SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — A coalition of San Jose community groups Friday gathered to send a loud message of disapproval to Police Chief Chris Moore on his decision to keep a pair of recently enlisted federal immigrations investigators.

“Our message is clear: we don’t want ICE here,” Stefanie Flores, a spokeswoman for Silicon Valley DeBug, said at a news conference Friday morning. “We want to work with the police to find real solutions.”

KCBS’ Mike Colgan Reports:

DeBug is part of a handful of San Jose immigrant and civil rights groups that oppose Moore’s recent decision to enlist the help of two investigators from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement as part of the Department of Homeland Security’s “Operation Community Shield” program.

The groups said the program increases the community’s distrust of law enforcement, cultivates fear and undermines immigrants’ civil liberties.

“Now, more than ever, there needs to be a culture of trust between immigrant populations and the Police Department,” said Jazmin Segura, a spokeswoman for the group Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network, or SIREN. “This program will invariably damage that trust.”

At a community meeting hosted by Sacred Heart Community Service on Wednesday night, Moore said the agents are helping the department target escalating gang violence, which he said has contributed to more than half of the city’s homicides this year.

He said they are working strictly within those guidelines and that he would remove them if they overstepped their boundaries.

Moore’s promise, however, does not appear to have quelled the suspicions of the immigrant community, who questioned why the decision was made without input from the community and who fear that the department’s collaboration with the two ICE agents will increase the chances of racial profiling and deportations.

They claim that there have been cases across the country where agents have been authorized to question undocumented immigrants despite their criminal history or affiliation with gangs.

One resident shared a personal story about her brother being stopped by police and deported at a time when he was very sick.

“For the police to tell me they don’t work with the immigration agency is an insult to my intelligence,” Miranda Flores said. “He has to know and understand that for us things are not okay.”

It is this fear of being stopped by an officer that Flores and others in the community say has made them think twice about going to the police when they witness criminal activity in their neighborhoods or even when they themselves fall victim to a crime.

One point the two sides agree upon is that the recent spike in homicides in the community must be addressed and resolved. Community leaders urged Moore to remove the ICE agents and work instead with the immigrant community.

One request they made of Moore, who is in Washington, D.C. to testify before Congress, is to meet one-on-one with the two agents to better understand their work.

That request could be fulfilled, according to San Jose’s independent police auditor LaDoris Cordell, who told the groups Friday that she had spoken with the chief on Thursday and he had expressed the same idea.

“I’m strongly in support of going to this next step,” Cordell said. “I am encouraged by the fact that the chief has said this will be a priority when he gets back.”

Cordell said the decision would have to be approved by the agents’ supervisor.
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Comments (20)
  1. CopsAreProfessionalLiars says:

    Gotta love when the illegals start screaming about their “rights” and the cops back away like scared little girls.

    Next time I get pulled over for a traffic violation (which hasn’t happened in 20 years) I’m gonna start screaming “immigrant rights!” and make them all back off like they do to those who shouldn’t even be here in the first place.

    Come here illegally – get special treatment and no consequences for breaking the LAW of the country (HA)
    Be a bonafide US citizen four generations back to those who came here the RIGHT way, and get it up the arse every single time.

    1. Jimmy says:

      it is sad to see how people in san jose, part of the so “sophisticated” bay area, are so discriminatory against a group of people without even knowing their reasons to be here. Many of the comments here expressed no more than ignorance. When I read so much nonsense…I don’t hate the actual 1d10ts who write them….what I hate is the media for not informing its city’s growing population of ignorants! what about saying the US destroyed much of latin america’s economy the same way that Europe exploited Africa…..causing their citizens to immigrate in desperate ways. I guess its not convinient for you ignorants. What ’bout the media saying that it takes “as little as” 20 years to get a green card! could you wait that long without seeing your mom, your spouse, your family? I could not! oh and about 80% of “ilegals” pay taxes…how do i know this? most jobs pay with checks and deduct fed n state taxes…duhhhhhhhhhhh…..and “ilegals” dont file for refunds due to fear…what were u writing ignorants?? ahhh the bay area…..sooooooo “sophisticated”

  2. JC MEOFF says:

    Too funny! Criminals are now asking city officials to get rid of law enforcement officers so they can feel safe in their illegal activities. Thanks CBS5 for bringing us this ridiculous story! Only in America! God Bless America!

  3. Sam Mallory says:

    “Our message is clear: we don’t want ICE here” um that is a lie and you do not speak for me you self righteous, over zealous , inhibitor.

    “Now, more than ever, there needs to be a culture of trust between immigrant populations and the Police Department,” How ironic.

    1. ESimmigrant80 says:

      I agree.

      Trust is something that is earned. You do not earn trust by demanding that the law not be applied to you. “Trust” isn’t going to solve the crime spree committed by illegals. In other neighborhoods with large illegal populations such as in San Francisco, no amount of “trust” has been able to decrease the crime rate.

