HONOLULU (CBS / AP) — Witnesses who watched a Marin County man get sucked into a Maui blow hole to his apparent death say that the tourist was dancing around and frolicking in the sprays of water moments before a wave knocked him down.

Rocco Piganelli of La Jolla (San Diego County) said he stared in horror as he watched a large wave push the tourist into the hole off Nakalele Point on Saturday afternoon. The man popped up briefly with the next wave, then disappeared.

“We all stared for like 30 seconds and then I realized — he’s gone. He’s down there,” Piganelli told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Wednesday. “I felt like I was going to throw up.”

Piganelli, a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines, readied himself to attempt to resuscitate the man, fully expecting him eventually surface. But the man never did.

“The girl who was with him let out this horrifying scream,” he said.

He and other tourists scrambled over a cliff to look for the man out in the ocean as powerful waves crashed violently against sharp rocks.

“In my heart, I kind of knew he wasn’t coming out,” Piganelli said. “I wanted to give him hope because it was all I could do.”

The blowhole, which is featured in several travel websites, was created by pounding surf that undercut and wore away a lava shelf. Every wave pushes water and air through the hole, creating an eruption similar to a geyser. The Halona Blowhole on Oahu is another popular tourist attraction.

An aerial and sea search for David Potts, 44, of San Anselmo, was called off Monday.

Maui police Lt. Wayne Ibarra said rough waters on the northern side of Maui and poor visibility complicated the search.

Moments before Potts was washed away, Piganelli snapped a photograph of his daughter and friends. A giant spray of water is captured high above the three girls standing in their bikinis. A closer look at the photo, obtained by AP, shows a man in shorts standing next to the blow hole behind the curtain of water. Piganelli identifies the man as the victim.

Maui police said it had not seen the photo and could not immediately verify if the man was Potts.

Erica Meyer, whose family is vacationing with Piganelli’s family, recalled thinking that it was foolish for the man to be mere inches from the blow hole’s opening.

“We’re watching it thinking it’s crazy these guys are doing that,” she told the AP.

Potts stood in front of the blow hole with his back to the ocean when the wave hit, Meyer said. “It was very, very fast, within a matter of seconds.”

That’s when chaos and screaming ensued. Someone called 911. Bystanders tried to prevent the girlfriend’s brother from jumping in to find Potts.

“It was just horrific,” Meyer said. “That’s the only way to describe the scene.”

Another Bay Area Man On Vacation Drowns In Hawaii

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  1. Jon L. says:

    so is he from sunnyvale or marin county?

    and cat, you’re an idiot

    1. alli says:

      The Sunnyvale man is another victim who fell off a cliff on the Big Island

  2. Vincent says:

    CHECK IT AGAIN: there’s a giant face of the devil right in the left spray… two eyes, moaning mouth… hovering RIGHT OVER DOOMED MAN–check it AGAIN…

    1. gw says:

      you really need to layoff the pot or whatever

    2. erik says:

      you are right! I saw the same face as well in the pic.

    3. JQP says:

      And to the right (standing in the plume) is Venus de Milo….

  3. mechanic says:

    The face is clearly visible if you look closely! Very scary. This poor guy was definitely a goner for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The spray image is a scary omen, I guess.

  4. Strange that the face is almost there but also in the black rocks

  5. Former Oahu Resident says:

    I’m really sorry for this man’s family. He was killed by a force of nature. The ocean is awesome and unpredictable. Back in 2002, a young man STOOD OVER a blowhole on the island of Oahu and was sucked to his death. Respect nature.

  6. Centurion says:

    “Erica Meyer, whose family is vacationing with Piganelli’s family, recalled thinking that it was foolish for the man to be mere inches from the blow hole’s opening.”

    YA THINK?????

  7. beststrollers says:

    wonderful site, where did you come up up wiht the information in this article? I’m happay I set it though,in a bad way be checking back final analysis to mark what other articles you have.

  8. ron says:

    I wonder if the guy was drunk or on something.