SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Los Angeles City leaders are getting closer to dissolving their red light camera program which issues $480 dollar tickets to drivers, and this may have other California cities rethinking their own programs.

L.A. could stop issuing red light violations as early as Sunday if the city council votes Wednesday to ditch the program which critics have called unfair to drivers, in addition to not being cost effective.

In San Carlos, the city is letting its contract expire in November with the company that runs its red light camera.

“We brought in the program because we had a very specific intersection where there was a problem with red-light runners and what’s happened in the time that we’ve had the red light camera is that the number of violations has dropped pretty dramatically,” said Assistant City Manager Brian Moura.

Last year Burlingame pulled the plug on its camera program saying it wasn’t catching as many violators as anticipated.

KCBS’ Holly Quan Reports:

In San Francisco, however, where some two dozen intersections have red light cameras, officials are looking to add more.

“I really think that the absence of a public outcry about problems with it suggest something to me,” said Tom Nolan, president of the Municipal Transportation Agency. “Generally speaking we really do hear from people when something is not working, or they’re unhappy with something. It certainly hasn’t come to the board at least.”

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Comments (9)
  1. Rob Chapman says:

    Well. of course San Francisco wants to add more. The City wants to leech as much money from it’s citizens as possible.

  2. Drew Ski says:

    About time. No George Orwell/1984 needed here in America. That’s for England/Europe/China. Get that camera outta my face.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Public safety and making money off people who put others at risk… Seems like a pretty good idea to have them in general, especially in the city where people are hit by cars all the time!

  4. Carole Kelley says:

    I got a red light ticket in Marysville at Christmas time in 2009. The reason?
    I didn’t stop for a full 12 seconds at a red light before turning right. It cost me almost 600 dollars by the time I paid the fine and went to traffic school.
    I hate Marysville.

    1. Trixx says:

      Don’t hate Marysville, obey the law.

  5. Not living in SF anymore says:

    San Francisco is not interested in traffic safety–City Hall merely wants to make more money. Remember many years ago, it was San Francisco who lobbied state legislators to correct SF’s wrongs when the courts struck down their initial red-light program, so they could make more money.
    Bike cops work fine and we keep real people employed, not 1 or 2 red-light camera companies who benefit from a 50/50 split the cost program from violators proceeds.

  6. bs says:

    As a San Francisco resident who mostly walks, I completely support MORE cameras. There are just too many reckless car drivers in this city.