SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Police arrested approximately 35 people during a protest Tuesday night that traversed the city, a protest that at times blocked traffic and disrupted transit service.

A group of about 150 protesters gathered at San Francisco’s Dolores Park around 5 p.m., and at 6 p.m. began marching through the city’s Castro and Mission districts before arriving on Powell Street almost 90 minutes later.

The demonstration was in response to the fatal police shooting of 19-year-old Kenneth Harding Jr., who allegedly ran from police and fired shots after officers attempted to detain him while conducting a fare enforcement at a San Francisco Municipal Railway light-rail stop.

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Some of the protesters carried a banner reading “They can’t shoot us all,” and others chanted, “How do you spell murder? S-F-P-D.”

KCBS’ Holly Quan Reports:

About two dozen police officers on foot and motorcycles, as well as in SUVs, were corralling the crowd as they marched through the Castro and blocked the group’s path down Church Street.

The group changed course and arrived at the Muni station at Market and Castro streets, where they attempted to break Muni ticket machines, overturned garbage cans, and threw smoke bombs.

Police said that the protesters vandalized a Bank of America at 18th and Castro streets.

When the group left the station, they marched past Dolores Park to the Police Department’s Mission Station at 17th and Valencia streets.

One person threw a hammer at the station’s window but failed to cause any damage. Another attempted to splash the station in paint, and a third dropped a smoke bomb.

The protesters headed toward downtown and marched east down Market Street toward the Civic Center station around 7:15 p.m. Market Street was mostly blocked in the area by a combination of the protesters and police.

When the group arrived at Powell Street, police in riot gear rounded up about 20 people, including members of the media, and a police line surrounded a second, larger portion of the protesters.

Some people were trapped inside the Blondie’s Pizza at 63 Powell St. as police tried to slow the group’s movements.

Police spokesman Office Albie Esparza said that police announced an unlawful assembly around 7:45 p.m. and that approximately 35 protesters were arrested.

During the protest, CBS 5 photojournalist Patrick Sedillo was attacked. Esparza said an arrest was also made in that incident. Sedillo and reporter Elizabeth Cook were not injured in the attack.

Esparza said that those arrested would be cited for failure to disperse after an unlawful assembly was declared.

Harding was shot around 4:45 p.m. Saturday after running from officers who had taken him off a Muni light-rail vehicle at Third Street and Palou Avenue for suspected fare evasion, police said.

During the chase, Harding allegedly pulled out a handgun and shot at pursuing officers, according to police. Two officers returned fire, striking Harding, who later died at a hospital.

Harding, a Seattle resident, was also a parolee who was being sought as a person of interest in a homicide that occurred in that city last week.

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Comments (48)
  1. Old West says:

    Those idiots are at work again in their own neighborhood where they live and breed more babies to become thugs. They are so brain-death that they always try to burn their neighbor business and then drive father and father to buy food and clothes somewhere else.

    1. john says:


    2. Rothschild says:

      You might want to proofread next time. You comment, as it stands, is gibberish.

      1. Rothschild says:

        Oops. that’s “your,” not “you.”

      2. californiabeachdude says:

        BUT….”Genuine frontier gibberish!”

  2. oldfart says:

    Instead of protesting the killing of a convicted felon, suspected of murder just a few day ago. these people should be out rejoicing that there is one less gangster on the streets. good work SFPD

    1. Carly says:

      Exactly! As if this is some great loss.

  3. d says:

    Nice work SFPD for taking a thug and criminal off our streets.

  4. Ron says:

    These white upper class wanna be anarchists dont even know what they are protesting . Even the hardcore thugs didnt show up for this one ! Go home losers !

  5. BMAC says:

    Before destroying property, and committing assault on law enforcement officers, why don’t you losers go home and wait for all the facts? Some of them were from Berkeley, and outlying communities. Got nothing better to do than go and protest in a city where you do not live, do not have all the facts, and assume naturally, that because the cops shot a man, it must have been an unnecessary shooting? Far as I’m concerned, if any of these protestors injure a police officer, they should do serious time! If they damage property, they should have to pay for the damages. It makes them no better than the man they claim to be defending!

  6. stephen says:

    We should make these losers pick up trash along the highway to pay for the police OT.

  7. lightsaw says:

    Kenneth Harding Jr. was black, but the people trying to incite a riot are almost always mostly white. It’s as regular as a bowel movement after a big greasy meal. If marijuana was cheaper, we wouldn’t have to deal with them, but it’s hard to stay stoned when pot costs $300 an ounce. Mininum wage jobs just don’t allow for too much weed in the budget.

  8. Victor says:

    I hope CBS 5 photojournalist Patrick Sedillo and reporter/5:00 PM newscast anchor Elizabeth Cook is okay… And I want justice for SFPD and most of the African-American community who stood by their actions. And people of other races, please no racism, calm down, and just respect the black community because by tomorrow, the SFPD will hold a news conference to get everything straight about Saturday’s shooting of a black shooting suspect from the Emerald City. That way, the whole “shooting an un-armed black man” thing will be put to rest.

  9. D says:

    I would’ve shot that thug who tried to steal the camera.

  10. mao says:

    why is this not on front page news? police brutality, arresting peaceful protestors. “unlawful assembly? rounding them up and aressting them including journalist. where’s the human rights activist.

    if this happen in china, it would be front page. call chinese government violating human rights, freedom of assembly, heavy handed police. etc etc.

    1. Gordon says:

      HAH! More like protesters quietly disappearing with the government going “what protest?” Also, protests happen all the time in SF because people are morons, like you!

    2. Bal T'san Chin says:

      What clip were YOU watching, Mousey Tongue?

