SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — The San Francisco branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People wants to launch a national campaign against US Airways.

The civil rights group is accusing the carrier of racial profiling after a 20-year-old Bay Area man was arrested for not pulling up his saggy pants before boarding an airplane.

More than a dozen protesters gathered on the drop off curb for US Airways ticket area at SFO. The protesters said the airline discriminated against Deshon Marman when he was told to pull up his saggy pants. Marman was arrested for allegedly ignoring the request in June, but San Mateo County prosecutors refused to press charges.

KCBS’ Chris Filippi Reports:

Rev. Amos Brown, head of the San Francisco branch of the NAACP, said he wants US Airways officials to apologize to Marmon and his family and meet with members of the NAACP.

“We are not dealing with dress,”Brown said. “We are dealing with discrimination.”

“I’ve not seen any such request,” said US Airways spokesman John McDonald. “We’ve been in dialogue and discussion with Rev. Brown for a period of time, and we’ll continue that dialogue.”

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Comments (11)
  1. What? says:

    And the shooting at Third street!

  2. genomega says:

    Not wanting to see the ass crack of anyone is racists?
    This country is beyond help.
    It used to be called indecent exposure.

  3. oldfart says:

    the NAACP is half right, they are just asking for an apology from the wrong person,
    Desmond is the one that should be making the apology, and pull up his pants at the same time.

  4. nono says:

    Hey, NAACP is crazy or out of its mind? Apology someone wears baggie pants on the airline?

    Do you think it is proper in modern society? It should be in your urban society alley. Do you think we should honor our society w/ baggie pants? Gangters? Low lives?

    Hey, you people need to apologize. America doesn’t owe you, ok? If you don’t like it, go back and move your NAACP to Africa.

    By the way, not a member of mainstrain, so don’t play the race card. Just speaking in normal conversation

    1. G.T. says:

      @ Nono, the fact that you have to write a last minute disclaimer stating that you are speaking in normal convo is an indication that you have racial issues of your own, namely with black folks that you may want to address. Although I’m not a fan of the baggy pant, saggy a$$ movement myself, I am one who believes that everyone has right to express them self as they see fit, particularly in style of dress. Just don’t look if you have such a problem. Heck, you probably show your plumbers butt crack more often then you realize.

      My main issue with your post is the fact that you equate anyone who wears saggy pants to a gangster or low life. A pretty bold assertion if you ask me that borders on racial ignorance on your part. Just look around next time you come out of your hole.

      My second issue is with your grammar. I’m not even sure if you realize your post is offensive as the errors in your use of the English language are a bit much to handle. My suggestion to you…go back to the country you crawled on your knuckles from and realize that not all folks who wear saggy pants are of African descent. Basically what I am saying is that you are an idiot who is speaking nonsense.

  5. Steven Torrey says:

    In this day and age of shoe bombers, underwear bombers, body bombs, terrorists who want to blow up planes in praise of Allah–when the stewardess speaks, the passenger MUST obey. They were two black stewardess who asked him to raise his trousers. Marman should have said, “Yes, M’am. I’m sorry I’m makiong a fool of mysel.” The attendants on the plane are the boss.

    Marman deserves not a cent. He should be sued.

    Yes, I know that a male weirdo was able to fly wearing only woman’s foundation garments; but the attendants were speaking to Marman. And Marman should have instantly obeyed. SImple as all that. Marman owes the apology, not the airline.

    Amos Brown and the NAACP would better serve the Black community by telling these saggy pants people that it looks like they have bowel movement in their pants. So pull up the damn pants and stop making fools of yourself.

  6. Ki says:


    Regarding grammar, the word ask is not spelled a x e

  7. Dwayne says:

    Why does it always seem that when the NAACP says something, they are setting back the “advancement” by 40 or so years. Honestly, I do not need an organization to tell me that by looking like a jack-wagon, I am advancing my race. It always seems the NAACP jumps at the chance to look like idiots. White man accidentally bumps a Black Man in line, call the NAACP, racism at work! I say let this stupid persecution complex end, its 2011.

  8. TMI says:

    Just another young punk with no respect for authority. The only thing he deserves is swift kick in the rear!

  9. K says:

    Is this a legitimate complaint? Is Deshon a legitimate given name? Perhaps its from the back of a cereal box.

    Negroes, blacks, African Americans; no wonder he wasn’t named John or Sam.

    Would blacks have been as progressive to non-whites since the 60’s socially and economically had the tables been turned? Is there a single country in the world with black rule that is a model of democracy?

    We have a black President, who I voted for, black leading actors, on board of directors of major corporations, prominent black athletes and coaches, so why cant you get the chip off your shoulder, wear the right size pants so you don’t have to hold your crotch learn to pronounce words correctly, (ask is not spelled A X E), and stop using the race card for your lack of intelligence.

  10. tooitu says:

    If it weren’t that I have experienced racism for nearly three-quarters of a century, I would be aghast at some of the comments that ill informed and grammatically ignorant bigots have chosen to share with us. Not only are they ignorant of the facts, they have chosen to express their usually concealed hatred of blacks anonymously, protecting themselves from accusations of being politically incorrect.

    I would warn all young people, those who were capable of holding us as livestock for two hundred fifty years and withholding full citizenship for another century, are hardly to be trusted to embrace equality. Beware, all of you that have not experienced what whites are capable of, little has changed since blacks were routinely strung up for having been born the wrong color in this “land of the free.” Having a black President has not changed the hearts of those who will not listen or learn, but have accepted the stereotype that they have invented.

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