SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – The online group Anonymous, which has taken credit for hacking several websites, has infiltrated the Bay Area Rapid Transit website, and data for hundreds of users was stolen and posted to the Internet, although threats of a complete shutdown have not come to fruition.  The stolen data included names, addresses, phone numbers and passwords.

“We are working to mitigate the attack,” BART spokesman Jim Allison said. “We’re also working to notify the people whose information has been breached.”

The group had posted on its own website that they planned to “remove BART’s website from the Internet” for six hours on Sunday beginning at noon.

KCBS’ Matt Bigler With More On The Group ‘Anonymous’:

The call for a shutdown was a response to BART officials shutting off cell phone service at several San Francisco stations on Thursday night, after hearing word of a planned protest at the Civic Center station.

KCBS’ Tim Ryan Reports:

The protest was planned in response to the fatal shooting of 45-year-old Charles Hill by BART police officers last month.

While the website is still functioning, the hackers have compromised the myBART section of the site, including the release of personal information such as names, phone numbers, addresses and even passwords for thousands of users.

KCBS talked to some of the people on the list and several said they were outraged. One woman said her number and personal information were unlisted and she couldn’t believe it would be compromised like this.

The California Avoid website has also been attacked, defaced with several pictures and “fake” posts.

BART spokesman Jim Allison said they are working feverishly to get to the bottom of the problem.

“We apologize to the customers who had their information breached,” Allison said. “We’re trying to notify them. We’re trying to get that information off the web. We’re working with experts on the federal level to address this issue and to prevent any further issues.”

The Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigations are both  involved in the ongoing investigation.

Allison said the breach does not involve BART operations computers and train service is not expected to be impacted.

Anonymous said that along with shutting down the website, they have begun a massive Black fax and E-Mail Bomb action, planning to “fill every inbox and fax machine at BART with thousands of copies of our message.”

The group is also planning a protest at the Civic Center BART station on Monday night, calling it “a peaceful protest speaking out against censorship.”

Anonymous is seen by most as a shadowy activist group, first appearing on the scene in 2003. They have conducted cyber-attacks on both business and government organizations, targeting groups they perceive to be impeding the free flow of information on the Internet.

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    1. BOB says:

      I LOLED so hard this is the funniest thing EVER HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!

  1. oldfart says:

    where is the FBI, the ALCU, and navy seal team #6 to go after these idiots.

    1. Roger Craig says:

      They should go after people like you, you nut…

      1. CeeJay says:

        How is he a nut? I’m not familiar with the BART shooting. And I’m sure the officer was an idiot just like Mehserle and will get away with it, hacking a website to “get even” doesn’t do any good. These people need to be brought to justice. Just as bad the wild monkeys in Oakland rioting for justice.

      2. lil old lady says:

        Why is he a nut? Unless you are also a hacker and don’t want the heat.

      3. read-between-the-lines says:

        He is a nut because he is implying these people should be killed because they hacked a website.

      4. read-between-the-lines says:

        PS — I think the hackers are idiots who aren’t changing anyone’s hearts or minds with their “actions”. Seems counterintuitive to me.

      5. Vera says:

        BART officials erred in their decision to shut down cell phone communication. They added fuel to the fire. Now, people who weren’t interested in monitoring their behavior are up at arms.

        I don’t understand the “wild monkeys” label. You were discussing rioters of course but referring to them as “wild monkeys” is a strange choice of words. I encourage you to think about why you would refer to people that way. I’m not sure what you meant so I won’t judge you, but it did raise a flag for me.

  2. Mike says:

    Shouldn’t some blame be placed on BART? They keep personal information on hundreds of thousands of users and can’t be bothered to maintain best security practices?

    These ‘anonymous’ attacks aren’t highly sophisticated hacks, they exploit well-known security holes that should be inaccessible if the companies involved actually cared about securing your information.

