SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Five people were injured in a shooting near 7th and Market streets Saturday evening, two of them seriously, San Francisco police are reporting.

The 6:15 p.m. shooting on the 1000 block of Market Street, only blocks from the Pride festivities at Civic Center, left three people with

non-life threatening injuries, Lt. Troy Dangerfield said. Two people were shot in the leg and one was shot in the buttocks.

Two other victims were shot in the body and are being treated for life-threatening injuries, Dangerfield said.

Police are searching for a suspect described as a black male in his 20s, about 6 feet tall with dreadlocks. It was not clear which direction he was traveling following the shooting.

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Comments (14)
  1. zaq says:

    7th and Market is all about dope!

    1. robert says:

      EXACTLY! it’s the same pack of rats gnawing on each others’ bones 24/7 everyday of the year and somehow the pride event is involved simply by way of physical location that day …

  2. Sam Mallory says:

    “suspect described as a black male in his 20s, about 6 feet tall with dreadlocks. ”


    1. JaneQPublic says:

      How so?

      Or are you just somehow ‘offended’ because a description was given at all?

      1. robal says:

        they always cry racist to make YOU feel defensive – it’s a heck more easier rather than one of those people having to explain they would hurl their hate at YOU and not for nothing, but i think the people that got shot care more about NOT getting shot rather than the color of who shot them …

    2. kmr says:

      …to Mr Sam Malloy…since when is a physical despription of a person,
      also likely reported as the same by witnesses, qualify as being
      racist?….your logic is flawed, your outlook is narrow and your
      espousing the ultimate in victimology…
      must everything in life be centered on this sort of thinking?

  3. Ricky says:

    “Police are searching for a suspect described as a black male in his 20s, about 6 feet tall with dreadlocks.” Sounds like the guy that got kicked off US Airways a few days ago.

    1. nick says:

      i see it over and over – big loud mouth angry ready to antagonize and bellow then go full b-tch mode when they have to be responsible for their whining as in ‘you’re racist’ simply because you disagree with me and i’m a victim now … or something like that ; )

  4. Justin Greyson says:

    It’s very sad and it makes me angry how people who have nothing to do with gay pride invade sf now and take over it and use it as an excuse to perpetuate their ignorance and hatred against the very people, who the event is about? Its disgusting,and I wish city officials would have the courage to stand up and say something about these cowards. I dont understand how people today are so complicit,and refuse to denounce these thugs. It is hypocritical for the city to promote the pride week in sf and then turn the cheek, and pretend nothing is the matter. I in protest as a gay male refuse to take part in this event anymore, because I cant stomach the duplicity, and outright hypocrisy of everyone involved in perpetuating that there is not a problem…there is a big problem, with this outside element who clearly doesnt like gay pride..and I wont fake gay pride, with people who hate me..etc.. ignoring it is just going to make it worse. What is wrong for standing up for basic human dignity and respect? Oh Im sorry it is America in the 21st tragic…my mistake..

  5. evil takes no holiday says:

    Justin, crime and violence don’t take a holiday just because it is Pride Day. Welcome to the real world. This could have happened at any event and does. Citizens must support public safety and instead of weakening them they must strengthen them or incidents like this will be the norm and anarchy will reign.

  6. Matty says:

    This sounds like it may of had nothing to gay pride and perhaps a coincidence that gay pride was going on near by … And it was not in the middle of either of the parties and we all are aware of how sketchy that intersection is anyways on a daily basis, and so yes I think our officials including our police chief. Police brass the new da and new mayor all should be accountable for tragedies like today’s since they can’t even attempt at fixing the root of these easily fixable street related provlems

  7. John Prewett says:

    Sure seems to me like this type of crime is getting more common.
    Maybe I’m just putering to much.

  8. Moon Ahmed says:

    7th and market is practically the Tenderloin not a good area….most likely nothing to do with pride week…

  9. robal says:

    why do this articles keep implying there is some relevance of the Gay Pride Event being near the area of this shooting? it is the same exact pile of deadazz doing the shooting that congregates there every single day all day long 365 days a week courtesy of people who are ‘anti-sit/lie law’ (course those are the same folks who don’t live anywhere near the human dumpsters they create at places like 7th & market … sort of Not In My Backyard mentality)

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