      You earn trust by actually ENFORCING THE LAW, not selectively ignoring it.

  4. Nickolas Robinson says:

    I want illegals OUT. I don’t care about people who steal my taxes and live almost free while I foot the bill.

    1. Nickolas Robinson says:

      WIC, subsidized housing, food stamps, drivers licenses, and a get-out-of-jail-free card if they commit a serious crime to escape (i mean get deported) back to mexico.

  5. hawaiidi says:

    Most people in SJ don’t want DeBug around and the people that ren it. Why should anybody listen to these criminals. I hope they round up all of them and send them back to whereever it is they came from, we don’t need them in this country and we don’t want them here.

  6. tony says:

    I agree that I have seen a spike in homicides in homicides in San Joe, but my personal saftey hasnt been compromised. The gangs go after each other and unlike Oak town, SF, Richmond etc, the homicide rate here in SJ is low. My Momma told me to look in all directions before crossing the street. My Pappa told me to find friends that improve your character and do not bring it down! My advice to you is to review each story for its content and value. ICE in SJ is overkill. What the Cheif thinking? Lets remember that he promised to better the relations between the SJPD and the local community. NO BIGGIE! We will forgive and forget! Viva San Jose!

    1. Philip Scharfy says:

      Actually, illegal aliens are NOT part of the “community” any more than a tresspasser in your home is a member of your household.

      Got it?

    2. Survival says:

      Tony, your head is in the sand. Gangs don’t just hurt themselves! They hurt everyone and cost us ALL. I have plenty of friends that have been injured by gang members who have taken what is not theirs. I have seen the MS 13 and the rest of the hispanic gangs take this city to garbage. The Illegal aliens who soak us for everything has gotten old. We still spend millions in this state for those who come here breaking the law. I am sick of it! Try to cross into Mexico from it’s southern border… you get beat by Mexican police. But the Mexican government thinks we are too harsh on those that enter our country and are actually sewing US cities for their stance on illgal immigration? ICE, you are welcome here!!!!

  7. justin other says:

    so what is DeBug afraid of? enforcing the law?

  8. Nail down says:

    I find amazing how Mexicans and other Hispanics always find their Balls and start screaming about theirs rights only after they leave Mexico and the other toilet nations below Mexico.

    1. tonito says:

      Lets remember that you can be a hater, but your Whinning (do u want some cheese with your Whine) is not going to change the demographics of the population of Amierica! If you want to be a NaaZZII. thats your mental issue. Go and ask your self what you need to do do to fullfill your life. Get lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Philip Scharfy says:

        You’re the one who appears to be the angry hater. Why don’t YOU get lost, hmm?

  9. ESimmigrant80 says:

    It’s frustrating to see that groups supporting illegal immigration are blatantly calling for selective enforcement of the law, in this case demanding that criminal and immigration laws not be enforced against them.

    DeBug certainly does not speak for me or many other legal immigrants. In this area there is a very real, very stark contrast in opinions between immigrants who came here legally and went through all the loops and hurdles to get their papers, and the vast number of illegals who demand preferential treatment in immigration, employment, and criminal law. Illegal immigrants and groups such as DeBug argue that the law simply should not be applied to them.

    I live in East Side San Jose and like many in my neighborhood we are sick of criminals, often illegals, committing the crimes. These crimes ARE reported but seldom solved. We know our neighbors and who lives around us, and are tired of these people coming into the neighborhood to cause trouble. We are tired of the police and city caving into the demands of these groups, and giving them great weight even though they actually represent the fringe. No one I know has actually heard of these “community” groups, or approves of their opinions.

    1. Tony says:

      U can write a long love letter, but ultimatly the the majority of the population of the community including locally nominated represtentaiives will have the final decison and outcome! As a tax payer and legal 4th generation American citizen I do not want anybody questioning my legallity! My uncle Joe served in the Korean war. The day after the World Trade Towers were attacked, my uncle Joe went to his local bank, and on his way out of the bank a lady spit in his face and told him that he should be ashamed what his people have done to the World Trade Towers. Joe lost his older brother in Korea (Arthur) (the forgotten war) but he held his diginty and didnt argue with the Lady! My Unc Joe is a class act!

  10. Tbone says:

    Really?? Let me see…don’t stop and question the illegal immigrants. They are illegal!!!! Of course, they don’t want ICE here! Ok, so get rid of ICE. The police should still get rid of the illegal immigrants as well. Wait….they are illegal!!! Of course they are afraid of reporting crimes they witness….they are illegal!!

  11. ESimmigrant80 says:

    I have to emphasize that DeBug and these groups DO NOT represent the entire community, they ONLY represent the illegal community.

    People in my community here in East Side San Jose actually WANT ICE and more federal agents here. There is actually strong support for their help and strong disgust at the Police and the City for not taking any action for fear of angering political groups.