SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – John Madden’s annual poker tournament started at noon Thursday and ends at midnight. John shared his strategy with the KCBS morning crew, which doesn’t necessarily end with him playing the last hand. “We have a deal that the first guy out is the bozo. We have a big hat they have to wear and a big trophy,” John (a former bozo) said.

“The tournament starts with everyone just playing bozo defense… The goal is don’t be bozo, and then the next goal is to make it to dinner time, and then after dinner is make it to the final table.”

John said he has instituted a new rule that should relieve the pressure on his game. “I’m going to have a bozo table, where all ex-bozos play at the same table, and are exempt from being bozo… It’s such a great opportunity for others. We want others to be able to experience what we experienced before we have to experience it again.”

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