love how reading this story the reporters is making this hoodlum out to be a true hero that was oppressed by the insensitive airline crew. This guy made his bed and got to sleep in it. If he had of half grinned, pulled them up enough to humor the flight attendants, and taken his seat, he would have been at his destination and could have dropped them back down enough to make a poorly defined fashion statement.
    I have no sympathy for people who feel that they are above the rules. He was the one who escalated this situation. Everything done to him was the direct result of decisions he was making, not too smart. Probably don’t need him taking up a scholarship from someone more deserving.

    1. Glenn says:

      There is a comment from a witness Brianna, for this story on Yahoo. The press did not report all of the facts,ca

  12. BOB says:

    If everybody would read the story, instaed of guessing, they might understand. He was asked to pull up his pants so it would cover his boxers. To conform to the airlines dress code. Nothing says anything about safety issues. He refused to obey. They asked him to leave the plane, he again refused. He resisted the police and an officer was injured After 911 anybody that causes a problem on a airplane will get hand cuffed until everything is figured out. If you don’t like it drive your sorry butt to were you need to go. His mother should have taught him respect for others. But now they will get a lawer and sue the airlines, and help the cost go up for the rest of us to fly.

  13. tn says:

    Individualism is encouraged, however etiquette must be respected. Until it’s acceptable (in public) to wear your pants below your crotch, we all must be respectful of others. Although he may be a budding athletic star, it appears mama didn’t teach this young man how to respect all people and listen to authority, instead of fighting authority. As far as the mother is concerned, “blown out of proportion” happened way before her son refused to step off the plane. Mother forgot about all the disruption and missed connection flights of other passengers, just to prove whatever her point was. Rookie airline passenger. Hats off to US Airways for keeping decency at a respectable level.

  14. common sense says:

    Get John Burris on the phone,call Oscar Grants uncle and roll out the protest signs … oh, wait it was in SF? Never mind.

  15. This BS again says:

    I had to do 4 years of military service for college money and this @$$ gets a free ride? Pick up your pants ! Wait for the lawsuit that gets him millions from the airlines then they will charge us more!

  16. Nigel Misso says:

    Everyone, read your airline ticket; part of states that you agree to abide by all requests/instructions made by the captain or crew while you are on the aircraft. No if, buts, etc. By purchasing the ticket and/or using the ticket, you agreed to this.

    If you do not abide by your contractual agreement, the airline has every legal right to do whatever.

    Resisting a law officer is plain stupid.

  17. hon143 says:

    Bottom line, the guy didn’t follow the airline worker and security’s instructions. It’ll be no different if it was a KKK member who had a T-shirt on with racist comments on it and he was asked to cover it up or take off the shirt. If he refused, he could be kicked off the plane and arrested if he resisted…..plain and simple.

    Of course, the kid and his family is going to cry racism. They’ll sue too….100%.

  18. Sandy says:

    I wonder if they all throw off every female passenger who shows her bra straps?

    1. Sandi says:

      Unless it is a black bra with white t-shirt!

    2. sf native says:

      not the same….. tsk

  19. Serves him right to get busted says:

    “With these types of charges, my baby could lose his scholarship” Well, that’s just too bad, mama!!!!

    1. Mama says:

      A child’s behavior is the reflections of the parents! Take some responsibilities for your actions. I hope he lose his scholarship!

      1. sf native says:


  20. adam says:

    The arresting officer should of pull out his gun (I mean taser) and teach him not to resist arrest. Comply and no one will get hurt. Grow up and pull up your pant!

  21. Luis says:

    They should release this boy into the custody of the University of New Mexico football staff and let them whip him into shape. He is an embarrassment to his teammates and should be disciplined accordingly.

    1. Tammika Jankins says:

      No he is an embarrassment to his RACE!

  22. DAG says:

    Saggy pants?? Saggy pant my ass…

    I have worked for a major airline for over twenty years. Most airlines have general clothing requirements. Since I was not on this flight I can not say for sure how much of the male passenger’s underwear everyone could see. Typically, if a passenger is walking around with his or her pants down to their thighs; with most of their underwear in full view to all the public, including children, most businesses would have a problem with that. Or let’s say some other undergarments were showing. What if a woman walked on the aircraft with her shirt fully open with her bra on? Would that be acceptable attire? Some could argue that it covers much like a bathing suit. Well we are not at the swimming pool or the night club. General common sense has to be used when dressing in the public.

