SACRAMENTO (KCBS) – California legislators and Governor Jerry Brown are working through the weekend to try to work out an agreement on the state budget, before the fiscal year ends on Thursday.

State Senator Mark Leno, who is Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, said he thinks Governor Brown’s original plan of half cuts/half tax extensions is the best possible solution, if he can get the Republican votes needed for a two-thirds majority.

“I wish him great luck. He’s been at it for six months,” Leno said. “I believe that where we’re moving is with yet another simple majority vote budget, without any taxes and to do it without any Republicans because they won’t join us.”

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

Democratic leaders have been highly critical of Brown for vetoing their budget and failing to present a Plan B. But Leno remains confident that there will be an agreement in place before July 1.

“He clearly had concerns with some of the elements of our budget. The controller put the number at $1.8 billion out of an $89 billion budget,” he said. “That’s a small difference of opinion.”

Governor Brown is expected to present an alternative that does not require GOP support.

The plan will likely include deeper cuts to state programs and services, in place of the extensions to vehicle, sales and income taxes that he wanted.

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Comments (2)
  1. mechanic says:

    This “pretty-boy” career politician is one of the biggest bums in Sackatomatoes state government. One of the best Brown a$$-kissers and a big tax and spend liberal from the get-go. Do Not Trust Him, and do not trust any of these crooks. Bote them all out ASAP, and all will be fine some day again.

  2. smketr says:

    You got it right mechanic, Leno is nothing but a bum. He has his head so far up Moonbeam’s rearend he hasn’t seen sunshine since Brown was elected. The more you give these crooks, the more they will spend.