OAKLAND (KCBS) — The search for a new general manager for Bay Area Rapid Transit is underway in earnest, and the BART Board of Directors met for hours in closed session Thursday morning to discuss a possible hire.

“It’s going well,” said BART Board President Bob Franklin “I have to be intentionally vague.”

The transit agency has been without a general director since Dorothy Dugger left earlier this year.

Franklin admits it’s a challenging job to work for nine board members and to earn the trust of unions and the public. He added the general manager’s top priority will be procuring new cars.

KCBS’ Margie Shafer Reports:

“We have the oldest cars in the industry,” he said. “In order to remain a reliable transit agency, we have to replace our fleet.”

Replacing the cars will mean coming up with $3.4 billion. The new general manager will be responsible for overseeing that project.

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