    The crew would not act like this just for the heck of it. It will cause them all much more work than a general, uneventful flight. I can guarantee you that the entire crew will have to provide full written reports to their supervisors. At this point they will also be much more involved.

    What are saggy pants? They are typically a little larger than the person’s waist and the top part of the person’s underwear is showing. The underwear is usually a name brand, where the top elastic band is purposely shown. That is a fashion statement of some younger men and would be accepted on an aircraft. If the public can see more than one half of someone’s ass, those pants are not “saggy”. They are falling down.

    The general thought is that if a passenger will not comply with a simple request, will they comply with a broad range of Federal Aviation Regulations once the door is closed or in the air? If not and you are still at the gate, get them off the aircraft asap. It’s a signal that they are not rational willing to follow directions or worse.

    I would bet a lot of money that the young man in the photograph, in a bow tie was quite different on that aircraft yesterday. As a college football player on a full scholarship if he did not know better he will now. The college footballer is often catered to like kings. This distorts their view on reality that often comes into focus later on at higher prices. I hope someone who witnessed the whole thing comes forward with some details.

    Also, not complying with ANY crew member’s instructions are a federal offense. By the way, the aircraft cabin crew who work in the passenger section are called flight attendants. They have not been called “stewardesses” for about 40 years.

    1. ST says:

      I can’t understand why the Mother of this young man isn’t more upset with him for not pulling up his pants till he got to his destinantion vrs doing as he did at the airport and on the plane before he was removed from the aircraft. I just can’t imagine how uncomfortable it would be if this guy had a middle seat in a row of 3, and on each side of him were female passengers having to deal with a total stranger with his pants pulled down somewhere near his knees. If this guy had 2 sister’s, I doubt the Mom would be saying the “SAME” if her girls found themselves in a similiar situation. I honestly don’t kow where this guy was seated nor do I know how far his pants were pulled down. But the flight crew did the wright thing here. He wasn’t their only passenger on this flight, and when he carried on in a manner that basically said to authorities his having permission to keep his pants pulled down(even at the discomfort of every passenger on the flight he was trying to go home on)was more important that what his fellow passengers wanted, he should have been removed. It’s hard to believe that the airline involved here didn’t try to cool the matter down by removing the guy from the flight here at hand, getting him to pull his pants up till he got home, and take a later flight the same day-but for some reason this young man went to jail.

  23. adam says:

    The kid should be a 290 registrant.

  24. Alexis says:

    A lot of these comments make me angry. As a 27 year old black woman, I think the young man should have pulled them up. Plain and simple. I am so sick and tired of the black people that scream racism when they are asked to do something that they deem ridiculous. It’s nonsense. If my son (who is now 4) was asked to pull his pants up (which they wouldn’t be down in the first place, my son will have some know-how) and he didn’t comply, you better believe that I would be all over him. It makes no sense for ANYONE to call this racial profiling. Get over yourselves and your in titlist attitudes. No one owes us anything. GROW UP! The black people who whine and complain about this are only perpetuating the stereotype. Knock it off, you are making ti worse for my son. Who will behave, who will have a brain in his head and respect authority. Ugh, It’s maddening!

    1. adam says:

      Thank you Alexis for your positive comment. We need more of you around.

    2. db says:

      hear, hear!! Can you talk to this kids mama? Sounds like you are an intelligent person who will raise a successful man!!

    3. Joel says:

      That is exactly why I can never consider myself a raciest. People like you want to take responsibility for presenting a socially acceptable front. Too often good black people, who otherwise would not actually DO these things, get onboard the race wagon and stand behind this backwash of society. THOSE are the problems. Alexis, you are the SOLUTION. If there were more GOOD black people taking the right side in this stuff, the dorks would learn that bad behavior is colorblind. White folks do stupid stuff, they get collared. Black folk do stupid stuff, they don’t have a free pass. Excellent Post +10

    4. Bean says:

      Well said Alexis. Your momma raised a smart girl and you are no doubt doing a great job raising your son!

  25. Auntie says:

    I don’t feel sorry for this kid. He was asked to pull up his pants so his underwear wouldn’t show and instead of being respectful he decided to say no and cause trouble. I don’t care if he was at funeral or not, this was a simple request, had he complied he would’ve have been on his way. Personally I wish they could find people for wearing baggy pants. It looks stupid and I don’t want to see other people’s underwear. Grow up already and act like an adult.

