SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) – To the more than two million Californians who are out of work, the disappearance of jobs is discouraging. But, for the first time in fourteen years, manufacturing in the United States has added jobs.

Top corporate executives at companies like General Electric and General Motors are ranking product quality above labor costs, two signs that off-shoring, or shipping jobs outside of the United States, may be falling out of favor.

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Manufacturing is not the only job sector that is seeing a re-shoring of jobs back home.

Other industries, like software development, are returning to the United States.

A software company called SourceBits is moving its headquarters to San Francisco. Like many high tech firms, SourceBits has its origins in a small garage. But SourceBits traces its origins to India, rather than Silicon Valley.

“I think this whole outsourcing concept has been a 20 year phenomenon in the I.T. industry. There has been a lot of discussion about this in the industry as to whether or not it is working. So, the jury is out in terms of what works and what doesn’t work from an innovation stand point,” said Sudhir Kulkarni, Vice-President of SourceBits. “We believe firmly that anybody that wants to be an innovative company and wants to build products and wants to bring products to market in markets that matter, needs to be in a place like San Francisco.”

SourceBits developed the first alarm clock app for the I-phone. It was downloaded six million times. The company has employees in India, the U.K. and Atlanta, Georgia.

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It hopes to bring 500 more jobs to the United States as it expands its operation.

Still, other experts point to numbers that indicate job growth may not be as robust as hoped for. Attorney Michael Bernick, former head of California’s EDD, has been watching employment and unemployment trends for decades, including the off-shoring of jobs to other countries.

“California’s unemployment rate remains at 11.8%–second highest in the nation, behind only Nevada at 12.4%,” Mr. Bernick pointed out. “At the same time, California gained 28,000 jobs over the month (which is the) second highest in the nation behind only Texas (32,000). The California job gain was unexpected, as the job gain across the nation was only 18,000. Of course, we lost so many jobs during the Great Recession (1.4 million from 2007 through October 2010) that the job gains of the past year still leave us way behind.

Mr. Bernick also pointed out that “The job losses announced this week from two major California employers, Cisco and Borders, are not factored into these figures. Cisco, based in Silicon Valley…announced that it was cutting 6,500 jobs worldwide. Borders announced that it was closing its stores, threatening a loss of up to 10,700 jobs nationwide, including over 600 in California.”

For SourceBits, moving their global head quarters to San Francisco is the right choice to grow their business. Officials said the opportunity is here to find the best talent and make big profits.

On the other hand, the possibility of a national budget deal in the near future is very positive, as it does not include the major tax increases favored by many on the left, or the sharp cuts favored by the right. Job growth never works well in an economy of high taxes or one of scarcity.

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