    1. Dawg says:

      How about the fools who put their personal information on the internet? They can share the blame also. Only the wise will never bank, pay bills, or place any personal info online.

      1. Roger Craig says:

        They get what they deserve, good point…

      2. ASB says:

        What about those who don’t put their data directly online, but conduct commerce with vendors that do have an internet presence AND those vendors then get breached?

        It’s very easy to use the wide brush against everyone and every situation you think is dumb, but things are rarely so straightforward.

  3. Trudy Sanders says:

    BART was scary-wrong in the free speech department. Last I checked, though, 2 wrongs just makes….2 wrongs…

  4. Roger Craig says:

    Thanks Anonymous for showing that some still have some control in the world. Lets Make the web free of gov and big business interference…

    1. lil old lady says:

      You’re actually thanking these jerks who take great pleasure in causing problems for people and governments, as they have bragged?!

  5. ABCrane says:

    “rebellion” VERSES “REFORMATION”

    This is rebellion, as are the riots in London: the actions often hinder or harm “innocent people” while only instigating The State to be MORE tyrannical.

    Reformation, such as what Green for All does with providing green jobs for underprivileged persons; or what a bunch of fourth graders are doing when they plant trees that help prevent erosion and bring back an endangered species; are actions that benefit the reformers while weakening the stronghold of the powers that be.

    Please don’t rebel. Reform!

    1. ABCrane says:

      if you disagree: ask yourself, which role model for your child do you prefer?

      1. Lee says:

        Certainly not something like you.

      2. Anonymous says:

        I would prefer my children grow up more like Thomas Jefferson than Bill Clinton, thank you.

  6. Ryan says:

    As Ben Franklin said those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither, in my personal opinion Bart got exactly what they deserved for trying to suppress the freedom of speech.

    I don’t however support Anonymous for releasing the private information of Barts clientele as they had nothing to do with Barts foolish actions.

  7. Equal Wheels says:

    Why oh why can’t Anonymous put just a little energy into …lets say, the Koch Brothers from Texas? Now that would be a righteous hack!

  8. Johny says:

    Simple solution, keep cell towers on so they coordinate the protest, and arrest every single protestor for their involvement in the criminal hacking of a website. We need to arrest more people. Last time I checked, BART is considered private property, and people need to stop protesting and disrupting service for the rest of us. If they want to protest, do it peacefully by the stations, but not in the stations causing disruptions for all. If you protest Monday night, you should be arrested for aiding and abedding the cyber criminals

    1. An American Citizen says:

      BART is not private property. They are an entirely publicly funded entity. They do not have an owner or investors. They fund their operations with ticket sales, parking fees, CA sales and property tax, and federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act dollars. They do not generate a profit. Their operations are subsidized by the people. They are entirely accountable to the people and no one else. Take a look if you don’t believe me.

  9. Mr. Fawkes says:

    NO one will stop Anonymous, not even seal team 6, Cause when Sh!T hits the fan and your government is abusing your privacy more than it is now you are going to thank this type of cyber protests my friends.

    1. Peacemaker Demo says:

      thank them for what…if the sh!t hits the fan, there wont be much left of the internet. you thinking what they did was good or ok just shows your as big an idiot as they are. If these idiots had went too far and caused two trains to crash, would you still think it was ok……even moreso if you had family on one of the trains?

      1. Ross Patton says:

        Hacking a website != wrecking trains. At all. It’s amazing how little people understand about the technology they use every single day. What Anonymous does is barely ‘hacking’ anyway, they just exploit loopholes that any half decent administrator should already have covered. Their attacks just show unimportant government and businesses consider your personal information and privacy to be.

        Also, what about BART shutting down service because of an unfavorable protest? Isn’t that illegal? Don’t we live in the US? And in San Francisco of all places!

        I don’t like how Anonymous throws people personal info out there. Those people had nothing to do with it, but I understand their reasoning for it. Once it’s done it makes people reconsider how safe their personal info is, and take steps to fix it.