  26. Ryan says:

    This was a stupid article, what was the purpose of telling us about the the whole trip, including the funeral. Was this supposed to make us feel sorry for this guys situation on the plane, dumb.. Just tell me some dude got arested for not complying with the rules of the airline and leave it at that. And the stupid high school senior picture, whats up with that, just because he wore a tux that day makes me think he’s an upstanding citizen, and would never have his pants sagging on a plane..They posted the picture to drive home the point that he’s black, yet another point I didn’t need, or care to know.. Terrible journalism, give me a break. It’s articles like this that cause racism.

  27. Airborne says:

    He jus’ bein’ a nigga you rasis mofos

  28. LD says:

    This disrespectful young man should be placed on a NO-FLY list. It cost the airline a lot of money to cancel that flight because of him and rebook all the passengers on another flight, not to mention the inconvience he caused other passengers. He should lose his schoarlship as well. That will teach him a lesson he won’t learn on the football field. Disrespecting people has nothing to do with race. It has to do with the way he was brought up and with the people he associates with. We football fans don’t want to see players with criminal records. Now he has an arrest record.

    1. P.Brake says:

      I agree he should lose his scholarship, and be put on a no fly list( at least for 6-12 months) The article doesn’t say the flight crew were all white but as usual it seems to be the excuse for people of other races for the way they behave in public. I am surprised he hasn’t used the excuse that he is only following the example of his University New Mexico Coach, Mr Locksley! Mr. Locksley has set a fine example to his players,of sexual harassment towards women, and assaulting his assistant coaches. Yet the UNM heads choose to continue to place young impressionable people in his care. They are both a huge disgrace to the spirit of sportsmanship, and athletics the world over. They both seem to believe that common decency and laws don’t apply to them. Sounds more like reverse racism than racism. Equal rights doesn’t mean “special rights” Stop using the color of your skin as an excuse to be a jerk.

  29. db says:

    I feel sorry for this little boy who did not have a mommy to teach him how to dress and have common sense manners. Give the poor thing a chance to grow up and learn to be a real man.

  30. faauuga says:

    this is complete ignorance…you then put him on the news like what is that going to do for him…you people are crazy with this arrest…I would sue if I were the mother…

    1. mark says:

      i think they should outlaw those ugly pants and if your caught showing your underwear you should be fined no son of mine would be caught dead wearing that garbage

  31. tobo says:

    I heard one story his butt was hanging out. Not sure what was happening in the front. I wonder when the lawsuit will come. Seems stupid now, you gotta be like everyone else on the plane. I would think this wanna be gangster look was done by now. I hope he goes on and learns from this.

  32. Gary says:

    “inappropriate” attire, who deems what this is? The airline attendant? and how is she qualified? Yes, if it was me I would have pulled them up, but I know people who would have stood by their principles and not pulled them up. Most baggy pants do not show but just boxers, heck you see cleavage all the time, is that inappropriate? I think US Airlines will be backtracking in a few days.

    1. babe'sbabe says:

      I agree completely! I have flown on many different airlines many different times and i have NEVER seen an airline dress code for passengers. Is this so-called dress code objective or subjective? If this man’s behind was literally hanging out, how was he able to make it through the TSA security screening and all the way to the gate without being approached? I call BS on this one

  33. Cassandra says:

    I feel that in this situation it was taken to far. Would you come up to a young woman and say mam I can see you areolas can you please put ona sweater? no so therefore it was racial profiling.

  34. SF Native says:

    Black, White or Brown, they all do it….we’ve all seen baggy pants. I dont think the airline staff would’ve made a big deal unless it was beyond the norm.. I’ve seen baggy pants on kids. Then I’ve SEEN baggy pants belted near the knees with nasty butt crack showing and/or where one can see the p*n*s outlined in the thin fabric of the underwear…. now that is downright nasty, indecent and I don’t want to be subjected that visual.

    1. al says:

      thats true! My wife and i were laughing at some guy the other day. he was trying to run, well make it across the street. But his pants were down to his knees, but handing out and he couldnt run to dodge traffic. Get a clue, pull them up and you can walk and run like a human being.

  35. Supremo says:

    It wasn’t racial profiling, it was ignorance profiling. Let the nigga act like a nigga…it be his right!

