SAN BRUNO (KCBS) –  Crews are getting ready to fill a giant crater in San Bruno’s Crestmoor neighborhood, created after last September’s deadly pipeline explosion.

The blast, which killed eight people and engulfed homes in flames, left a massive hole 70-feet wide.

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San Bruno City Manager Connie Jackson said work to fill the crater will begin at the end of this week or next.

KCBS’ Margie Shafer:

“The pipeline as it runs through the hole, and in fact through the entire neighborhood, needs to be fully and finally decommissioned so that it will never be used again.”

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The work will involve digging out intervals along the length of the gas line, cleaning and cutting sections of the pipe and inserting concrete foam.

Once that work’s been done, the road will be temporarily paved to make the surface safe for vehicles.

The streets are expected to be reopened within a month.

Many neighbors said that it’s a step forward in the healing process, but filling a hole in the ground won’t fill the hole in their hearts.

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