SANTA CRUZ (CBS SF) – An 8-week-old puppy that was stolen from the Santa Cruz SPCA on Sunday was found and returned to the shelter on Tuesday, SPCA officials said.

Atticus, a brown and white Australian shepherd, was taken by a young male after the shelter denied him an adoption, according to the SPCA.

The suspect, who was accompanied by two friends, took the puppy and disappeared, shelter officials said.

Staff members had the suspect’s last name and address. They used Facebook to identify him and gave the information to the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office. He lives in Monterey County, and Monterey police and the Monterey SPCA were brought in to help, shelter officials said.

Monterey SPCA officials found Atticus at the suspect’s apartment.

The puppy was safe and is back at the shelter waiting to be adopted into a good home, shelter officials said.

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Comments (4)
  1. Daniel says:

    good! the cute puppy is back at the shelter…….where it will be put to death when it’s not adopted.

  2. Pet Lover says:

    Obviously if the SPCA denied the adoption they felt he wasn’t qualified to own a dog. Thank goodness they check before they allow an adoption. Stealing the puppy shows just what kind of a person he is. Thank goodness the puppy is ok. Hopefully he will be adopted soon. Showing his picture gives him a better chance.

  3. MGF says:

    The SCSPCA is a no-kill shelter…so that was a pretty uneducated comment. There was obviously a good reason for denying the adoption, heck he STOLE the dog! That shows a bit about his character which they could probably tell from just talking to him. I’m sure he’ll find a great home, people must be lining up around the corner for him. He’s cute!