  11. George says:

    What a bunch of idiots! I guess some will protest just about anything!

  12. Laquessha says:

    These protesters are my heros. They provide a voice where there is none and take action and fight the good fight when no one else cares. The police are out of control in the bay View. They are just looking to kill young africans.

    1. Ron says:


      Nice try lol …………this post looks pretty fake looks like someone was just trying to stir the pot

    2. Lee Spikes says:

      BS and you know it. The dude was a thug who murdered a BLACK WOMAN and her unborn child. You idiots who make excuses for trash like this make me sick. No wonder we have the concept of “ghetto”. It isn’t the skin color but the content of character and the behavior is garbage at best. Maybe if more of these losers “acted White” and hit the textbooks making straight A’s they would solve the problem themselves but NO we want to live on the Section 8 and welfare plantations for the rest of our lives. Nuff’ said.

    3. deborrahdialogs says:

      lets see look at the long term evidence as it develops; if indeed this guy Harding was shooting, what other measures did Harding leave law enforcement? Harding should have been in Washington State anyway, goodness….

  13. r.f.b says:


  14. T says:

    What are these stupid white people complaining about? They don’t look like brothers to me. Are they wannabe pimps? Or do they just want to ride Muni for free? Are they from the projects, or the ghetto? I know…they listen to rap.

    1. Owen says:

      I must agree with your post. Looks like a bunch of privileged white kids who are bored enough to feign compassion, and act like idiots. There is a difference between protesting and acting like a fool. The issue, in my opinion is thinking First Amendment rights are a cue to be a menace, when its the freedom of lawful expression. You can express your distaste to action, signs, chants, stuff like that but when you are nearly rioting and causing havoc, it does nothing but set your cause back

  15. aoi says:

    There are people who let loose their emotions
    I want to ask to member of protesters .
    If they really mean ‘human rights’, the way of thinking should be made equally and fair.
    I think that they have only anger and hate white people and police.
    When they are angered, they stop listening and they also have trouble staying quiet.
    When wrath speaks, wisdom veils her face..
    what would they do if white cop is killed ?

  16. dj says:

    most of the police men are criminal with batch, they kill, they intimidate and the show thier power….

    1. Dee Bunker says:

      “Batch”? “police men”? “thier”?

      Sucks when ya drop out of 3rd grade, huh?

      1. Regeonald says:

        Dee…*LOL*, You funny. Dat foo aint tryin’ to rewevent be aint tryin to spel. haha
        Dat sucka stupit!! But yoo coo.

      2. phoenix says:

        LOL. That was a great comment.

  17. Helen Ironmonger says:

    I read the CBS article on the Bay View shooting protest. I saw an ABC video and read several articles on the shooting. I think it could be the case is not the actual case, which could have been more serious. The protests are, in my opinion, bioterrorism with a goal to connect Powell and Market Street with new construction at Montgomery and Columbus Avenue in San Francisco.

  18. One Love says:

    This case is getting complicated. Gun residue? Hmm. Still all my Caucasian friends who trying to justify this. Please stop. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing justifies shooting a man in the back then watching him bleed thru the mouth and die on the street like a pig. I would hope the SFPD is more professional than that. The Seattle allegations not withstanding. The sorry fact is: A Black life is not worth the same as a white life. This vid is forever proof. Sad. This is worst that Rodney King. God speed ppl

    1. Stormy says:

      Nothing complicated at all, you shoot at the police, they shoot you. Sounds simple to me.

    2. BOB says:

      If he was WHITE he would have also been killed. You shoot at police, you will DIE!!!!!!

    3. Matthew says:

      One Love : If a cop had been shot by this man — that cop also would be lying in the street bleeding to death… They took action and defended themselves.. ANY death is unfortunate — but when someone points a gun at the PD they’re kind of asking for it.. What if an old lady or child had been caught in the crossfire — like that German tourist ? As the son of a cop myself, if my dad was in that position I’d want him to do the same thing… (those officers also have families)..

  19. Steven Torrey says:

    I was impressed that they were white folk. Didn’t know while folk had any sympathy to the Black Cause. Too bad these white folk couldn’t realize that Harding was well on his way to a life in prison. Pimping a fourteen year old girl. Wanted in a recent homicide in Seatle. Boards a MUNI train with a loaded gun. This guy is a patron saint sent by the Devil. The white folk demonstration was there for the gratuitous damage they could do along with television news coverage. To bad, their collective IQ was so limited.

  20. PLW says:

    If some low life tries to shot another human being, then they should be fair game to be shot if they resist. The Liberalists and entitlement groups will whine and demonstrate but, then again, they do not believe people should be held accountable for their crimes (it is always something, or someone else’s fault…………………………….).

  21. phoenix says:

    The cops shot the 19 year-old after he fired at them, and now people are protesting that?

    Next time, the police should open fire on the protesters and improve the nation’s gene pool.

  22. Confucious says:

    I for one am tired of these useless thugs breaking the law, then playing the race card when the cops or anyone else holds them accountable for their actions. If you are killing pregnant women, forcing kids into prostitution, and pointing a gun at the cops, you have to expect to be held accountable. If you don’t agree with that, then maybe you should find something else to do, other than being a useless thug.

  23. Matthew says:

    Throw ALL OF THEM in prison for a while… preferably with hard labor… That’ll change their attitude..

  24. JCC says:

    I’m glad this low-life is OFF the earth…

  25. DM says:

    Maybe they should have some people from the sex offender registries on hand, whenever these people congregate to protest.

    Seeing as how “birds of a feather flock together” and they are protesting the death of a child rapist, I’d bet you could pull a huge number of non-compliant sex offenders off the street and make San Francisco a little safer every time a protest is held!

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