SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Dozens of protesters gathered on Bay Area Rapid Transit platforms in downtown San Francisco on Monday evening in response to the agency’s interruption of cellphone service to prevent another protest last week.

About 50 protesters stood on the Civic Center station platform at the foot of an escalator chanting “no justice, no peace.” They also swarmed a BART train, trying to prevent its departure, prompting the station’s temporary closure.

At various points, BART also closed the Powell Street, Montgomery Street and Embarcadero stations temporarily due to what agency spokesman Jim Allison termed “dangerous overcrowding.”

The San Francisco Municipal Railway also briefly suspended service at those stations because of the BART protest. The two agencies share the stations.

Rush hour commuters on their way home from work audibly expressed anger at the protesters over the inconvenience caused by the service disruptions.

KCBS’ Mark Seelig:

Cellphone service was still available on the Civic Center station platform during Monday evening’s protest. Several people associated with the protest paced the platform while speaking loudly into their cellphones, repeatedly saying, “Can you hear me now?”

Other demonstrators held signs reading, “Protect free speech,” “I believe in free speech,” and “You can jail a revolutionary, but you cannot jail the revolution.”

The hacker protest group “Anonymous” apparently organized the protest, and was also taking credit for a cyber attack that resulted in the release of personal information for at least 2,400 users of the agency’s website over the weekend.

BART officials have said that their decision to cut cellphone service last Thursday due to a threatened protest over a BART police shooting case was made out of concern for passengers’ safety. The move was criticized by the American Civil Liberties Union and others.

On Monday evening, as some commuters made angry gestures and shouted back at the crowd of demonstrators, one protester responded, “What’s more inconvenient: missing your train or getting shot by a cop?”

KCBS’ Bob Melrose:

Updates on service disruptions due to the protest were being posted at and

People reporting security or safety issues on BART trains or stations were asked by officials to call 911, BART police at (510) 464-7000, use the train intercom, or call San Francisco police at (415) 553-8090.

(Copyright 2011 by CBS San Francisco. All rights reserved.)

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  1. Ko Bo says:

    It’s like disarming a criminal only to hear him complain of violation of his right to bear arms.

    1. allen says:

      you are an idiot

    2. unbelieveable says:

      I agree. Its always the cops fault….NEVER the passenger. Like hell.

    3. ANONYMOUS says:

      They were not criminals when the wireless was shut off, after that happen they hacked. It was Prevention from natural rights!

  2. Kevin Altman says:

    Why is this group allowed to release peoples info over the internet and they are not arrested on Federal Charges. The ACLU is a crackpot organization and do not represent those of us that comply with laws. As for Bart, they have the right to do as they wish once inside their stations. Public or private business set their own rules and we must comply if we want to use their services. Protest outside the stations – fine. Stopping or blocking commuters from getting home is wrong. Maybe if these people actually knew what is tho have a job, maybe they would find other means to protest.

    1. Josh says:

      Amen Kevin, I couldn’t have said it better… 🙂

    2. Kay says:

      Thank you. You show there are clear thinking people in SF.

      1. Spike says:

        How do you know dude is from San Francisco? He sounds like he’s from Alabama.

      2. Kay says:

        Spike, (below) your comment is ridiculous and mental diarrhea. Don’t waste your life-time by being so ignorant. We need less people with your point of view, and more people with Kevin’s point of view. Next time, contribute something that actually took some critical thinking and put it forth.

    3. ANONYMOUS says:

      They will never be arrested because no one will ever figure them out, not the ACLU, or the FBI or the CIA. They are that good, look them up… they are called anonymous… “United as One, Divided by zero. We are LEGION, we are ANONYMOUS. We do not FORGIVE, we do not FORGET. EXPECT US”

  3. Vincent Chew says:

    It too thousands of young hooligans to melt London down, it took 50 people in San Francisco to melt down the city. LOL.

    1. JWT says:

      Don’t be such a turkey, Vincent… grow up, sweety….

    2. Kiko says:

      What melt down? Those freaks are asking to get the Sh** kicked out of them by angry commuters. I’d be the first to slam a few heads to the ground. Morons!

      1. ANONYMOUS says:

        HAHAHA, try to catch us XP

  4. Matthew says:

    Vincent Chew — up yours!!!

  5. Scott says:

    ACLU is arguing against the governments actions of PREVENTING citizens to use their cellular phones to communicate. What the individuals are communicating is of no relevance, especially as they have yet to commit a crime. And when they eventually did (Protesting) it is considered “civil disobedience” which they are willing to be arrested and tried in court for. That is the punishment for not obeying the rules that “we must comply with”. They are making a statement, the only way to do that is to disrupt the normal day to day activities (they have chosen non-violent means of doing so). While it is an inconvenience for the people who end up geting home late to their families, none of them will lose their lives like the two men shot to death by BART officers. Would the protesters be getting this much attention for the cause(s) they are supporting if they “just protested outside the station” and didn’t inconvenience anyone?

    On another note, I am sure that the group is being investigated by the Feds and if they broke laws in regards to hacking & releasing personal iinformation, they will be prosecuted. It is just the risk that they are willing to take, and they will probably keep at it until they are shut down, hopefully by legal means as the government has the burden when it comes to violating citizens’ civil liberties, not the other way around.

    1. Matt says:

      Cellphone service was not shutdown by the carriers. The service that was shut down were the relays that BART has installed so you can get reception underground.

      BART also has shut down the use of bathrooms in the downtown station as a safety precaution. Where was Anonymous when that happened?