  36. CMMV says:

    we have gone through dress code issues in the 60’s and we survived.
    i see this as a respect issue. the majority of the public do not want to see someones underparts, clean, dirty or exposed in any way.

    1. Tony says:

      This is not the 60’s look around you.

  37. MAGGIE WHYTE says:


    1. Josh Stewart says:

      WRONG: If you watched KRON 4 or other news stations tonight, they recapped in the past year where about 4 other people were asked to leave a flight for indecent clothing and/or body odor, two of which were white, and one who was wearing a “skanky” outfit, another for being too “fat”

  38. cracklewalk says:

    Just think, if he bothered to pull his pants up none of this would have happened.

    1. Tony says:

      they were pajama pants

  39. Josh Stewart says:

    What the media failed to mention: He had a warrant out for his arrest AND he was combative when the flight attendant asked him to pull up his pants.

  40. kelly G says:

    First of all, it was NOT a naked flight and no one wants to see a man with his undies showing on a plane. This guy should be riding on Grey Hound and please return to wherever you came from — Saggy pants at your age is pathetic!
    And just like teachers, airline crews are to be shown respect! Let me guess, this guy must be from Hunter’s Point…

    1. Nick Burns says:

      He is from Hunterspoint and the just like how the school system is messed up from all these white teachers i hope the same happens for the US Airways.

  41. jonny says:

    Proof you don’t need to be smart to play football.

  42. tn says:

    Hey Deshon- you’re in college now, not middle school. Dress the part. Hey Mama- learn and teach your son some manners, social etiquette and common sense. Admit you were wrong (or ignorant) and take the high road once in a while. It’s not that hard. and you just may learn something.

    1. amanda says:

      and you are taking the high road come on your a joke. go back to watching tv.

    2. Tony says:

      your an idiot and if this is how you talk then you should be talking to the mirror

    3. db says:

      Sounds like you have been taught some manners, tn,! I would be SOOOO embarrassed if this were my son. My son was only about 2 years old when he learned to dress himself and has never forgotten how. I feel sorry for this poor boy’s mama who probably had very little training herself. What makes these little boys think we want to see their panties?

  43. Grace Castro says:

    So after getting the true story it comes to find out the studpid idiot cops who are wasting our tax dollars patrolling the airlines made things worst….ten cops jumped on the kid when he exited the plane after one person was able to reasonably talk him off…talk about a sneak attack…then one of the cops who is probably some wimp weighing 120 pounds tried to jump on him and fell off where he twisted his ankle. Probably working as a cop to make money and not really protecting the community. If that were they case they would be arresting everyone. Tresspassing???One you let him through TSA which is suppose to protect us from terrorist and two he had a ticket.

    1. adam says:

      Grace…you are right! He should of used his gun (I mean taser) on him, cause he is a wimpy 120 pounds cop. Get a life.

  44. Barbara of San Francisco says:

    The point is Black Folks, it’s time to teach your children how the wold works. America has always had a low tolerance level when it comes to us. Black folks need to exclude themselves from baggy pants, tatoos, piercings and drugs. We need to stop embracing every fad that coms along. We also need to set a goal as a race of people to become the most moral and unifed people in the world for the sake of our future existence.

  45. Kujo8 says:

    Why is it whenever something happens to a black person it is always about race? So a black person who was told to pull up his pants because it was inappropriate and disrespectful is being targeted because he is “BLACK”? And, just because he is a football star who goes to a UNM gives him the right to disobey authorities?
    So, if Obama was sagging his pants then we are just targeting him because he’s black right? What ever happen to “The Rules Are the Rules”? Furthermore, now the ACLU wants to get involve because they feel Deshon’s civil rights were being violated. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What a bunch of jokers! Give me a break people and stop using these race cards all the time.

  46. Leroy says:

    This is not SOUL PLANE!

    1. gRob says:

      lol. true. true.

  47. Dirty Harry says:

    It is his mothers fault,she should have taught him how to wipe his butt and pull up his pants

  48. UNKNOWN says:


  49. babe'sbabe says:

    Let’s see you all explain this!

    Notice the inconsistencies between Ms. Wunder’s statements in this article and the article in the link posted above.

    Or this?

    Why ask him if he had a boarding pass? How else could he have boarded the plane?

    Thank goodness for camera phones