        As for the protests: Anonymous is a loose collective at best, coordinated Anarchy at worst. If you really think the people showing up in the guy fawkes masks protesting had anything to do with the hacking, then you are clueless.

    2. Lee says:

      I am not your friend! Why would anyone thank a bunch of s***h***s like Anonymous for causing people problems and for hacking into government sites?? If you think our government is abusing your privacy try living in, amoung other places, Burma (Myanmar). Then you would learn what government abuses are.

      1. ASB says:

        Let me understand the logic here:

        As long as there is a place on earth worse than the place you’re in, the place you’re in is good? Does that mean that every place is good as long as its compared to the worst place?

  10. Truly Anonymous says:

    Shutting down cell phone towers in the station…I’m all for it if public safety was the truly the reason behind it by BART. Having been one of the riders engulfed in the protest, public safety was definitely a concern with the protesters climbing on trains and setting off smoke bombs. I had my kids with me for God’s sake! Not only that, going back to the cell phone towers shutdown controversy…these towers were not even available just a few years ago. Is your call really that important?! If so, go back to the street level and stop distracting people with your loud and annoying conversations. Emergency calls?! Use the emergency phones that are available in every station! Oh wait, some of those had their handsets yanked out of the socket by the protesters that day. Thank you for make us feel safe!

    1. rs says:

      well said! is a stupid phone call really that important? i think not.

      1. Truly Anonymous says:

        It’s quite funny how everyone is getting all riled up by BART’s actions. During the ’89 earthquake, cell phones were not even available. Yes, those of us who were trapped all wished we could’ve called our families to let them know we’re okay, but we couldn’t. We didn’t make a fuss; we just stayed calm and lived on. We survived without cell phones during such a tragedy, why can’t we survive now?!

    2. irritated bart commuter says:

      Agreed; safety for us regulary commuters is definately more imporatant than cell phone or internet service. If you don’t remember, it wasn’t too long ago when most cell phones did not work in many if not all Bart and Muni stations.

  11. irritated bart commuter says:

    These acts are not helping the “anonymous group” causes; all it’s doing is making more people dislike this group. The majority of the people this group is affecting are innocent hard working people. And hacking into the BART system to post private information of these commuters is horrible. None of this is necessary. I’m pretty sure there are plenty of other ways to express this group’s concerns without disrupting and endangering others, in this case regular innocent commuters who just want to go home safely after a hard day from work

  12. Tom Hennessy says:

    There should be laws which include a stipulation in which if you decide to be in the communication business that you cannot shut down a tower on a whim. ALL towers should be under the Department of Homeland Security and if the tower is ‘taken off line’ then the tower had better be under repair or there will be a subsantial fine which can be instituted. Mobine communications are now pretty much mandatory due to emergency services and should come under government control. If the government wishes to shut down communication so be it but to leave such a decision in the hands of a bus driver is pretty stupid. Imho. Not to say a LGBT bus driver is less important than the President. Being politically correct and all.

  13. An American Citizen says:

    There are such laws that prevent cellular companies and Government entities like BART from shutting down communications to influence or control the population.. That is why the FCC is investigating. The people own the airways. Individuals pay for their cellular service. It is not a crime to protest. You can punish all protestors because one breaks the law. That is the law. The right to assemble and speak is endowed by our creator, not the Constitution, not the Government, and certainly not BART.

  14. An American Citizen says:

    You can’t punish all protestors because one breaks the law, I mean. This is common sense. Well, I suppose you can shut the phones off and bring out the tear gas, but then everyone who is exercising their right to express their political will and yet is still punished as if they were criminals will seek justice and reform until it is achieved, and the protests will grow along with the delays and inconveniences. It is your elected leaders you should look to for leadership that will convince the people of San Francisco that BART police are there to serve and protect them, and that their rights to assemble and speak freely will never be oppressed by their Government again.

  15. malta sliema says:

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