From the boys…

Sean: Today we’re in San Francisco, and everyone is excited for the colder weather and street skating. Instead of going from park to park today, we decided to go skate the streets of S.F. Our first stop, Kezar Stadium, was fun because everyone got warmed up and most of the stuff there was nice and small.

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Our next stop was 3rd and Army, which has bigger stuff and more space, which everyone was excited for. Hopefully San Francisco will be a good stop because it’s what I have really been waiting for.

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Willem: Today we’re hitting famous street spots in San Francisco. All of these spots have been skated in many videos and many pros have skated them. I can’t tell which city I have enjoyed more, Los Angeles or San Francisco. But I think the cities are known for different skate scenes… Los Angeles is a city with many fine skateboard parks, whereas S.F. has two skateparks which are hardly worth the visit. L.A. also has a street skating scene and many good spots but San Francisco is a city built on street skating.

Therefore, you can see that the cities are known for different things: L.A., park skating, and S.F., street skating. But I love both cities and hope to revisit both.

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