      And by shutting down BART service, isn’t that the opposite of what you want? I mean, the protest was designed to stop BART service, but they are upset that BART had the temerity of shutting off cellphone service in the station (that was shut down)? So now they had another protest to shut down BART again? Huh?

      Anonymous think they are smart, but they make the Tea Party look like PhD’s.

  6. TheVigilante says:

    Wow, sorry if a small protest disturbed your boring 9 to 5 life… Go pay your mortgage, your SUV and your coffin made of ply wood and let others people fight your battles…

    1. Matt says:

      Who are you “protesting?” People who have jobs? Is that so uncool now that the vigilante youth need to practice civil disobedience against people just for trying to get by?

      Anonymous will end up in prison eventually, and when they get there they won’t get to have their precious cellphones.

      1. TheVigilante says:

        Wow, sorry if a small protest disturbed your boring 9 to 5 life… Go pay your mortgage, your SUV and your coffin made of ply wood and let others people fight your battles… 😀

      2. Scott says:

        You obviously do not comprehend the concept of a protest……to draw attention to a cause. They are making news because of what they are doing in order to get coverage for they cause they support.

  7. oldfart says:

    I just don’t understand why SFPD and DART even allow this to happen, They knew in advance, should of had the paddy wagons lined up at the entrances, and had them arrested as soon as they became disorderly, inciting a riot etc. could of even kept the courts open all night as they did in London.

    When is SF going to put it’s foot down and start to side with the law abiding citizens. .

    1. thevigilante says:

      because nobody broke the law? it was a peaceful protest…

    2. Scott says:

      I haven’t read any news reports of “inciting a riot”. The police are not allowed to arrest people on the basis of YOUR assumptions.

    3. Spike says:

      Sounds like you would prefer a government like North Korea here. There has been no news of “disorderly” or “inciting.” I’m sure North Korea would welcome you with a good government position.

    4. Rodney says:

      This quote is from the above article, for thevigilante, Scott, and Spike: “They also swarmed a BART train, trying to prevent its departure, prompting the station’s temporary closure.”

      Might want to read the article before responding to comments about it. For your information, the Middle Eastern riots did not occur because a cop shot somebody who came at him with a knife. If they had, we’d be paying those rioters as much respect as we pay the London rioters, and as much respect as we are currently paying SF’s rioters. When you create problems for the public, you are probably engaging in illegal activity, such as harassment or disorderly conduct. To do it over something this stupid makes it even less forgiveable.

  8. Raz says:


    1. Keith Ellwood Baker says:

      Protesters = People who stand up and stick up for what is right, (usually).

      You’re an idiot ‘Raz”.

    2. Spike says:

      Is that true in Libya? Syria? Egypt? What if North Koreans protest? Then they are losers too?

  9. SF Irish says:

    Okay let me see if I understand this. A group of protestors decide they are going to protest BART’s decision to shut off cell phone service as well as the shootings that took place at stations in Oakland & San Fancisco yet they felt it is okay to disturb the commuters who are simply trying to get from point A to point B. Why didn’t they protest at BART headquarters? Why didn’t they contact the BART board members to express their outrage? Why have they not request meetings with Mayor Jean Quan and mayor Ed Lee? Oh wait that would make too much sense and require intelligence.

    1. Scott says:

      Because none of those things would have attracted the attention of the general public the same way that the “protest” has. They have your attention and got you to read this article and write a post….who’s lacking intelligence?

  10. DogFound says:

    Your all idiots

    1. Fido says:


      Try again.

  11. Peter B. Towle says:

    Cut the cell phone service as often as needed to stop these idiots from basically holding commuters “hostage”.

    1. ANON says:

      “HOSTAGE” They weren’t asking for money, they weren’t rioters. It was a Peaceful Protest!

  12. Philip Scharfy says:

    Don’t these socialist losers have anything better to do? Like GET A JOB!

    Their daddies should grow a pair and take away their credit cards.

    1. Hines says:

      Never would have thunk I would find this so indispebsnale.

  13. aewer says:

    Oh yeah, the same kind we seen in London rioting the country and caused interruptions. Depot them, that’s the answer. The government doesn’t have money to deal with you people. Enough is enough, we are tired of your kind, just go home!

    By the way, I am a member of immigrants, not White.
    I am proud to be a responsible American. Not Anti-social!

  14. GetAJob says:

    The Anonymous crew, and people like them, are a bunch of cyber dorks — always have been, always will be: chronic masturbating, socially inept, loosers.

    I always felt sorry for people like that. So challenging to polite society…

  15. urolizzard says:

    Take away there computers and ship them to Alcatraz ( Liberal Concentration Camp No Cell service No Cell phones no computers ) Keep them there until they starve to death or verbalize the errors of there ways. and beg for mercy.

    Well that won’t ever happen….lets try Education start with the 1st grade and move upward. No that would be too crew to the teachers.

    No catepult them into the third rail and watch them fry ! Now that would be justice. I would buy at would sure brighten up our boring lives.

    Burn baby Burn

    No that wouldn’t be fair to the hard working Bart Workers to clean up the mess.

    Dunno what do do with those slime buckets

    1. ANON says:

      We would you do anything, If you ever catch one. Its not a crew of 50 people Anon is 50,000 strong across the world!

  16. urolizzard says:

    I know put them in the cells in Alcatraz and provide peanuts to the tourists to throw at them while they put there finger in there butts while they whine and protest.

    I would pay to see that. I would even pay additional taxes to see that. see we can reduce the Price of Bart Tickets and get to work on time. Give all the Bart Police a raise for a good job.

  17. ANON says: