OAKLAND (CBS 5) — Oakland’s City Council president is among two councilmen calling for a curfew for teenagers and an expansion of the city’s gang injunction efforts in the wake of the shooting death of a 3-year-old boy.

The announcement from Council President Larry Reid and Councilman Ignacio De La Fuente came a little more than a week after young Carlos Nava was struck by a stray bullet.

Nava was with his family outside an east Oakland strip mall along International Blvd. on Aug. 8 when he was hit by the bullet, which was intended for two men nearby.

De La Fuente and Reid said police need more resources to combat the increase in shootings and homicides in Oakland this year.

The city currently restricts the movement of alleged gang members in two neighborhoods, Fruitvale and North Oakland – although both injunctions have beent he subject of months of litigation.

Other councilmembers, Mayor Jean Quan and some community groups have opposed expanding the injunctions.

The council is in recess until mid-September, at which time a heated debate is expected over the controversial proposal by De La Fuente and Reid.

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Comments (5)
  1. Cynthia says:

    Please tell me why Mayor Jean Quan and Desley Brookes oppose the gang injunctions and curfews in Oakland?

  2. Mad Mike says:

    Gang members wipe their behinds with injunctions. All it is is a judge officially saying “You better knock that gang stuff off or you will be in big trouble, mister!”

    Yeah, that will work….

  3. NRA Life Member says:

    Well, let’s see. You’ve got gangs of people, routinely engaged in criminal activity. That means that these people do not obey laws. The proposed solution is to create more laws and rules that will not be followed also. Brilliant, libt@rd logic, I guess.

  4. Curfews don’t work, most crimes committed by youth occur from 3pm-6pm, not 10pm. It makes no sense to restrict young people’s movement when what we SHOULD be doing is giving them a place to go (jobs, tutoring, engaging after-school programs, etc). Lets get it together folks.

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