SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) — Nearly half of all Californians think the Tea Party political movement is bad for the nation, according to a new KPIX-TV CBS 5 poll designed to gauge voter attitudes about the latest federal budget deal struck on Capitol Hill.

The Tea Party movement has played a key role in influencing some Republican lawmakers during the negotiations on raising the debt ceiling and the CBS 5 polling data shows many Californians take a negative view to the Tea Party’s involvement.

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Specifically, the poll found 49% of Californians felt the Tea Party movement was bad for America, compared to just 32% who viewed the Tea Party movement as good; 19% were unsure.

Ironically, the poll found even 8% of those who identified themselves as Tea Party members had a negative view of their movement. Not surprisingly, a majority California Republicans (53%) embraced the Tea Party as good, while an even larger percentage of the state’s Democrats (70%) rejected the Tea Party as bad.

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Californians also seemed soured on the entire budget drama as it has played out to date. The CBS 5 poll also found:
— 57% believe the latest budget deal reached is a bad one.
— 53% think everyone, Republicans and Democrats alike, lose with this current deal.
— 74% think political leaders have done a bad job explaining the debt ceiling issue to the public.
— Majorities disapprove of the way House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid handled budget negotiations, while opinions were split on President Oabama’s actions.

The CBS 5 poll was conducted by the firm SurveyUSA, which interviewed 1,075 Californians on Aug. 1 about the budget situation. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points.

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